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READER FINDS: Anna Friel Topless, Lauren Cohan Flashing Boobtastic, Shakira Asstastic and Much Much More….



I can’t help but feel reminiscent here on a rainy day in Hollywood. Perhaps that’s because it hasn’t rained here in nearly a decade. Just thinking about the dozens and dozens if not hundreds of weekly get togethers here at my place, our virtual drum circle made so much better by the presence of both girls and mandatory tops for the guys, optional naturally for the girls since I like them better. Somedays here I feel like I did those summers long ago on the last day of sleep-away camp when I would go and punch the all the kids who had tormented me then hop on the bus and yell for the driver to ‘move!’. He never did. And that never worked out well for me. But this gathering on Fridays here we call Reader Finds, this is like our collective safe space, gloriously filled with celebrity skin.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the Latina hottie Noelia Rios baring her assets (thank you kindly to EgoReader ‘Gerry’), Hannah Ferguson in wicked hot see-through SI outtakes (bikini boobtastic worship time from ‘Owen’), best of asstastic from Shakira and Rihanna in their sultry music video (tush push via the ever faithful ‘Thomas T.’), Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Preston, and Christina Applegate bikini time in View from the Top (an overlooked not so classic, shared by ‘Sullivan’), gloriously hot Czech model Michaela Isizzu (kindly contributed by ‘Peter D.’), Lucy Mecklenburgh sextastic calendar posing (gushing forward thanks to ‘Ben’), Tricia Helfer smoking hot in FHM (I remember whens via ‘Tina C.’), Anthea Page nekkid with a lolly (damn hot visuals provided by ‘David E.’ and Treats magazine), thespianic Zoe Kazan topless in skinematics (pleasantly plumpers from ‘Zach’), Talitha Luke-Eardley topless in funbag laden sequels (brunette lovelies dropped off by ‘Jackie R.’), Josephine Decker quite topless in Art History (better than my art classes, kudos to ‘Big Jim’), Helen Shaver topless with a Sheen (throwback topless by ‘Mario’), Anna Friel topless in her silver screen gem (bite sized friels courtesy of ‘Dylan R.’), Kimberly McArthur in more ta-ta laden classic skinematics (bouncy flouncies via ‘Hernan’), hints of Lauren Cohan boobtastic in her sex comedy turn (please cohan me the lotion thanks to ‘Alex S.’), Tricia Helfer again, this time topless (from the mind of ‘Minnie’), and last, but not the least, Miriam McDonald and Shawna Waldron topless in poisonous sequels (blessed be the Skinematics via ‘Tim K.’). It’s a handful, a mouthful, and at least seven toes full of hot celebrity skin. Are you digitally man enough to handle it? I have faith in you. Enjoy.

Noelia Rios Is Back and More En Fuego Than Ever

Thank you to friend of Egotastic!, photographer of the sexy ladies of Sudamericana, Ale Santiago for this outrageously fine spread of super Argentinean hottie Noelia Rios. You may recall we first met Noelia in Ale’s rather oddly provocative dual unclothed photoshoot with her own brother, and our lust affair with the Latina hottie has developed from there. Sometimes, incest can be the start of a truly beautiful relationship. Disfruta.

Check out more work from Ale Santiago on his home photographer site.

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Noelia Rios and Her Wicked Hot Body Can Not Be Shopped, Err, Stopped

We first met Argentinean hottie model Noelia Rios earlier this year when she produced one quite hot topless photoshoot with her own brother body pressing her in the photos. It was a tad bit controversial. But we love controversial.

Now, Noelia Rios is back promoting the fact that her latest sextastic pictorial has absolutely no Photoshop work touching up her imperfections and potentially rougher views. Noelia wants to battle what she sees as some of her competition using software to cover up the shortcomings of their bodily hardware. As always, we let you be the judge. Are we better off without touched up photos? Or is digital enhancement just that, enhancements? Enjoy.

