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Pamela Anderson See-Through Top Pictures Provide the Last Two Reasons To Check-Out Pamela Anderson


I’m trying desperately hard not to objectify Pamela Anderson, but I’m really have trouble seeing what’s she’s been up to these past several years beyond continuous revisions to her funbags. Of course, Michelangelo did take his sweet time painting over the Sistine Chapel and nobody badgered him about diversifying his professional pursuits. In her own way, Pamela Anderson is the maestro of the blonde bombshell boobtastic, which deserve some kind of lifetime achievement award, and, yes, for now, exhibition when she puts her expensive new kitties on display. Enjoy.

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Pamela Anderson In Better Boobtastic Days (Inspired by a Pamela Anderson Horrifying NYE Picture)


Okay, prepare yourself and only view this picture of Pamela Anderson returning to her hotel after a long night’s New Year’s Eve party in London if you truly must. You’ve been warned.

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Okay, now that I know you looked, well, we share a similar pain. Oh, sure, there’s the immediate pain of seeing that post-party pattycake pout upon the puss of Pamela Anderson, but, also the deeper angst of remembering this was once one of the hottest hotties to walk the mantle of this spinning globe. Yes, always joked about for her silicon-fashioned form, but, no doubt, on any given day there were millions of young men imagining themselves on the beach with this Baywatch babe. In order to cleanse your Pamela Anderson palate, immediately immerse yourself in these smoking hot memories or mammaries past and these Pamela Anderson nude pictures running in this month’s Playboy Venezuela. Try to enjoy.

Pamela Anderson Boobaciousness, Holding Up or Sagging? (VIDEO)


Fourteen years ago, as I sat quite alone in the back of a theater watching the cinematic underwhelming sensation, Barb Wire, could I possibly have imagined that the wet and shimmering boobs of an in-her-prime Pamela Anderson would someday be struggling to maintain an ounce of hotness on Big Boss India (that’s Big Brother to most of you, but, apparently, in India, everybody loves their big brother, so they call it Big Boss so you get the idea that the all-seeing eye is not a kind one).

By the way, the answer is ‘yes’, I did foresee this. But I’m a professional prognosticator of sexy celebrity destiny. For instance, I can tell you that in another fourteen years, Pamela Anderson will still have the same boobs she has now. But that they won’t be appearing on here. Still, today is all about what was once Pamela Anderson hotness. What were once big hot wet boobs on a kitschy blonde bombshell. Alas. Alack. And, enjoy.

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Pamela Anderson moist and shimmering boobs in Barb Wire.

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I Wish This Pamela Anderson Nipple Slip Was an April Fools Joke

The really sad thing about this Pamela Anderson nipple slip is that it’s NOT an April Fools Day joke. We actually live in a world where Pamela Anderson has become a freakish sideshow version of her former self where her nipples are ON TOP of her breasts. And maybe if she bought a bikini that actually fit, instead of always trying to be such a fucking whore, her freakish nipples would stay hidden, and we wouldn’t have to bear witness to such horrors.

Also, in the other picture, I’m pretty sure Pam’s checking to make sure her vagina hasn’t fallen off due to one of her myriad venerial deseases.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the site is blue today for April Fools. I know, not the most clever joke, but I liked it. If you don’t like it, the classic site design will be back tomorrow.

Pamela Anderson is Sexy

Pamela Anderson needs to stop. She needs to put away her silicon bags, put on some real clothes, and realize that she isn’t 18-years-old anymore. That being said, if you really want to see Pamela Anderson’s nipples, here they are in some kind of super skanky bikini at the annual “Sluts R Us” fashion show.

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Tricia Helfer Nude in Sante D’Orazio: Barely Private


Looking for a good book to read? But don’t like the actually reading part? The you should definitely pick up the photo book Sante D’Orazio: Barely Private, which feature, among others, Tricia Helfer nude. Sante’s actually kind of a douche (as you can see in that second picture), but he gets to take naked pictures of models and actresses, so I guess he’s doing better than me. Seriously, though, Tricia Helfer naked.

Also featured are Eva Mendes in what might be see-through panties, and Pamela Anderson naked, but who the hell hasn’t seen that already?

Buy Sante D’Orazio: Barely Private at Amazon today.

Pamela Anderson Makes an Ass of Herself

I don’t know if Pamela Anderson was high on life, or just plain old Crack, but after seeing her on the runway during New York Fashion Week, it’s pretty clear she was high on something. And, um, how old is Pam these days? 60? 70? Isn’t it about time she took it down a notch, and maybe didn’t make such an ass of herself. And speaking of that ass, it really isn’t what it used to be.

Lots more pics of Pammy after the jump.

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