Nina Agdal

Emily Ratajkowski And Nina Agdal Looking Hot In Miami

Boobtastic duo Emily Ratajkowski and Nina Agdal were looking fine as F at the 5th Annual Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series finale. Emily was wearing a form fitting dress that showed off those famous curves. I remember when I first saw Emily’s funbags in the uncensored version of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. I was instantly in love with those ta-tas. If it had been a cartoon little hearts would have appeared above my head. Not to be outdone, Nina wore a SHORT skit and crop top. She’s got some pretty outstanding legs. They are long and lean and make me wish they were wrapped around me. The crop top also showed off her tight bare mid-riff which is always a good thing.

I’ve got to start getting invites to these events where hot people converge. It is a scientific fact that where you find one sexy person you will most likely find another and another. It’s the physics of hottness.

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Nina Agdal Fills Out A Bra And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Nina Agdal sure looks good in lingerie. That’s why she gets the big bucks. (COED)

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Nina Agdal Topless, Mathilde Goehler, Solveig Mork and Other Hot Models in 100 Great Danes Book


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Genius is something that happens when nobody is watching. Maybe I just made that up. It sounds inspiring. Like the idea to put together a photo book of 100 wicked hot Danish models in hardly any clothing for a pictorial book called Great Danes. Yep, genius.

Naturally, Danish Delight Nina Agdal in topless repose leads the uber-sextastic pack, followed by supermodels Mathilde Goehler, Solveig Mork, and a cast of other lovely ladies of the Nordic regions who inspire photographers, oglers, and fashion and magazine editorialists everywhere. I’m pretty sure I’d buy a book like this for every single one of the fine female producing nations on this planet. Which is all of them. Oh, you should see my coffee table sometime. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Bjarke 

Nina Agdal Nipples Airbushed Out, But The Hotness in Lingerie Remains Unstoppable

WWTDD is demanding that people who smudge out nipples on hot models be sent to the electric chair or something. I’m not sure that punishment fits the crime — it needs to be harsher. Who can live with themselves after erasing such a beautiful gift from heaven above? The precious ends of blessed teats on Danish Delight Nina Agdal. Why not just draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa while you’re at it? Actually, that could be… no, never mind.

Featured nipple-less in this still rather steamy see-through lingerie collection from LoveHaus, Nina Agdal shows why even when shopped down to a PG rating, she’s still inimitably passion inducing and pleasure giving. One of the finest looking ladies on the planet in my humble opinion. You start adding back in her fun parts and she is making a play for my number one gal. I hope that’s incentive enough for her to start asking her employers to leave her headlights where they belong. You go, girl. All of you. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Lingerie and Bikini Modeling Rockets the Sextastic Off the Charts

You know those drawn thermometers they use on charts to represent charitable giving or such and when they reach the target somebody draws in something that looks like a bubbled over explosion out of the top? That’s a good representation of how I feel when I see Danish Delight Nina Agdal in skimpy little two piece bra and panties or bikini tops and thongs showing off her ridiculously hot body. Only, you know, that’s not mercury exploding. Hide the children.

In this new spread for Leonisa lingerie and swimwear, Nina shows precisely why her modeling paychecks are growing exponentially, not geometrically, though I’m not even quite sure what that means. Let’s just say, she can afford more rent than two years ago, which she more than deserves, as all crazy hot women deserve special treatment in this life. If not them, then who? That’s the question I really need to get on a bumper sticks. Nina, please, don’t ever take a day job other than this. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Wicked Hot Beach Bikini Bunny of My Dreams

It’s unclear whether these are functional bikinis for swimming and splashing, or more lingerie type items designed for Nina Agdal to remind some incredibly lucky bastard that he hit the girlfriend jackpot as he watches her slink around the room in these shiny little two piece numbers from Beach Bunny.

Nina Agdal wouldn’t be allowed to wear any clothing if she were my gal, you know, slash Danish indentured servant whose passport mysteriously went missing along with all her cell phones and texting devices. She just looks so damn stellar fine in tiny little bits of bras and panties and thongs and other little bits of material fortunate to be rubbing up against Nina’s lady parts. Oh, to come back as a bikini wedged into Nina Agdal’s waxed areas. That is the reincarnation dream. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Super Hot in Black and White and Her Calvins

Nina Agdal Super Hot Photoshoot by William Lords
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The thought of Nina Agdal laying across any number of the bearskin rugs I keep in my home in just her Calvins is enough to make me forget about Marky Mark and how creepy I’ve always found Calvin Klein. In fact, it’s enough to make me forget my first name and just smile broadly from the happy tingles coursing from head to toe and circling back to the bobos.

In this William Lords pictorial in black and white, Nina shows she is a sextastic super model force to be reckoned with. She’s got it all working. The hair, the body, the eyes, the looks, the intangible allure thing right through the roof. If I were thirteen again, I’d probably have this lead photo buried somewhere underneath my bed for evening hours perusal. But I’m not thirteen anymore so I think I’ll stick it right on the wall. Score one for adulthood. Enjoy.