Pippa Middleton

Seal of Approval

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Bikinis on Top

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Pippa! The Duchy Sister Goes Sheer Summer Dress for a Stroll Among the Commons

My initial lust for Pippa Middleton has changed to a bit of respect (I know, a dangerous emotion) for the newly regal sister after seeing just how damn hard the girl works out and pushes her body in all these grueling triathlons and aerobic bits of insanity. So, Pippa Middleton earns the right to wear something flattering in summer, a slinky dress to show off legs and butt and sleek top. This is new school for the British monarchy. Good genes and good health and a full head of hair into your late 20′s. God bless the future queen’s sisters tight little asstastic. Enjoy.

Teacher’s Pet

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Monstrously Hot

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Pippa! The Duchy Sister And Her Hot Mom Form a Sexy Middleton Sandwich

Oh, Carole, how does your garden grow?

The mother and sister to the new Duchess took to some posh event for the high-browed cocktail party set in in Britannia yesterday flashing off their tanned and toned summer bodies. It seems like just yesterday I first fell in lust with the first royal sister, Pippa Middleton, and now, I’m falling hard for the queen bee in the family, Carole Middleton. Is it wrong to want to spend some alone time in a room filled with nothing but squeeze toys and fluffy blankets with an aristocratic mother and daughter learning, growing, teaching, with a firm, but guiding hand?

Nay. It is ever so right. Middletons, open thy castle gates and let this good knight unbridle his steed. Enjoy.

Pippa! Her Royal Hotness Sister Works Her Regal Muscles

We remain fans of all things Pippa Middleton, even if the first sister of the first princess is looking a little less than royal wedding-nish full hotness these days. Still, there’s something to be said for being in triathlon shape, as Pippa donned the sports gear to compete in some British version of the test of physical and mental stamina this weekend. Speaking of our own physical stamina, we really would appreciate some new Pippa bikini and party pictures; understanding of course the House of Windsor has her sextastic under strict lock and key. Time to breakout. And soon. For now, sweaty Pippa shorts to just imagine the scent of royal exertion. Enjoy.