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Olivia Wilde Bikini Pictures Back to Purple (We Love Hot Girls Who Recycle)

Unlike many celebrities we see on extended beach vacations, Olivia Wilde doesn’t pack a lot of different bikinis. She seems to be wearing the same two over and over again. Today, back to purple.

While I suppose this is a slight demerit on the shock and awe bikini peeking front for us gentleman oglers, far be it for me to let fashion habits get in the way of some super sextastic views this week of Olivia Wilde in her tiny bikinis in Hawaii. In fact, I’m not even done with my thank-you prayers for Olivia’s long bikini vacation really ever. It’s been more than a treat. Enjoy.

Olivia Wilde Bikini Pictures Continue to Paddle Board in from Hawaii

Oh, blessed second day of a bikini vacation, how you become that much hotter. So goes the Hawaiian beach fun time for Olivia Wilde who showed off once more, this time in a little black bikini atop a paddle board, perhaps our new favorite recreational activity for the sextastic ladies.

Seeing Olivia Wilde, her lean body in tiny little two pieces reminds us that there’s no hotter view of a woman than sun-licked on the surf and sand. It also reminds us how much we’d love to be the sun doing the licking. But, please, don’t let the kids read that last line, they’re not yet ready for full blown Olivia Wilde lust. Enjoy.

Olivia Wilde Bikini Pictures Candidly Purple and Perfect in Hawaii

We can ignore our blatant jealous of Jason Sudeikis long enough to pretend that these Olivia Wilde bikini pictures are from our own Hawaiian vacation with the thespianic and model hottie. We could easily imagine dipping hard into a little Olivia poi back in our hotel room following a day’s romp on the beach with our belusted bikini hottie.

Alas, dirty dreams were meant to be shattered, at least our more devious ones, but that can not deny the splendid four minutes of dream time not soon forgotten, inspired by rarely seen candid skin from the Wilde girl.

On this Memorial Day holiday, why not delve into a little SPF 30 body lotion rubbing fantasy courtesy of the wicked hot Olivia Wilde. Bless you, O.W.. Enjoy.

Olivia Wilde Remains Hot, Still Just So Damn Hot

Okay, so this is kind of innocent, so innocent I’m blushing from the lack of naughty, but Olivia Wilde really is a peachy hot specimen of a girl that really needs to be shared whenever possible. Well, her photos at least. Even in these pictorials designed for the fairer sex, such as this Avon photoshoot, Olivia Wilde shows why even though she rarely makes movies we care about, she’s still one of our favorite actresses.

That’s the power of the sextastic,it trumps every other talent category. Enjoy.

I Think I Can See Olivia Wilde’s Boobs

Oh, it’s a shazam of airbrushing from the good folks at Marie Claire magazine giving me so much hope, but failing to deliver on the promise. At least not in the natural world sense. They did some number in post-production on Olivia Wilde in her current spread in their magazine. She’s still hot. Olivia is always hot. But somehow they saw fit to try and re-shape her fine funbags beneath her clothes for some odd reason. I wish they’d stop. Just show us the real things or move along.

As we’ve noted before, women’s magazine are the worst offenders when it comes to artificially shaping the images of the women between their folds. Of the magazine that is. While men move further and further toward candid and amateur content, female magazine readers moving more and more toward polish and varnish. Not sure why, but score one for men! And Olivia. Enjoy.

Olivia Wilde Magically Hot on the ‘Wonderstone’ Red Carpet

While I’m trying to pull back on my fashion-magazine like fascination with red carpets and decked out hotties, it’s hard when the sweet likes of Olivia Wilde show up in their showy frocks to dazzle the paparazzi at movie premieres.

Especially since Olivia announced last year during her engagement to lucky bastard Jason Sudeikis that she was a big fan of ‘marathon sex’ (and, no, that does not mean having sex while running a marathon), we’ve become even bigger fans of Olivia hotness, including tracking her down on the crimson pathway at the Hollywood premiere of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, a film that has us a little uneasy on realization, but since it contains Olivia Wilde, we will definitely be going to check it out. Mostly just Olivia, and what fun we would have on Mile 21. Enjoy.

Amanda Peet Topless, Olivia Wilde Sex Scene, and Nadine Velazquez Nekkid Highlight This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Click to See Uncensored

Well the weather outside is most definitely frightful, especially if you happen to be in the Northeast U.S. today, where snowfalls are expected to rise even taller than Tom Cruise, so, you know, not so tall for a man, but very tall for a snowfall. Which means you’ll be indoors much of the weekend, and, let’s also be honest, the weekend after the Super Bowl is one of the biggest let down sports weekends. So, I recommend movies at home, and not the kind you watch with the kids, but the kind baring sweet celebrity skin courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Amanda Peet not nekkid in Identity Thief this weekend, but definitely topless in The Whole Nine Yards, Olivia Wilde topless grinding scene in Deadfall, and new on Blu-Ray, delicious Nadine Velazquez full 360 nekkid in Flight. It’s a treasure trove of threesome skin. Check it out.

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