Paz De La Huerta

Paz De La Huerta Topless Once Again in Latest Terry Richardson Candid Photoshoot

Paz De La Huerta Topless Peeks in Terry Richardson Photoshoot
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As much as we make fun of Terry Richardson for looking like the ultimate creeper, the dude and his molestache do manage to get many of Hollywood’s bigger names into his sexually charged photoshoot, and, more often than not, getting their clothes off. Not that now legendary skin flasher Paz De La Huerta needs much encouragement to take her clothes off for the shutter clicks. 

In her latest candid street shoot for Terry, Paz De La Huerta wanders the unsuspecting urban streets with full intention of dropping trou and lifting her top for the cameras. I suppose this violates some kind of public decency laws or something. But who wants to see Paz ever being decent? Enjoy.

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Paz De La Huerta Nekkid and Naughty in Amazing Mark Squires Photoshoot

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Oh, my completely un-prophetic soul. Just yesterday I think I drunkenly declared that the Terry Richardson Lady Gaga photoshoot might have been the most interesting pictorial of the year, when, lo and behold, I mean, get low and hold yourself firmly, this ridiculous Paz de la Huerta photoshoot from amazing celeb photog Mark Squires fogs up our Egotastic! windows with some extreme hot body black strappy cigarette smoking bad girl goodness. It’s black and white and nekkid all over. 

Now, I know there’s some hotly contested debate in these parts as to whether the often gritty appearing Paz warms your personal cockles, but there can be no debate that this is one of the most daring, baring, and all around sharing thespianic female in Hollywood. Good girls often don’t, but bad girls deserve rewards. Such as a standing ovation, if it doesn’t present a present state of potential embarrassment, for this wicked bit of full frontal and rear-al reveals.

You really must take your time to visually devour these photos. Enjoy.

Paz De La Huerta Flashes Full Hedgehog for Terry Richardson Photoshoot



Paz de la Huerta loves to get nekkid. We admire this about her.

Terry Richardson loves to get celebs nekkid for photoshoots. We admire this about him.

Put the two together and you have another ogle-worthy look at the bare bush and birds of Boardwalk Empire’s ever unclothed actress, Paz de la Huerta, who wants you to see her lady nest so badly, that eventually the entire world will know her just by scratch and sniff methodology. Whether you’re a big Paz fan (like us), or not, this daring actress and model deserves mucho kudos for showing all the ladies of Tinsel Town exactly how to be a lady. Enjoy.


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Holy Boobtastic! Paz De La Huerta Gets to Second Base With Herself for the Ultimate Flaunt

Okay, so Paz de la Huerta isn’t really pregnant, but for any of you who did not get a luscious leer-full of Paz nekkid in Boardwalk Empire yesterday, well, you missed the hotness that is Paz, undeniable, quirky, weird, but there is most definitely something there. Not by the way of clothes I mean, because there’s almost no clothes in this photoshoot for Flaunt magazine, just some itty bitty things to barely cover up the Huertas, or just hands, as needed, to keep from going hard R.

Is it our mission here on Egotastic! to create more Paz de la Huerta lusters? Well, yeah, kind of. And if this ridiculously hot pictorial doesn’t get us closer to the finish line, I’m not sure what will. Enjoy.

Paz De La Huerta Drops the Full Frontal Preggo on Boardwalk Empire (VIDEO)



Paz de la Huerta is not the first woman I’ve ever seen standing nekkid, preggo, and crying in the mirror, but she is the first one not to throw paternity papers in my face when she saw me. So, there’s that.

Lust her or not, there’s no denying that Paz de la Huerta puts her everything into her roles, most especially of late on Boardwalk Empire where she routinely shows everything, a trait so rare in the American actress that it alone is hand-clap worthy, just no standing ovations until you’re done fully ogling. Now, I know, many of you have trouble viewing the beauty in the bare with-child woman. Contrastingly, some of you are ready to empty your life savings for five minutes of fetish petting with a swollen belly and milky udders. It takes all kinds. Personally, I highly value the procreative process in all its glory, most especially the few impassioned minutes of super glory that gets it all started. Enjoy.

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Paz De La Huerta Kicks Off New Season of Boardwalk Empire With Wee Bit O’ Nekkid


We’ve missed Boardwalk Empire, in more ways than one. Well, in two ways I suppose, if you focus solely on the constant bevy of toplessness the HBO show has to offer, which we do tend to do, it is the nature of our volunteer jobs here at the Hottieville fire department. Providing her fair share of skin flashes on the show, and kicking off Season 2 with another exposure of the celebrity flesh, the ever- ready-to-bare Paz De La Huerta whipped out some brief moments of bare nipple and bottom scruff for the Scorcese-produced mafia drama. B.E. is back, and with that, expect some solid T.I.T. Enjoy.