Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal Red Hot Tight Dress for Hollywood Clubbing

Well, our Danish Delight Nina Agdal has come a long way in a few short years from her homeland to photoshoots for magazines to TV commercials to full immersion in the Hollywood jet set, hitting the hottest clubs on a weekday night dressed to the nines in a tight red dress that reveals a good measure of how she made that rise in the first place. Just one ridiculously hot body.

You throw in the toss of that big mane of lady hair, the provocative posing, and the lips that look ready to set the world record for being naughty, and you have a complete package of a woman that the men in Tinsel Town will be fighting over for years to come. It's really a magical story whose next chapter we certainly hope contains far more nekkidness. Dare to dream. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Bikini Pictures Perfection Nearly Ruined by Stupid Boyfriend in Barbados

I get it. Danish Delight Nina Agdal, you can date a British boy band member if you like. I will allow this. But do not let him eff up your faptastic bikini photos from Barbados. He nearly did, never moving more than a foot away from a supermodel he obviously feels very secure in dating, hence the Secret Service like ring of protection. Nevertheless, even overly doting boyfriend couldn't ruin the majesty of Nina's hot body in a two piece preparing for a snorkeling adventure around the Caribbean island. Even the fish must rejoice when a hottie like Nina joins them for a swim.

Here's even more of Nina this same day, flashing her bikini cleave on her island adventure:

Nina Agdal Black Friday Sextastic for Bebe

Danish Delight Nina Agdal is hot pimping everything these days. And why the heck not? She's ridiculously hot. Women want to be her, men want to be with her, thrice, per hour. So why not promote Black Friday, America's biggest shopping day of the year, for Bebe.

I'm ogling (and drooling) at Nina in these catalog photos and thinking that if I were a woman, I'd be lining up the night before Black Friday to get into this look. As a man, I'd line up three years ahead of time for a chance to feel the dress material on Nina's body. But I'm a guy who doesn't fear commitment. Or passion induced insanity. Nina could turn Black Friday into the best Friday ever if she'd just shimmy out of those dresses. Just saying, Nina, this is the season of giving. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Bikini Body Keeps Getting Booked and Ogled

Danish Delight Nina Agdal is being booked for bikini and lingerie gigs about eight days a week right about now. She's just about the hottest model-get on the planet, with her perfect body providing the promotional platform every shmata maker in the world wants to employ to pimp their wares. And, each and every time, Nina delivers.

I'm not even sure which company it is today that's hired Nina to make their two-piece swimsuits looks ridiculously hot, but I bet their sales double as soon as these advertising photos are released. If I were a woman (dare to dream), I'd be purchasing with just the one to none percent chance that I'd end up looking like Nina on the beach by mere bikini association. It's a powerful draw that Agdal package. Working triple time these days. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Swimwear Perfection for Leonisa

While not quite as stunning to see Nina Agdal not having a bare-boobed wardrobe malfunction, you get to understand why the Danish Delight is one of the hottest beachwear modeling commodities in the world these days checking out her finished product in the Leonisa swimwear catalog. You might see any number of attractive women along the sandy shores of any land, but very few that come out as smoking hot in photographs. It's a special quality you either have or don't have, and when you have it, you're internationally famous, like Nina.

Ever since the day we first injured ourselves staring into the Agdal spectacle, we knew Nina would reach heights of greatness in her perfection. Of course, we also believe fervently that Nina would reach heights of ecstasy in our boudoirs. Still waiting on that latter. As for the former, signed, sealed, and delivered with sextastic catalog pictorial time after time. I'd give Nina a job if I had the chance. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Covered Topless Hotness for Home Country Magazine

It's about time we get to lay peeps upon Danish Delight Nina Agdal in a periodical of her own home country. Cover Man magazine, wherein Nina appears in various poses and preens covered topless, feasting her lucky hands upon her own sweet funbags to keep them barely covered for the cameras.

Just yesterday we got to see Nina slipping her blessed nips in a seductive photoshoot for Bebe, and it was memorable, but even hand-bra covering her own hotself, Nina's ridiculously good looks and innate sextastic simply can not be denied. She is one smoking Danish girl. You can't stop her, you can only hope to contain her, with your bare hands. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Nip Slip Means Bare Boob Happy Fun Time in Miami!


All good things come to those who wait. Well, those who wait and also those who obsessively ogle hot women. You can only change in and out of some many wardrobes before something isn't going to fit or sit precisely right. That's when we'll be there to capture the crazy memorable moment of Danish Delight Nina Agdal baring her boob on Miami Beach in one epic nip slip during a catalog photoshoot. It's days like today, and pretty much every other day, that make my work all seem so worthwhile.

Nina Agdal has been a bright star in our Egotastic! sky since the day we first saw her and predicted her meteoric rise to the top of the lingerie and swimsuit model ranks. It wasn't a tough prediction or a bold prediction, but it was a wishful prediction. I like to think Nina's beautiful bare funbag is our reward for believing in her. Karma. Enjoy.