Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn Flashes Boobyfull Cleavage of Her Own at Hollywood Film Awards

I’m not exactly sure what they Hollywood Film Awards are, but this is the 17th annual, so I guess they’ve been around for a while. Perhaps it’s just an excuse to get hotties like Olivia Munn to show up at hotels in cleavage revealing tops and look all decked out and pretty. That seems like a plenty good excuse to me. Why else have an award ceremony really?  Hollywood does not need its ego stroked, that is for sure.

We have worried about Olivia Munn since she moved off from fanboy favorite to network television regular. Like she leapt out of our basement apartment and into the penthouse. But her chestal goodness seems to remain unvarnished by the Jeffersons like rise. Not sure she’d still consume a hot dog dangling off a string, but we can still imagine. Enjoy.

Olivia Munn Drops the Cleavage Sexy Outside of Letterman

Olivia Munn still knows how to bring the cameras right to eye level, well, slightly below eye level, and raise something of a ruckus. The Newsroom actress and former fanboy faptastic showed up outside the David Letterman show looking all kinds of grown up sextastic in a low cut cleavage revealing dress of some designer I don’t know or care about. But I do care profoundly for how much better Olivia is looking these days, a return to her strong brunette hot buddy-girl form.

Yes, we’d appreciate the chance to see her in a pair of short shorts and a cut-off shirt, or, less, that’s how we roll with our sexy female friends. Still, any chance to lay peeps upon the wonderful Munn-cleave is a blessed visual experience indeed. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Laura Linney Nekkid, Paula Patton Topless, Katy Perry Nipslip, and Much Much More…

Olivia Munn and Nikki Moore Topless and Covered Topless in The Babymakers
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Heaven hold a special place for our contributors, a blessed lot for sure. And the rest of you all who complete the holy circle of skintastic celebrity photo sharing for the benefit of all man-kind. There are some earthly benefits as well, such as perusing through a plethora of sextastic photos from all corners of the celebrity world, all eras, and evoking all sorts of happy feelings. A little something something we like to call Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Olivia Munn and Nikki Moore, the latter of whom is fully topless, in The Babymakers (thanks to EgoReader ‘Stephanie’), Leslie Orr quite nekkid onscreen in The Manson Family (helter skelter kudos to ‘Eric B.’), Laura Linney nekkid in an unforgettable film moment for Linney fans (Linney goodness by way of ‘Frankie’), Nina Agdal crazy hot for Bebe (Danish Delights courtesy of ‘Efram’), old school topless views of Rosanna Arquette on the silver screen (way back goodness provided by ‘T. Wayne’), Sara Jean Underwood hottie in lingerie (dropped off by ‘Ray’), Danielle Sharp topless in crazy hot Nuts outtakes (somebody named ‘Simon’ knows our weak spots), Mimi Rogers topless in yet more onscreen clothes off performances (Tom Cruise’s ex showing funbags from ‘Ian J.’), the wicked hot Laetitia Casta baring all in some French film (ooh laa laa transmitted by ‘Ethos’), Paula Patton blurry topless hottie in her somewhat infamous scene from 2 Guns (a sight to behold from ‘Scott’), Britty model acting babe Lucy Clarkson topless (from a friend name ‘Jimbo’), Katy Perry upskirt and maybe an unmodified nipple slip (singular shot potential greatness from ‘Tyler’), and, last but not least, a purported nekkid photo of Laney Chantal from the SyFy channel (from contributor ‘Harashkupo’). It’s a frenzy of the faptastic. Do try to enjoy.

Olivia Munn Sexy in Black at ‘The Newsroom’ Season 2 Premiere in Hollywood

Olivia Munn Birthday Boobtastic Celebration

Everybody asked me how I could forget it was Lindsay Lohan’s birthday yesterday. Forget? Who do you think was smuggling a bottle of Grey Goose into her lockdown rehab last night after sundown?

But, today, we have a girl on the outside celebrating a birthday I simply did not want to overlook. The fanboy faptastic Olivia Munn. Olivia used to be one of the hottest girls next door on the planet. Sadly, not next door to me, but you get the idea. She went through a funky little showbiz step-up funk where she just looked kind of tired and sad a lot, but now she seems fully back, and at 33-years old today, looking hotter than ever.

While we would greatly prefer the in-person spanking machine celebration time with Olivia, that may not be possible today. Instead, let’s tak a look at some of her finer, bikini and cleavage looks that made us fall in lust with her in the first place. Happy Birthday, Olivia!

Olivia Munn Red Hot Tight Dress Goodness

I’m prepared to call Olivia Munn back to original form. I mean, I’ve been staring at her form here in this tight red dress for the past half an hour and it looks back to its former hot self. To sign off completely, I would naturally need to examine Olivia in a less dressed state. I am thorough and I do make sure my hands are not too cold when really delving into my inspection.

Olivia caught the attention of every ogling gentleman within eyeshot as she promenaded through New York in this eye-catching number. I like to imagine that she’s coming all decked out to my pied-à-terre for an early dinner and a very late dessert, but I’m guessing she had other stops first on her agenda. One day, Olivia, we shall get together, and the skyrockets will be most definitely in flight. Enjoy.

Olivia Munn Thing of Beauty for Bello Magazine

Everybody needs a little Munn in their lives sometimes. Or is that a lot of Munn all of the time? I’m leaning toward the latter on my own personal preferences.

Featured in the current edition of Bello magazine, Olivia Munn shows a little something of her old hottie self, coming back from an admittedly poor 2012, to once more shine in the faptastic fanboy sky, like a beacon beckoning one for private time fun.

She really is a good looking woman, even if women hate her because they think she’s stealing their boyfriends. Which is probably true. I wish it were for me. I’m kind of just kidding. Sorry honey, I’ll be home by six. Enjoy.