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Nikki Leigh Topless Photoshoot for Playboy

Nikki Leigh Topless Photoshoot for Playboy
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Nikki Leigh is on full display in her latest spread for Playboy. The blond vixen Playmate showed off her perfectly round breasts in a series of provocative pics. Her breasts are a thing of beauty, so much so that if I wrote poetry I’d dedicate a friggin’ sonnet to them “Ode To Nikki’s Knockers” (tentative title). In one of the galleries below you can see Nikki working out with fashion designer Nikki Lund. This is the pay-off for all that hard work and exercise. There is not a molecule of unsightly material on Nikki’s toned body. The nice thing about Nikki is that she always looks like she’s having fun in her photo shoots. Maybe it’s just a perception but it adds to the sexiness. No one wants a gloomy model.

The other thing I like about Nikki, besides the obvious, is her sexy stare. It’s not easy to stare sexily and not look like a creeper.

Nikki Lund and Nikki Leigh Enjoy A Workout Together in California

Designer Nikki Lund and Playboy playmate Nikki Leigh got together for an afternoon of sweating and grunting. The two Nikkis worked out together in form fitting yoga pants and sports bras. There is something about a girl in a nice pair of hip hugging Lululemons that makes everything alright with the world. It’s pretty much the only reason to go to the gym. The gals did some deep squats and then bent over to work out their cleavage while lifting little pink free weights. You can tell that the Nikkis like to workout because they are both in redonkulously good shape. I wonder how this friendship formed in the first place? Was it simply a case of, “Hey, my name is Nikki too! Do you want to get together and stretch in tight workout clothes?” That’s how I’m going to choose to believe it happened.

I wonder if I could hire them to give me some private lessons. I might pass out from the exertion but it would be worth it.

Nikki Leigh Bikini Pictures Golden With Goodness on Laguna Beach

Another day, another set of wicked hot photos from the water pimping 138 company. Nikki Leigh in a gold bikini is more precious than anything other than Nikki Leigh out of her bikini. She really does have one tremendously hot commercial product pimping body. You throw in the sand and the surf and the sun and my insatiable desire to cover hot women in pizza sauce and play hide the pepperoni, and you have the makings of one perfect California shoreline bikini hottie candid pictorial.

I’m still not convinced to leave my beloved free tap water in the dust quite yet. A personal visit from Nikki probably would be enough to make me go fancy bottle. Enjoy.

Nikki Leigh Sexy Swimsuit Pimping for Continued Bottled Water Service

This 138 Water thing is pimping up a storm like no product I can really recall. They’re conducting photoshoots with steamy hot ladies on the beach or in the desert nearly daily it seems now. Taking another bit at the commercial shoot apple is the sextastic Nikki Leigh, who looks hella good in a swimsuit, so they decided to let her body rip on the beach in Laguna while making it seems like their bottled water is the nectar of the gods.

I’m not so sure about that last part, but I am pretty certain Nikki Leigh is good at pushing product. I can’t think of a single thing I’d not buy if she told me to, to my face, or whilst gazing into other parts. The power of a hot woman with a fine female form is truly amazing. Enjoy.

Nikki Leigh Bikini Pictures Flash Her Pubic Adjacent in Beverly Hills

Nikki Leigh likes to model. We like to see her. That’s what you call synergy right there. Throw in a tiny bikini and a bikini bottom Nikki seems to like to lower to near vice cop arrest levels, and we have maybe something even greater than synergy occurring. We have plain old heartfelt lust.

Nikki Leigh is really starting to grow on me. I’m not sure I can shake her. Though I would like to gently rock her back and forth. She has something quite stellar of a bikini body. And while we need to get her away from her super posed bunny type photos, I am hardly complaining about her recent sights. That is one ridiculously hot woman. Enjoy.

Nikki Leigh Bikini Lingerie Pictures For the Hot Love of Prophylactics

Nikki Leigh bikini lingerie pictures could probably sell anything. But today, they’re selling Playboy condoms, a promotional push for the new product line from the Bunny magazine. And, while you may never be so lucky in life to need one for a special evening of making of the sexy with Nikki Leigh, you might just be thinking of her in this tiny blue bikini the next time you do require one.

As always, Egotastic! reminds you that Mother Nature gives you one and only one happy man for your entire life, keep it safe and sound, and, please, never pointed directly at any innocents. Enjoy.

Nikki Leigh Looked Amazing in a Bikini; Let’s See Her Nekkid Hot in Playboy

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Yep, it’s back, my favorite new game of revealing already revealing sextastic celebrities. In this case the wicked hot Nikki Leigh who we saw in her bikini photoshoot just but a few hours ago. But I couldn’t really wait to share. Because, if you haven’t seen all of Nikki, well, you’re just window shopping and not really inspecting.

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Thanks to our friends at PlayboyPlus, we get a sneak peek at one of the more memorable photo sets of Nikki from her Playmate to-do’s of last year. She really does photograph quite extraordinarily well. Good bones and all that. It’s a mouthful. If you’re lucky. Enjoy.