Nicole Neal

Rosie Jones and Nicole Neal Topless Bikini Pool Party for Labor Day Sweet Visuals


I'm not sure what you're up to this Labor Day, but unless you've got Rosie Jones and Nicole Neal flashing their bikini and topless body goodness in your backyard, you've still got room to improve your day.

Sure, barbecue, check. Cold brew, check. Friends, family, ball games, check, check, check. But I'm forced to counter check with the giggly topless goodness of these sweet treats in this holiday special edition photoshoot from our friends at Nuts magazine. By the way, if you you do happen to have these or similar girls taking off their bikinis at your Labor Day party today, please do send me photos. For research purposes only, natch. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones, Lacey Bangard, Holly Peers, and Nicole Neal Topless on the Beach to Celebrate Summer


Nothing, absolutely nothing, says summer like hot girls at the beach in bikinis. Well, for Egotastic! summer, you definitely have to include the key element of those bikinis coming off. As my non-blinking eyes do feast just so upon the hotness likes of Rosie Jones, Lacey Banghard, Holly Peers, and Nicole Neal frolicking along the beach in such a frenzied state, they barely notice their bikini tops coming off in this Nuts magazine photo shoot.

But I'm noticing. And reminding myself that something amazing always happens every time you visit the beach in the summer. Somebody's showing something that is making you feel something special. In the case of Rosie, Holly, Lacey, and Nicole, they are showing something beyond special. Four ridiculously hot bodies getting topless in the sand. Hallelujah to summer. May you never end. Enjoy.

Nicole Neal Raises Her Shirt to Combat Courtnie Quinlan in the Battle of the Boobtastic


Girl fight. No finer two words have really ever been strung together in the English language. Especially when talking about two amazingly fine English women like Nicole Neal and Courtnie Quinlan. Neither of these two buxom beauties woke up this morning knowing they'd be part of the grand social chest thumping experience known as the Battle of the Boobtastic. Nevertheless, here they are.

Two women who want nothing more than to be noted for the finest puppies in all the land. But, only one set of knockers can ring the bell. One, must go home sad and dejected and, I like to imagine, in need of an intensely sympathetic rubdown. Only you have the power to decide, between glory and slightly less glorious. Who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Nicole Neal vs. Courtnie Quinlan

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Holly Peers Challenges Nicole Neal for Funbag Supremacy in Our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic


Independence was not won by the mere desire of a people to be free, it was a hard fought victory wrenched from the bloody grasp of tyrants. None of which really has all that much to do with two extremely hot women with major league funbags dueling each other for boobtastic supremacy. I mean, I guess the conflict part. But we always promote skin over violence here at Egotastic! The sins of the flesh ought to be enough thrill for any man.

Today's Battle of the Boobtastic features the veteran Page 3 melon-baller Holly Peers, pitting her famous chestal region goodies up against minxy blonde hottie, Nicole Neal. While I'd climb any mountain and cross any sea just for the chance to smell either woman's used linens (sometimes, honesty is not pretty), only one may be victorious in today's competition. The burden is upon you, our faithful readers. Who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Holly Peers vs. Nicole Neal

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Nicole Neal Topless Supergirl Pictures Continue to Fly In


Just when I cried about what seemed like the end of that amazing Nicole Neal USA Supergirl photoshoot from Front magazine, well along come some additional images of the Page 3 glamour model in and out of her cosplay goodies, flashing that absolutely killer body of hers. How we would like to be the wardrobe assistant to her day time costume fun time activities. We'd be respectful, but make suggestions and occasionally offer to help her change into and out of her intimates. We are only human.

There's nothing we like around here better than surprises. And, for the record, not the ones that come in small packages. Enjoy.

Nicole Neal Topless All-American Hero for a Special Memorial Day Mammarial Monday (VIDEO)


Granted, Nicole Neal is not American, but there's no reason why we can't turn to the Old Country for a patriotic example of hot topless stars and stripes tributes on Memorial Day here in the U.S.. Throw in Nicole's boobtastic level efforts behind a video homage  to Super Girl from our friends at Front magazine and we have something brewing here hotter than the Special Tea my Aunt Vera brings over for the family barbecues. Aunt Vera's tea only dulls the senses, Nicole Neal in motion more than heightens them.

I can only hope you're delighting in your day off this Memorial Day. And, of course, as we are here, giving our utmost out in respect to the men and women who serve and have served our nation so bravely through the years. Two funbags in celebration! Enjoy.

Nicole Neal Topless Supergirl for Woman of Steel Sensations


Any followers of our weekly Battle of the Boobtastic know hottie Nicole Neal quite well, and hopefully pull the lever for her, so to speak. Now, check out the chesty sextastic blonde homaging the most super of superheroes, Superman himself in what surely must be a more inspiring bit of posing than you're likely to see from that British dude playing Super in the upcoming film.

We do so lust our cosplay here and thanks to the benevolence of good guys at Front magazine, we have a chance to see how amazing comics could be if only hot mostly nekkid girls were added to the mix. A frequent fantasy since about the age of seven. Enjoy.