Nikki Bella

Nikki And Brie Bella Bikini Tanning Time In The Latest Espisode of ‘Total Divas’

For those one-hundred percent of you who dig hot wrestling diva twins in their itty bitty bikinis, I sure hope you didn’t miss Nikki Bella and Brie Bella tanning in their two piece swimsuits in Total Divas. Now, I should warn you, watching E! television does have the intended consequence of shrinking your bobos to the size of grape nuts. It’s not so bad if you’re looking to snatch the falsetto role in the upcoming community theater production of Oliver. Less helpful if you don’t want to be laughed at in your Speedo this holiday season.

As a public service, I present to you the divas and their heavenly Greco-Roman bodies poolside. Imagine the pure pleasure of these girls twisting your body into a pretzel and making you beg for more. Oh, dare to dream. That’s what hot girls suntanning have done to men since the dawn of time. Just look at the suffering guy with boner in the ancient cave paintings. This is nothing new. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Total Divas On E!

The Bella Twins Flashing Their Cleavy Twins Out in West Hollywood

The wrestling diva twins, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella decided to give Tinsel Town a little taste of their moves last night leaving a fancy restaurant where I go looking for scraps after hours to feed my dog Mr. Featherstone and occasionally he shares with me, which is nice and keeps me going for a few more days.

Nikki and Brie are known for their dramatic storylines, two-timing, gut punching moves in the well staged drama that is the WWE. If you’re not sure what is real and what is not real, I’d err on the side of the former, including when describing certain indisputably eye popping elements of the twins fine lady parts. They do present a must-see package in double time. Four funbags for the price of… well, like they say, if you have to ask, you can not afford. Fair enough, I ogle thusly from afar cleavetastic twins. Enjoy.

The Bella Twins Are Hot Pimping Their New Show

Hmm, I’m in New York this week. The Bella Twins are in New York this week. Could it be… oh, stop with the scandal mongering already. Don’t you think I’d be the first one to brag about any discreet indiscretions? Any sweetest taboos? Oh, yes, I would. Ever since I had my first kiss in fourth grade I’ve kissed and told. So, sadly, no, there’s no Bella-Egotastic sandwich taking place in the Big Apple. I’d know if there was, as I’d be crying.

The two hot brunette wrestling divas, fresh off of a nipple baring in-ring performance, are N.Y promoting their new wrestling show which premiered last night, and if it features the Bella having lots of wardrobe malfunctions, I predict it will do very well. There’s nothing finer than the sight of smoking sweet twins. Enjoy.

The Bella Twins Nipple Slip Flashes Full Boob on WWE Raw

Bella Twins Nipple Slip on WWE Raw
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To be fair, it was really just Brie Bella (I believe) of the wrestling Bella Twins whose fabulous funbag came completely out of her top last night on WWE Raw.

Thanks to a million and one of you professional wrestling fans who immediately spotted this special disturbance in the Force and sent us word. The Bella Twins follow in the fine tradition of hottie wrestling divas, though we often do have to wait for the occasional wardrobe malfunction to see their bare turnbuckles. And on TV now less. WWE might finally be giving a nod to building a larger audience.

I love the sight of bare wrestling girl boobs in the morning. Enjoy.