Olivia Munn

Munn-Boobs Make Everything Better; Olivia Munn Bares Deep Cleavage at HBO After-Party

Make that, HBOO after seeing Newsroom thespianic and former fanboy princess Olivia Munn flashing some deep deep pushed up cleavage at last night's post-Emmy Awards HBO party.

Nobody has their fingers on the pulse of boobs (mmm) quite like Egotastic!, and we can tell you that Olivia Munn is most definitely making a concerted effort to let you know she has some ta's and she's not afraid to use them. Not sure if this is an attempt to win back some of her G4 fans that might've tailed off as she moved on to rom-coms and sit-coms and other forms of craptastic, before landing in the more critically acclaimed, Newsroom. Or if the lady just like flashing her hooters for happy happy fun attention, a move we not only respect, but we honor with an entire website. Good on you, Olivia. Looking healthy. Enjoy.

Katrina Bowden, Olivia Munn, and Minka Kelly Make N.Y. Fashion Week Male-Ogle Worthy

Yep, I'm sure you're quite excited that N.Y. Fashion Week is fully underway in The Big Apple and all your favorite designers are peddling their haute-y wares once again. Between this and the start of the Football season, it really is a toss-up for guys as to which is more exciting.

Well, tongue removed from cheek and now used for wagging, Fashion Week does bring out some incredible levels of celebrity hotness, as all the big names in sextastic celebrity land are guests of the major runway shows or pimping out brand name labels themselves for a little scratch, resulting in a nice assortment of celebrity ogling amid all the foppish screaming and shrieking over the shmata.

Some of our early favorites includes the vastly underrated Katrina Bowden, flashing sweet cleavage at the Badgely-Mischka fashion event (I probably spelled that wrong and I don't care), Olivia Munn dropping some cleavetastic views of her own at the Michael Kors show, and Minka Kelly as a hot lady in red at the Jenny Packham event. Enjoy.

Olivia Munn Cleavetastic for GQ Man of the Year Awards

Someday, I expect to receive this award. No, not the GQ Man of the Year Award, the award for longest non-blinking leer at Olivia Munn cleavage, after seeing the Newsroom thespianic and former fanboy faptastic brunette flashes acres of chest at the award show in London.

Bless you and that dress you almost rode too low in on, Olivia. Enjoy.

Olivia Munn Stuns in Blue Outside of Letterman

Olivia Munn is coming into her own, once more.

Lookout fanboys and former fanboys and fapping fanboys, because Olivia Munn looked hella hot outside The Letterman Show in a little low cut blue dress flashing that body of hers we saw ever so briefly topless in Magic Mike, and have longed for since we first saw her talking geek speak on TV.

Olivia Munn is back, again, and this is a good thing. Enjoy.

Ashley Greene, Maria Menounous, and Olivia Munn Make Us Want to ‘Do Something’ Very Indecent at Red Carpet Event

Seriously, you can not have a big shindig called the 'Do Something' event and then parade out the likes of Ashley Greene, Maria Menounos, Olivia Munn, Lea Michele, Nicole Murphy, Sophia Bush, and Bella Thorne, and not expect us to be imagining that something we'd most definitely want ro do (Bella exception of course due to her age, despite her looking much older, we do have rules).

Now, I think they mean Do Something good for your neighborhood or planet or something like that, and we certainly do intend to do that, starting with making some awesome looking babies with Ashley and Maria, that will be our legacy to the planet. Other people can work on the ozone and such so our beautiful babies can breathe. Everybody must do their part. Enjoy.

Oliva Munn Hooters Shrink in ‘Ghost Tits’ (VIDEO)

It Really Really Hurts When Munn Boobs Go Bye-Bye

Having recently lost our own views of Oliva Munn topless boobtastic from Magic Mike (sorry men worldwide), we too know the sting of the Munn funbags disappearing suddenly and without warning. It's beyond eerie.

So, we can have a solid riotous empathetic laugh at the character in the newly released sketch comedy, Ghost Tits, who too feels the shapr pangs of Munn ta-ta's gone ba-bye. Check it out.

Olivia Munn Topless in ‘Magic Mike’, A Better Look


Editor's Note: some portions of the sample media previously contained in this article have been removed at the request of the film distributors.

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We were glad to see Olivia Munn exit stage right on her sit-com and rom-com horrific year of 2011 and step into much more male-appealing affair like The Newsroom, but we were even happier  when she finally (finally, blessedly, and lovingly) removed her top to flash her bare udders in Magic Mike this summer. And quite a pair indeed.

While we are still without the type of HD, 1000-foot tall, IMAX-ready bare boobtastic full-frontal shots we someday hope to have of Olivia, we feel certain this ought be enough to send about 50,000 of you fanboys into the next world with nothing but a half-spent bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care in your sarcophagus. Enjoy.