Ornella de Luca

Ornella De Luca Asstastic Fantastic Ups the Big Brother Bar Another Notch Higher

Ornella de Luca from Big Brother Argentina in Hombres Magazine
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I know you don’t get to watch all the Big Brother shows from around the globe, you don’t have time because of work or family or other such silly bits of nonsense. But you really need to start making more time for yourself, and add Big Brother Argentina to your regular viewing list, because you, mi amigo, are missing out on some stellar bodies and wicked hot show alumni.

Ornella De Luca grabbed herself tremendous attention as a recent Big Brother show star and will grab even more attention with her asstastic spread (as it were) in Hombres magazine where once again Ornella proves why the reality show about guys and girls locked into a house with nobody to turn to but each other, in the showers and the bedrooms. It works with hot girls.

Everything works with hot girls. Enjoy.