Priscilla Salerno

Priscilla Salerno Topless Sunscreen to the Chest Because The Bigger the Funbags, the Bigger the Burn

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Priscilla Salerno isn’t playing games anymore with the public nudity laws on the beach in Miami. She’s just flaunting it and daring it to come after her. No more casual changing of the bikini tops. Now it’s ripe funbags out and covered in suntan lotion for the squeezing. I have to admire Priscilla’s outlaw ways. This world could use a few more curvaceous women with guts and buckets of gooey liquids to rub on their ta-ta’s. Also world peace. Though the two are likely related.

Being an actress of the matured themed content variety, Priscilla probably isn’t particular shy about baring her Funions in public. There’s no work and home double standard here. What’s good for the porn love goose is good for the gentleman gander on the beach. I admire her honesty. And those major league lotion covered whoppers. Enjoy.

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Priscilla Salerno Topless Dipping On Miami Beach, She Just Wants You To Look, Is That So Bad?


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While our domestic lands are embroiled in even more discussions regarding immigration, I hope all sides to this argument can agree that we certainly must make room and front of the line status for ginormous chesty Italian mature themed film stars who like to take their tops off at our local beaches. We can all agree on this, right?

Priscilla Salerno has broken the rules on public nudity on Miami Beach once or thrice before. She’s kind of a bold chick from The Boot who isn’t timid about controversial interactions. Or flashing her plus sized funbags to help the local boys become men with just one trip to the beach. It’d be easy to say this is unseemly public behavior, it’s much harder to resist not leering and smiling very very deeply. Let he who is without ogling cast the first call to the beach police. Now that that’s settled, back to the show. Bless you, Priscilla. Enjoy.

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Priscilla Salerno Topless on the Beach in Miami for a Little Morning Eye Opener

Priscilla Salerno Topless in a Bikini on the Beach in Miami
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Italian actress Priscilla Salerno makes the type of adult films where you can’t really afford to be shy. I’m sure there’s a name for them in Italian that sounds much more dignified than porn. Nevertheless, when she takes her vacations in Miami, she tends to take her public displays of bikini body one step beyond even her liberated European cohorts, often freely removing her top for at least a wardrobe adjustment, if not a chance to teach the boys on the beach a lesson in future items to lust.

I’m not exactly sure why she needs somebody helping her take off her bikini top, though I am a tad bit jealous. It is a job I’ve been training myself for since grade school, when I carried around a step stool just in case. Priscilla, I admire your lack of modesty. If only you could get more of an example for your Italian peers on the beach, the sights would be even finer. Enjoy.

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Priscilla Salerno Will Not Leave Her Top On When in Miami

Priscilla Salerno Topless at the Beach in Miami
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The last time we saw Priscilla Salerno on the beach in Miami, the Italian adult film star was flipping off her bikini and flashing her grown up udders to and fro in front of beach goers. In front of the children! Some of which are probably young boys who will someday grow up to run Egotastic! I can’t keep at this job forever, Charlie.

It’s hard not to admire a woman who is so footloose and bra-top free that she can just prance about the beach with her jugs juggling. It has to be liberating. For women mind you. Men, please, keep that junk stowed. God never meant for men to be naked. That’s why he invented The Gap. Enjoy.

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Priscilla Salerno Topless on Miami Beach Because Porn Stars Just Don’t Give a Shit

Priscilla Salerno Goes Topless in Miami Beach
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Italian adult film star Priscilla Salerno made an altogether different impact on Miami Beach yesterday, separate from the outstanding levels of bikini hotness provided by her more legit celebrity Italian counterparts, by plucking off her bikini top altogether and letting her gargantuan pair dangle in the South Florida sun.

Now, we here at Egotastic!, being the family friendly promoters of all things publicly appropriate and morally decent can not rightfully condone the flashing of monster hooters in front of innocent civilian men, women, and children on public beaches here in the U.S. where puritanical laws have blessedly saved us from such sights at our schools and parks and organic farmers markets, on the other hand, check out those filthy puppies! Enjoy.

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