Noemie Lenoir

Noemie Lenoir Quite Nekkid in Onze Mondial


The last time we saw French actress and model Noemie Lenoir, she was stripping on stage in a burlesque show in her native country. Now, she's quite nekkid once again in Onze Mondial magazine. It's kind of grainy, by design I suppose, but I'm beginning to suspect Noemie is a woman very comfortable with her body. Personally, I'm very comfortable with Noemie's body as well, because it fits into my catch-all category of 'me want so very badly'.

Someday I will learn to speak French so when girls like Noemie scoff at my lame attempts to flirt with them, I will know exactly what they are saying. I've always assumed it translated to 'hairy jackass', but I'd like to know for sure. Enjoy.

Noemie Lenoir Topless Striptease for For Your French Lust Connection


Now, this is a striptease. French model Noemie Lenoir put her all, well, at least her topless all, into quite a show at The Crazy Horse gentleman's club in Paris, creating quite a stir every which way.

While 'burlesque' has had something of a renaissance here in the U.S., let's be honest, it's pretty much disappointing when the girls whisk off stage before the last of their apparel has been discarded. You can't even find a topless revue on the Strip in Vegas anymore. But, last night in Paris, Noemie showed them all how it's done. And done proper. Bravo. Enjoy.