Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson More Sextastic Than Ever in Vogue Brazil (WTF?)

Okay, I can’t say I know exactly when these photos were taken, or how much ‘work’ was done on them on the Mac, but Pamela Anderson looks downright sextastic in these smoking hot photos from the current edition of Vogue Brazil.

Not to say Pamela Anderson isn’t a woman with a track record of some very memorable visual moments. But I’m not sure she’s created anything this superfine in some time. Still, Egotastic! loves a good fantasy, once or thrice or a thousand times a day. So, we’ll stop the questions now and simply enjoy.

Somebody Call for the Zamboni! Pamela Anderson Will Not Stop Grinding on the Ice

In what seems like mere minutes after being eliminated from the British version of Dancing on Ice, for among other sins, having her inflated teat fall out on national television, Pamela Anderson hovercrafted across the English Channel in time to compete on the Dutch version of the same show designed in some kind of hell for men.

Let’s just say Pam’s presentation of agility, dexterity, flexibility, and frozen-water navigating was somewhere between remarkable and laughingly spastic, with a tilt toward the latter, but, have paycheck will travel and at least Pam did manage to keep her ta-ta’s on ice this time, as it were. Enjoy.

Pamela Anderson Boob Fall Out on British National TV; Nobody Cares Really So Much

Dancing on Ice. I can’t possibly think of a show title that sounds more like something I would never watch, short of threat of electrical shock to the ball-bearing region, and even then, we’d have to discuss amperage before I swayed to lay eyes upon folks dressed up and dancing on frozen water.

But the Britty folks sure do love it, and inviting cast-off American celebrities to come skate-dance on their frigid H20 on national TV; sluggish celebs such as Pamela Anderson, who brought her low cut outfit and let some brave dude bend her to and fro until her covered teat flew out of her dress a few times, much to the not so much shock and awe of pearl-clutching old ladies across the British Isles. It was a non-thing thing. But then they voted Pam off the show. Which I suppose makes sense. Because of her teat spill. And the fact that she can’t dance or skate. Enjoy.

Pamela Anderson Dons the Rubber Suit to Defend Sperm Whales

Okay, it may not be sperm whales, we just wanted to write that because it makes us chuckle, but former Baywatch super-bim and blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson took some time off from binge drinking for a solid cause — protecting the whales of the Antarctic from Japanese hunting ships who are stil geting a hefty price for whale meat. Never tried it, I’m guessing it doesn’t taste just like chicken.

Pamela Anderson in Her 1990 Playmate ShootPamela got all dolled up and wet-suited down for a Sea Shepherd new-boat promo event in Marina Del Rey, where the hippy-dippy amateur sea-faring band of whale saving pirates showed off the new protecto-ship in their armada, the Brigitte Bardot, designed I think to give the Japanese fisherman uncomfortable boners on their multi-month at sea hunting trips.

Personally, there’s not enough salt-peter in the world for Egotastic! to venture out on a single-sex ship for three to four months. Something has got to give.

Good on you, Pamela. Enjoy.

Pamela Anderson Topless for Lovecat and Love of Attention

Pamela Anderson Topless Shoot in Lovecat Magazine Issue #5
Click to See Uncensored

If you’re able to put aside the tawdry drunken evenings of late, the stumbling and bumbling in the streets, and the general Tough Love teenaged-like behavior of the 45-year-old former Baywatch juggular star, well, then, you still have the hot blonde bombshell for whom you have at least once in your life spilled your magical prodigal seed. Please, don’t try to deny it.

And now we once more have a look at Pamela Anderson topless in issue # 5 of Lovecat magazine, in a pictorial by Sante D’Orazio who captures some of the remaining veteran hotness of the former pinup girl from Canada, a woman who owned the blonde and buxom stage for a solid decade or more, and who still looks rather mighty fine with the right lighting and wardrobe, or lack thereof. Rather than make Pamela the butt of jokes, today, we just admire her fine fleshy form. Enjoy.


Pamela Anderson Takes Her Hard Partying on the Road to St. Tropez

How is it when I visit France I get the long form customs treatment, body cavity, full search, natch, but Pamela Anderson gets to wake up hungover and jet over to St. Tropez without so much as a minor French concern? Don’t they know what kind of issues they may have just let into their tea kettle nation?

The blonde former bombshell hosted a ritzy party at some club in St. Tropez last eve and took it upon herself to sample all the top shelf booze in the place, and when the music started pumping, well, Pam just couldn’t contain herself. Something about those wild drinking girls and that heavy mascara that just says ‘somebody call this woman a cab, she’s going down hard tonight’.

After her adventures the other night in L.A. waking up in a man’s house after being carried out of the Dancing With the Stars reunion party, you’d think Pam might have learned her lesson. But, maybe the lesson she learned is, free booze is good booze. Enjoy.

Pamela Anderson Drunken Upskirts By Night, in the Same Clothes Leaving Dude’s House the Next Day

Let’s start out by admitting, we’ve all been there before. The drunken party night, followed by waking up in some strangers house who had the after party, shuffling out about noon time in the same clothes you wore the night before. Of course, not all of us are Pamela Anderson.

The Baywatch vixen now well into her 40′s shows no signs of slowing down with the part-tay life as she hit the Dancing With the Stars reunion show party on Saturday night with extreme vigor, sousing up a storm, eventually led out of the club by a small handful of dudes and into a car where her dress rode up and her white panties shone like a beacon to any and all rock stars within a ten mile radius.

Late the next morning, Pam emerged from the home of photographer David LaChapelle, wearing the same party clothes from the evening before. That’s never a good sign. Given that LaChapelle does not go the way of girls, perhaps Pam’s ‘virginity’ remains intact, a symbol of purity and chasteness if ever there was. Enjoy.