Noelia Rios and Xoana Gonzalez Topless; Two Girls, One Bed, Lots of Giggling (VIDEO)

Xoana Gonzalez and Noelia Rios Topless Bedroom Photoshoot in H Para Hombres
Click to See Uncensored

Somewhere in Argentina, buried deep beneath the rich soil of the farmlands, lies a magical stone that turns so many young women there into bodaciously hot exhibitionists of the bodily kind. I hope they never dig up that stone, it truly would be a loss for the rest of the world.

Noelia Rios, of naughty sibling photoshoot fame, and Xoana Gonazalez, of Lionel Messi orgy sex scandal fame, teamed up to feel each other up in a photoshoot for Hombres magazine and thankfully, somebody caught the behind the scenes footage. Really, making visual magic is so simple — two sextastic and sultra Latina naughty hotties, one bed, and one camera. Just like riding a bike. Enjoy.


Noelia Rios Covered Topless Bikini Shoot for Your Uber-Virgin Body Needs

You might (you will) recall Noelia Rios as the former Big Brother contestant from Argentina who is known not only for proclaiming her virginity over and over again on TV, but for her nekkid photoshoot with her teen brothers that caused a s-load of controversy when they came out at the end of last year. The entire package could be deemed rather creepy, but we prefer, kinky, and when you throw into the mix the supremely hot body and booty of Noelia Rios, there can be no wrong.

Just take a gander at Noelia Rios in her covered topless bikini and ridiculously hot booty shots and see if you can call anything she does creepy, or if you might find yourself saying ‘that sounds great’ to just about any wackadoodle idea she threw out there. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Selena Gomez Down Top and Commando Bottom, Lady Gaga Bare Top Show, Angelina Jolie See-Through, and Much More…


Phew and pshaw, as the kindly older woman who raised me for several years before the police caught up with her and arrested her for stealing me from my stroller would say after a long day. It’s sort of an exasperated sounds the best describes how we all feel when we hit the end of the week.

But there’s no phewing or pshawing around the veritable visual highlight of each week here on Egotastic!, the community chest contributions from our readers of all that they have found in their diligent and most likely pants-less searches across the unending digital expanses of the Internet. The array of the asstastic and celebrity sexy never ceases to amaze us here. 

This week’s Reader Finds includes a double dose of Selena Gomez, both down her top to some healthy boobtastic and up her concert costume to see her seemingly commando, Lady Gaga wrapped in clear plastic, classic Angelina Jolie hotness exhibition, Adriana Lima in a wicked sweet photoshoot, Lacey Banghard topless and loaded, Courteney Cox camel toe-licious, Kelly Brook in bed in lingerie, Noelia Rios in a quite unclothed TV performance, Nicole Murphy see-through to mammaries, and Amba Jackson (Mick Jagger’s teen granddaughter) showing almost too much for her age. It’s a melting pot of the magnificent indeed.

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VIEWER WARNING: Noelia Rios Erotic Topless Photos… Con Su Hermano!

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

(Viewer Warning: These images contain shirtless dude; it was impossible to redact, you’ll see why)

You know, you go exploring around the world, you really need an open mind. Our journey into Sudamericana has been nothing but a series of pleasant surprises of Latina hotness left, right, up, and down. But today, we got right outside the box, in fact, we’re so far away from the box, we can’t even see it any more. But such is our duty.

Big Brother Argentina contestant (and, yes, Big Brother is so much better overseas) most noted on the show for being both super hot and for repeatedly proclaiming her virginal status, Noelia Rios, the fast-climbing celebrity model d’jour in Buenos Aires just climbed herself up a few notches on the ‘look at me now’ ladder with this erotic photoshoot taken with… her brother. Okay, now consider yourself forewarned, while there is no explicit making of the sexy involved, there is all kinds of wrong going on in these photos, not the least of which is the use of the banana prop between siblings.

We apologize in advance for oh, so many things, not the least of which are shots of the dude, err, her brother. But, you know, we just had to. Peal clutchers, start clutching your pearls. Secretly enjoy.