Pamela Horton

Pamela Horton Topless Playboy Delights to Celebrate National Dictionary Day (And a Free Trial Membership to Playboy.TV)

Pamela Horton Topless Playboy Photoshoot
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It’s National Dictionary Day. That’s the truth. We’re supposed to be celebrating Noah Webster and the creation of books in 4 point font I can’t possibly read. But I decided why not celebrate the smartest vocabulary rich Playboy Playmate I’ve ever had the blessed chance to meet, Pamela Horton. When she’s not ridiculously hot and topless for Playboy, Pamela is a seriously overeducated and super smart gamer nerd we had the privilege to meet here at Egotastic because I guess she wasn’t smart enough to know better. What a girl. Hot smart geek by day, hot smart geek without her clothes on by night. I know, perfect.


To celebrate the Dictionary, words, and amazingly hot bare hooters, I have to insist you immediately try out a FREE WEEK LONG MEMBERSHIP on Playboy.TV.  I’ve had zero unsatisfied customers to date. The satisfied ones are too tired to answer the phone with anything other than grunts, which I count on my clipboard as highly satisfied. Nobody complains about bevies of hot nekkid models online in TV form. Even my mom loves it. I let her use my account so she can tell my priest how I turned out. I feel just guilty enough to make it that much more awesome. Give it a test run. You will be most pleased. Enjoy.

Here’s Pamela when she came to visit us, all geeked out:

Pamela Horton Topless Goodness Merits Miss October Title

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We had the opportunity to meet Pamela Horton in our offices last week and if you happen to love super nerdy gamer chicks with glasses who have the ability to throw off their jeans and Pikachu tees and toss their hair and take their clothes off and look super hot for the cameras, then you might just super-dig Pamela Horton, Miss October for Playboy.

Pamela Horton Nekkid on PlayboyPlusNow is the time to get your PlayboyPlus annual subscription, you deserve it, you know you do, and see all the photos and videos of Pamela Horton and, oh, about a thousand other wicked hot Playmates and Cyber Girls in their birthday suits in photos and in motion. If you happen to like hot nekkid celebrities of the female persuasion, girls who pass the Playboy standard, then you really must sign up for just $9.99/month.

In the interim, check out a sampling of Pamela Horton topless goodness from her Miss October spread, and imagine playing a little strip Assassin’s Creed III with this lovely brunette hot geeky mess. Enjoy.