Nicole Neal

Nicole Neal Chestal Weigh-In Against Holly Peers in the Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic

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Make love, not war. God that expression sounds so good when coming from wicked hot topless girls. Really, there’s no refuting the sentiment in that situation. As we here at Egotastic! believe that most hostility in this would could be averted if every man had a fabulous pair of funbags in his hearth and home to plowshare each evening (and mornings in the shower), our consecrated battles between the chests of two fine ladies should be seen as more an act of peace, than that of conflict. And, boy, just check out this week’s pieces.

This week’s Battle of the Boobtastic features the lust-inspiring Nicole Neal and her blonde highlight delights pitted against veteran hottie Holly Peers and her perfect plumpers. Personally, I can’t picture myself telling either of these girls that their glorious chests didn’t match up to the competition today, which is why I hand over this awesome responsibility to you the readers. Who’s got the melons with the sweetest seeds? Whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Nicole Neal vs. Holly Peers

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Emily O’Hara Puppy Thumps Nicole Neal in The Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic (With BotB Rankings Now Computed)

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This week’s Battle of the Boobtastic might also be considered the Battle of the Blondes, as killer fair-haired beauties Emily O’Hara and Nicole Neal go chest to chest in our weekly qualitative measurement contest. There’s no shutdown here, only lift-ups, as two supremely fine women remove their tops for your viewing, and judging pleasure.

And, judge you must. It is your sacred obligation to send one woman home with the virtual trophy while another lowers her head into her hands and curses Fate. Take your time, scan, peruse, and decide, whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Do you see the first ever appearance of Justice League Nip?

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And, since so many of you have asked, politely even, intern Andrew has compiled a scorecard of the all-time records of our fair lass competitors over the history of the BotB:
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Nicole Neal Topless With Her Friend Lauren for Hot Girls Being Bad Time

Nicole Neal and Lauren Being Topless and Naughty in Front Magazine 186
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Who doesn’t love to see two hotties stripping off their tops and being super naughty and pretending to be delinquents? That’s right, nobody. Especially when we’re talking Nicole Neal and her friend Lauren stripping out of their little tidbits to get naughty and topless and flashing two ridiculously hot playful bodies in the current edition of Front magazine.

To say this is an artistic endeavor straight out of many a fantasy for me, well, that is quite the understatement. This looks exactly like my nightly dreams, only missing a Salvador Dali droopy watch. Enjoy.

(You can see Nicole and Lauren hanging out bad girls in Front video as well.)

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Humpday Huzzah! Nicole Neal Topless Lingerie Outtakes Will Make You Smile (That’s a Promise)

Nicole Neal Topless in Lingerie Nuts Outtakes August 2013
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I don’t guarantee much in life, but I am personally guaranteeing, backed by some serious zero dollars, that seeing the wicked fine Nicole Neal strip out of her lingerie in these superb Nuts magazine outtakes will indeed make you feel better. You may be feeling fine now already, in which case you will feel super fine. If you’re down in the dumps, you will be lifted higher. Such is the power of one single beautiful woman taking off her clothes for the camera. Such a simple medicine that requires no FDA approval, costs you nothing, and is essentially a fully environmentally friendly source.

In this middle of the week when we celebrate the finest in lady humps, I can think of no finer pert pair of feel-good roundness than Nicole Neal. Just silky perfection. Huzzah!

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Danielle Sharp and Nicole Neal Topless in Black Lingerie for Playtime Funtime

Danielle Sharp and Nicole Neal Topless in Black Lingerie for Nuts September 2013
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In the world I’m creating, women always travel and hang out in pairs. And, typically, in little bits of lingerie or less. I suppose more than two would work as well, but it has to be an even number so that nobody ever gets left without a dance partner.

Our friends at Nuts magazine must have tapped into my world creation plan with this pictorial of the delicious Danielle Sharpand Nicole Neal hanging out in their dressy lingerie, which doesn’t stay on too long, thankfully, and just fulfilling one of my favorite evening time dreamscapes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with women delighting in the company of other nekkid women. It’s a leisure time activity that needs to be as heavily encouraged as possible. Positive letters, inspiring shouts, and the tossing of large dollar bills always helps. Enjoy.

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Rosie Jones and Nicole Neal Topless Bikini Pool Party for Labor Day Sweet Visuals

Rosie Jones and Nicole Neal Nuts Topless Holiday Pics August 2013
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I’m not sure what you’re up to this Labor Day, but unless you’ve got Rosie Jones and Nicole Neal flashing their bikini and topless body goodness in your backyard, you’ve still got room to improve your day.

Sure, barbecue, check. Cold brew, check. Friends, family, ball games, check, check, check. But I’m forced to counter check with the giggly topless goodness of these sweet treats in this holiday special edition photoshoot from our friends at Nuts magazine. By the way, if you you do happen to have these or similar girls taking off their bikinis at your Labor Day party today, please do send me photos. For research purposes only, natch. Enjoy.

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Rosie Jones, Lacey Bangard, Holly Peers, and Nicole Neal Topless on the Beach to Celebrate Summer

Rosie Jones, Holly Peers and Friends Topless in Nuts July 2013
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Nothing, absolutely nothing, says summer like hot girls at the beach in bikinis. Well, for Egotastic! summer, you definitely have to include the key element of those bikinis coming off. As my non-blinking eyes do feast just so upon the hotness likes of Rosie Jones, Lacey Banghard, Holly Peers, and Nicole Neal frolicking along the beach in such a frenzied state, they barely notice their bikini tops coming off in this Nuts magazine photo shoot.

But I’m noticing. And reminding myself that something amazing always happens every time you visit the beach in the summer. Somebody’s showing something that is making you feel something special. In the case of Rosie, Holly, Lacey, and Nicole, they are showing something beyond special. Four ridiculously hot bodies getting topless in the sand. Hallelujah to summer. May you never end. Enjoy.

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