Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal and Sara Sampaio Twin Sweetness for bebe

What happens when you put the hottest girl from Denmark and put her together in sexy wardrobe preening aside the most sextastic girl to ever come out of Portugal? Well, I get a five minute break to catch my breath and various and sundry other private and personal activities.

Wow. And I don’t usually say that about a woman’s wear line of catalog pimping shoots. But Danish Delight Nina Agdal and Sara Sampaio together in one single frame with four amazing funbags and two wicked hot bodies. Yes, please, send me the catalog. Or just the girls please. I’ve got a solid part two idea for this particularly themed shoot. We won’t sell many dresses, but when the fire department arrives with the Jaws of Life to detach me from Nina and Sara, I will have quite the glory days story to tell my grandkids. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal and Irina Shayk Double Down Bikini Time for Beach Bunny

Talk about two champions of the hot body world coming together in an epic sandwich of bikini pimping. Nina Agdal (above) an her body that everybody wants to either sell or to, you know, do other things with. And Irina Shayk, world class sultry babe…

…both working overtime with bodies that won’t quit, can’t quit, and simply won’t ever be fired to push the Beach Bunny swimwear line. I suppose the idea is that you buy a Beach Bunny suit and you will look like either Irina or Nina. I wonder if you get your pick or just have to leave that magical effect up to Mother Nature. Either way, you can’t really go wrong. This is similar to how when I don a Speedo, I look like Michael Phelps, on the inside stoner side mostly I guess. Marketing geniuses at Beach Bunny score another round. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Beachy Keen Bikini Photoshoots Rolling Right Along

Nina Agdal isn’t just for the men anymore. Oh, no, the Danish Delight is now moving into the lucrative sector of women’s magazines and fashion shoots, meaning that she’s not only now arrived, she’s now getting paid something close to my paychecks, with a couple more zeroes. It couldn’t have happened to a hotter woman.

Nina may look rather tame in this photoshoot for Accessorize, which by its name alone you know is not for the male gender, but even the ladies safe visuals can’t keep a sextastic woman from shining through, with Nina looking every bit the hot vacation girl of your dreams, well, mine first, then yours. She really is a beauty. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Candidly Bikini Hot Around the Office

Hey, you there. No, not you, that guy next to you. Yeah, you. The guy who always says so many of these models only look wicked hot because of all the lighting and makeup and post-production and et ceteras. Which, by the way, is still a skill and a half. But the pure beauties, like Danish Delight Nina Agdal, need no fancy enhancements. Just the snap of a camera and a bikini barely containing their perfectly Mother Nature made body and off you go to happy visual land. The wonderments these candids from Nina’s model management company do reveal.

Nina Agdal is a classic natural beauty and I will fight anyone under 5’7 and 150 lbs. who says otherwise. Women and children included, naturally. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Is Bikini Pimping the Cod Once More

Nobody is happier than I for the meteoric rise to success of Danish Delight Nina Agdal. Okay, maybe the lucky bastard who gets to hang out with her nekkid in the hot tub is happier than I, but I’m pleased in a platonic friends but then we get drunk and accidentally sleep together kind of way. Nina Agdal and her glorious female form deserve everything they get.

Last year Nina got tapped to lend her sextastic visuals to Carl’s Jr. pimping their new fish sandwich. It’s cod, don’t you know. That commercial nearly killed us in our gills, and, now, a second different fish-pimping commercial has been released and, I’m feeling like a very horny fisherman. I mean, not so horny that the guys down in the engine room be nervous, but just enough so that I might need the Gorton’s Fisherman slickers to keep me from being arrested for public indecency. Oh, Nina, someday you will kiss me on the cheek and I will die and go to Egotastic! heaven. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal, Emily Ratajkowski, Samantha Hoopes Playing Volleyball in Tiny Shorts? Yep, I’d Watch That

Many of the models from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition took to the beach in Miami for some kind of promotion beach volleyball event. They seemed to be promoting wicked fine hottie bottoms and many many prurient dreams as girls like Samantha Hoopes, Emily Ratajkowski, and Nina Agdal bumped, set, and spiked their way right into every man’s libidos.

Sports Illustrated sure isn’t skimping on the publicity tour for this Swimsuit Edition. Thankfully, the girls are skimping on the material in their wardrobes. Ever so hot. I wish I could get in this game. Enjoy.

Congratulations to Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge, and Chrissy Teigen for Headlining the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

You know we predicted Nina Agdal and her meteoric rise the minute she stepped foot out of Denmark, so we couldn’t be more pleased two years later to see her covering the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Along with wicked hot Lily Aldridge and one of our long time favorite model hotties, Chrissy Teigen.

There will always be some controversy as to these decisions naturally, but I’d say SI did a nice job in picking a photo of three ridiculously hot women without their tops on, not to mention bottoms to die for. You could do worse, it’s hard to imagine much better.

Congratulations to Nina, Lily, and Chrissy. There’s no denying this is the big time. Enjoy.