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READER FINDS: Rita Ora Nip Slips, Paz De La Huerta Nekkid, Olivia Wilde Covered Topless, and Much Much More…

Olivia Wilde in Yu Tsai Photoshoot for Flaunt Magazine Issue 112
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This week’s hodgepodge of honeys we like to call Reader Finds represents something of a major communal achievement in my humble opinion. While the nation was driven asunder this past week due to national, state, and local politics, there is nary an unkind word said as all lines of thought merge together in unified chorus to build one of the most robust collections of user-contributed sexy celebrity content on the web. Nay, the most robust! Four more years!

This week’s Reader Finds includes delicious topless pics of Moldovan model Xenia Deli (thanks to EgoReader ‘Joey G.’, Rita Ora major league nipple slips on stage (blessings to ‘Scott’ and ‘John F.’), Susan Sarandon still looking might bosomy and see-through (kudos to ‘Brandon’), Sienna Miller got knocked up and  nekkid (uncovered by old northern friend ‘Erik E.’), Molly Quinn screencaps in a bikini (we thank you ‘Mark W.’), Jemna Berman from Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn quite topless (mega-points to ‘Harash’), Haley Benetar, busty daughter of Pat Benetar looking busty (gracias to ‘Beau’), Kaley Cuoco showing her big nips on Big Bang (dual contributions from ‘Spraised’ and ‘Tadam’), Lindsay Lohan sextastic in Bryan Adams photos (thanks to ‘Gulliver’), Olivia Wilde covered topless for Yu Tsai photosoot (we bow down to ‘Lenn G’), Mariana Almeida sexy Brazilian bikini shots (contributed by ‘Dozo’), Paz De La Huerta nekkid once more in a James Macari photoshoot (oh, thank-ee to ‘Brinn’), tatted up web-star Haley Leigh looking topless and naughty (courtesy of ‘Doug B.’), and last, but not least, Corrina, an old school camgirl sensation that EgoReader ‘Jess’ identified as the hottie in the Texas A&M bare-midriff tee in our college football post earlier this week. Nice eagle-eyes. Enjoy.

Oh, and we also have some noteworthy video contributions this week…
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Olivia Wilde, Ashley Greene, and Jennifer Garner Melting Hot at ‘Butter’ Screening in N.Y.

The film Butter seems like it’s been around for a while now, showing at festivals and slowing rolling out into theaters I guess again this Fall. If you check today’s Reader Finds, you’ll see some nice screencaps of Olivia Wilde with some outrageous nipple pokes from the film.

Olivie Wilde was on hand with co-stars Jennifer Garner and Ashley Greene last night in The Big Apple for a promotional screening of the film about a girl who is wicked good at carving butter. And the ladies were wicked hot. Hot enough to melt the butter in your pants. Actually, that’s not butter. But you get the idea. Enjoy.

Olivia Wilde Cleavetastic Show Outside the Daily Show Worthy of Applause

Olivia Wilde is pimping something or another, didn’t bother to look it up, as we were too busy looking at the pushed up and pumped up mammary show she put on in her low cut dress last night outside The Daily Show.

Despite the discovery last year of Olivia Wilde’s cankle issue (heck, we can work around a hot girl with hardcore shanks), the native New Yorker turned O.C. star remains high on our list of plain old fashioned sextastic celebrities that when they do things such as flash a healthy amount of perky cleave, we just kind of flip out over. This is our male genetic destiny. Enjoy..

Olivia Wilde Bikini Pictures for A-List Actress Body Shots

Olivia Wilde is down in North Carolina presumably shooting something something, and taking some time off by way of a bikini beach relaxation time that has everybody around here buzzing. We don’t often get to see Olivia in less than her finer fashionable frocks, so the opportunity to ogle her to a fare-thee-well in her slippery when wet bikini, well, we’re diving right in.

Boobtastic, wet clingy bikini butt, it’s all kind of happening and it’s most definitely the hot but elusive Olivia Wilde, this is a good day indeed. Enjoy.

Is This a Young and Topless Olivia Wilde?

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Well, many many of our loyal readers seem to think these newly uncovered topless glamour shots from photographer Robb Debenport are in fact pictures of a young Olivia Wilde. Now, before we get into another nekkid celebrity unveiled tizzy, the evidence is purely superficial at this point, and, as such, take a look at Olivia from her topless skinematic work in Alpha Dogs and see what you think.

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Olivia Wilde Watching iPad on Her Hotel Patio

Sofia Vergara and Natalie Portman Lead List of Many Hotties at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party

There are any number of major parties surrounding the Oscars, but perhaps the elite see-and-be-seen party each year belongs to Vanity Fair, where both the actual sextastic talent and the sextastic non-talent join forces to create a visual delight of hotness for those who love the decked out to the hilt celeb affairs. It’s really a chance for Hollywood to show off its real drawing power, that being the super good looking women who flock here to call it home. 

Last night’s soiree of the sexy celebs was highlighted by Sofia Vergara, who absolutely looks mega-hot whenever she dresses or undresses for events, Natalie Portman, in her first real return-to-hotness public appearance since having a baby with her seemingly gay husband, ever-hot Olivia Wilde, our Latina sweetheart, Selena Gomez looking all grown up, cute as a button I’d like to snap, Amy Adams, and model-sexy actress Diane Kruger. There were more, but this half-dozen formed a gaggle of hotness that could literally be seen from outer space. Enjoy.