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Rachel Bilson Makes Going to Work Sexy Again

We’ve missed Rachel Bilson for a while around here, maybe she’s been in hiding, or just resting in her Fortress of Hebrew School hotness, but she’s been kind of scarce for the cameras lately. But the sexy brunette returned to work on set, where she could not deny the gentleman ogler her au natural beauty in a sheer tank top and a pair of short shorts that just about turned her into the perfect summer vision of sexy celebrity hotness.

Sometimes I cry at night, a gentle weeping to myself in private time, knowing that I may never see Rachel Bilson nekkid, so I try to appreciate what I can get. Enjoy.

Rachel Bilson Plucks the Freshest Cucumbers Down on the Farm

Okay, so it’s not really a farm farm, it’s one of those farms that if you live in the city you drive 20 minutes away to visit and pretend you’re living country, but it’s still super sexy Rachel Bilson in short shorts and a blue bra plucking all sorts of phallic shaped vegetables straight out of Mother Earth’s bountiful lady nest. In short, it’s my kind of getting your hands dirty.

I miss Rachel Bilson, and I hear conflicting reports that she may now have broken up with that Hayden dude who ruined the Star Wars series with his horrible acting, which means she could be single, and we know she knows how to handle a cucumber, so, tossed salad? Enjoy.

Nina Dobrev and Rachel Bilson Head Up Pimping Hotties At CW Upfronts

Well, if you need a reason to tune into the teen-focused CW network, it’s not the angst-filled story lines, the overwrought fake suburban kids in all the shows — it’s the hotties. Give it up for CW for producing television that appeals to both young women and dudes with eyeballs, who this upcoming TV season will be able to focus their nadular antennae on the likes of the sextastically inclined Nina Dobrev (lust her), Rachel Bilson (ooh), AnnaLynne McCord (skinny but hot), and a true veteran at just 32, model turned actress, Jaime King. The ladies all showed up, decked out for the CW Upfronts, talking about their various shows which I’m sure all have something to do with girls struggling with relationships and guys struggling to get into their pants. Also, probably, lots of vampires. I do usually watch these things with the sound off, so hard to say exactly. Enjoy.

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