Paz De La Huerta

Paz De La Huerta Changes Her Bikini Top in the Middle of the Street Because She’s Effin’ Paz De La Huerta

Paz de la Huerta Changes Bikini in Miami Streets and Flashes Her Boob
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You now how much we dig Paz de la Huerta, mostly for the fact that she does whatever the hell she wants whenever she wants, most especially when it comes to flashing of the body parts. And not just on camera any more, as the Boardwalk Empire actress decided that the parking lot across from the beach made for a perfectly good place to swap out of her bikini top and perhaps nobody would notice her chest puppies flashing bare for all the lucky boys in the area to see. Or, more likely with Paz, she just didn’t give a flying eff who saw because she likes flashing her titties.

Pay attention Hollywood so-called rebels. Inking slogans on your tummies ain’t cutting it any longer. Try flashing your hooters bare in parking lots before you start calling yourself an independent spirit. Enjoy.

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Paz De La Huerta Topless Dancer Struts and Flaunts Her Stuff (VIDEO)

Paz De La Huerta Topless Dancing in Flaunt Magazine
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Well, let’s just be honest, we’re big effin’ fans of Paz de la Huerta here at Egotastic! And it’s not because she’s the most smoking hot woman in the world or because she likes to tie one on and punch other chicks in the face, although the latter would make for a fun end to a party night, but, because Paz de la Huerta, unlike so many of the bodily uptight P.R. agency-led celebutantes in Tinsel Town  just does not give a flying eff about getting nekkid for the cameras, whenever, wherever. Man, how Hollywood needs more free spirits like Paz.

Thanks to EgoReader ‘Jay S.’ we have a video look behind the scenes of Paz’s pretty epic Flaunt magazine pictorial shoot from last year, a glimpse behind the scenes and behind the lingerie to the bare and bold Paz de la Huerta, who we honor like a man should honor a woman who so freely drops her drawers. Enjoy.

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Paz De La Huerta Nekkid Once More for Terry Richardson’s Camera

Paz de la Huerta Nekkid Again for Terry Richardson
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They do make a pretty deadly combo. The take-no-prisoners, wear-no-clothes gritty thespianic Paz de la Huerta and her lets-get-nekkid-and-take-pictures-at-my-place photographer Terry Richardson.

She likes to drop her drawers and get naughty for the cameras. He likes to click. In the end, while those two are obviously have a boatload of boozy fun, we too get to experience in the visual treaty product, more unclad photos of Paz de la Huerta, who, love her or leave her, is just about the boldest celebrity in all of Hottieville. For all the talk of so many actresses who brag about their bold decisions to go clotheless on camera, then never do (yes, you, cowardly Jennifer Aniston), Paz will flash you her bare lady nest at the drop of a hat, literally, and do so with a confident smile.

Good on you, Paz. And you, Terry Richardson, for your obviously lucky charms.

(Thanks to a number of you including ‘Rab M.’ for eye-spying this photo-set to share with your fellow EgoReaders.)

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Paz de la Huerta Flashes Her Bra, Sucks on a Lolli, Another Day for Paz in the Big Apple

Since team Egotastic! arrives in New York City, we have yet to be greeted by the Mayor, no key to the city, and poor Gretchen, my dutiful six-fingered assistant has learned that they seem to have canned electrical proddings of the 90-year old horses to make them run circles around Central Park. But, behold, things are looking up as N.Y.C. native Paz de la Huerta, never one for much pomp and circumstance herelf, but tons of natural exhibitionist tendencies, strolled down the avenue, not Fifth avenue, with her bra flashing, sucking on a lollipop and making us feel like we were home again.

Bless you, Paz, once more, you have done your public service. Enjoy.

Paz de la Huerta Topless Photoshoot Because It’s Been At Least a Week Since Her Last

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We kid, because, the fact is, we respect the shizz out of Paz de la Huerta for both being a serious Hollywood actress, and for seriously being one of the very few among the hoity-toity overly public relations set to take her clothes off for roles and pictorials. And it’s not as if Paz is some euro-transplant raised on nude beaches; she’s born and bred in the Big Apple, but shows signs of hot body sharing so super rare in the ridiculously body-covered Tinsel Town machinery. So, holla out to you, Paz, for being a woman of substance.

And, while we’re at it, for being a nekkid hot bodied chick in this James Macari photoshoot, where the Boardwalk Empire thespianic shows just how at ease she is being without clothes on camera. It’s revealing inside and out, though we do tend to find our eyes laser-locked on the outside parts. Enjoy.

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Paz de la Huerta Flashes Her Bare Asstastic in Olivier Zahm Photoshoot

We do so admire Paz de la Huerta for doing photoshoots that are anything but boring. She is actually interesting, which is something of an anomaly in Hollywood. In her latest photoshoot by Olivier Zahm, Paz de la Huerta flashes her asstastic and a few other bits and pieces of the body she has no trouble sharing with the public. 

Paz is a wild child. She will drunk punch a lady in the face and cry like a woman the next. The kind of girl you want to party with, just not necessarily be stuck with on a long car ride. Enjoy.

Paz De La Huerta Gets Nekkid Again for Terry Richardson

Paz de la Huerta Topless by the Pool Terry Richardson Photoshoot
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There’s got to be something reasonably fun about being a celebrity photographer and calling up one of your actress friends and asking her if she wants to come over to shoot some nekkid photos. Of course, there aren’t many photographers who even ask, and there are few Hollywood celebrities who would jump in their car and come on over to do so, but Terry Richardson and Paz de la Huerta have no such issues.

Once again, Paz has got her tops off and into her birthday suit for Terry’s camera, looks like it might just be Paz’s backyard, not out in the streets as last time, flashing her very un-shy body for the camera and all the world to see. It’s a something something right there. Not only do we delight in the chance to see the Boardwalk Empire star without her clothes on, but these pictures always give us hope that other actresses will cowboy up to the plate for their turn and stop being such pretend prissies about their bodies. It’s a dream more than a hope, but we feel it strongly.  Enjoy.

(Thanks to EgoReader ‘Rab Mie’ for the head’s up on Paz’s latest shoot.)

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