Olivia Culpo

Oliva Culpo’s See Through Dress Helps The Great Gatsby Get Greater

Wow, here she comes, Miss America, or, rather, Miss USA and Miss Universe, Oliva Culpo, jazzing up The Great Gatsby screening in New York by wearing a see-through dress top without any bra on beneath. And she pulls it off with flapper like aplomb, if I may say so.

We've not seen much of Olivia since her early splash after being named Miss Universe, but now we get to see a whole lot of her. I guess it was worth the wait. I certainly would have voted for her. Or, at least, called her back to my judicial chambers for a private time chance for her to explain precisely why she deserved to be crowned. I'm fair like that. Enjoy.

P.S I had to share Alyssa Miller looking all kinds of sideboob hot as well at the screening. Because, well, you know why.

Say Hello to Olivia Culpo, the Racktastic New Miss Universe!

I would chant something silly like 'U.S.A, U.S.A.' for the big win tonight of Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, in the Miss Universe pageant, but (a) I don't chant, and (b) I'm too busy wiping the drool off my quivering chin from the sight of one very racktastic beauty pageant winner.

Now, except those among us who watch Honey Boo Boo for real, we all know beauty pageants are pretty lame, outdated events that rarely produce truly noteworthy visuals, and since the blessed invention of the Internet, you are not limited to who soap companies or TV executives decide to tell you are the hottest women in the world. That being said, I think we scored mighty big tonight with the knockout Olivia Culpo. Checking her out from various and sundry angles, I'd say we have a real legit sextastic crown holder here. But what says you?

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