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Pamela Anderson Nude Uncensored Video from Girls Next Door


Back in April, Pamela Anderson got naked, and presented Hugh Hefner with a cake on his 82nd birthday. Naturally, the scene was filmed, and later aired on an episode of The Girls Next Door. Of course, the video was censored when it aired on TV, but now we've got the uncensored video for you. And while Pamela Anderson is completely nude, and shaved, it's really not what you would have hoped. Unless you get off on women with their nipples on the top of their breasts kissing 82-year-olds.

Pamela Anderson’s Boobs Are Made in the USA

If you care at all about what Pamela Anderson has to say, you can pick up the July/August '08 issue of Radar magazine. Of course, I haven't met a single person in my life who actually cares about what Pam has to say.

If you care about how big Pam's boobs have gotten, or what slutty pose she's striking, then you can also pick up the July/August '08 issue of Radar magazine, because you know no matter what Pam has to say, she'll say it while doing something slutty.

Pam dons the requisite American flag bikini, I suppose to celebrate that she's now an American citizen. Well, I think I speak on behalf of Canadian's everywhere when I say: You can keep her.

Pamela Anderson’s Nipples Go to Montreal


Pamela Anderson showed up in my hometown of Montreal for Douchefest '08, aka the Grand Prix Formula 1 race. She was the celebrity guest at a club called Opera, which is the douchiest of clubs in the whole city. Obviously, Pam was paid for her appearance (that's how these things work), but the real question is whether Pamela Anderson's nipples got paid too, or if those were just "value adds," as they say in the biz.

Photo credit: Splash News / INF Photo

Pamela Anderson’s Upskirt is Unstoppable


Pamela Anderson might want to find a longer dress. Then again, Pamela Anderson might want to find smaller breast implants. But that just wouldn't be the Pam we know, now would it. These Pamela Anderson upskirt pictures are pretty much a testament to the Pam we know and love (?). It would be like Paris Hilton not making sex tapes, or not having Herpes. It just wouldn't be right.

Photo credit: Flynet

The Mystery of Pamela Anderson Bikini Pictures

I don't know what it is about Pamela Anderson in a bikini. I haven't found her attractive since I was 14 when didn't know any better, yet there is still some strange compulsion to post these Pamela Anderson bikini pictures. I think perhaps its a strange fascination with just how imcredibly fake she is, or maybe I just keep hoping that one of those airbags she has for breasts will just suddenly pop.

More Pamela Anderson bikini pictures after the jump.

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Pamela Anderson: Bikinis and Boos

Not booze. Boos. That's what Pamela Anderson got from the paparazzi in Cannes this weekend after making them wait for her arrival for over an hour. Though, I'm sure there was booze around very close by. CNN reports on the unhappy reception that greeted Pam on the red carpet.

Photographers got their own back on U.S. television star Pamela Anderson, who kept them waiting for more than an hour at a photo opportunity to promote her latest movie "Blonde and Blonder" and then only stayed two minutes to be snapped.

The photographers booed the former Playboy bunny and "Baywatch" star as she left.

She obviously did not warn starlet Jessica Simpson about the mood of the media along the Croisette. The 26-year-old, in town to promote the yet-to-be-shot "Major Movie Star", was 90 minutes late for an evening event. This time the press was more polite.

While in Cannes, Pam also took advantage of the nice weather for a bikini photoshoot. Pam is way past her prime, but she paid for those fake breasts, and damn it, she's gonna use 'em!

Is a Pamela Anderson Nipple Slip Still Interesting?


I'm pretty sure that everyone in the world has seen Pamela Anderson's nipples. Yes, everyone. Even starving children in Darfour. What do you mean they don't have Internet? Everyone has Internet. Oh shut up.

As I was saying, Pamela Anderson's nipples are fairly ubiquitous, what with her being in Playboy a bazillion times, having a sex tape on the Internet, and just being generally slutty. So the real question is whether a Pamela Anderson nipple slip really qualifies as news.

Then again, I'm not sure anything on this blog qualifies as news, so why not post a Pamela Anderson nipple slip? Oh the philosopical questions I face.