Nicole "Coco" Austin

Coco Takes Her Exhibition Job Quite Seriously

With our friend Coco, it's not about the destination, it's all about the journey.

Coco was in the Big Apple for a visit to Good Morning America and between the car and the door, she produced a pretty nice bold colored spectacle of the boobtastic-asstastic double down combination that she's become world famous for since her super round parts first came on the public stage. Now I can tell you that the first time I ever spoke to Coco, she insist that her derrière was entirely au natural, a claim that to this die I find rather much of a stretch, or a bounce, if you will.

But natural or not, there remains the natural instinct to leer at the fine upper and lower orbs that trigger the instinctive need of males to act and speak stupid. We've all been there before. Enjoy.

Coco and Christina Milian Club It Up in Super Sheer Dresses To Lead Our Favorite Twitpics of the Week

There's really nothing better than when sexy celebrities share their own bad-selves via Twitter or similarly awesome modern day drunken seld-published picture bonanzas. So, from time to time, we figured we'd share an assortment of some of the better ones that fly across the digisiphere, often in a moment of cocktail-induced passion, pulled down in the morning, but in the interim, saved for posterity by Egotastic!

This week, we couldn't help but notice our friend Coco flashing her boobtastic and asstastic double shot out partying in a very sheer dress, along with Christina Milian, who apparently loves to flash in see-through as well. We can not complain.

Also, find Arianny Celeste showing off her sweet sweet bikini  cleavage, Ashley Tisdale doing some sexy dress up games, Kirsten Dunst kissing Lizzy Caplan at Sundance, and young Kendall Jenner tweeting a bit of her teen cleavage, which of course we're not really allowed to talk about.


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Coco Bikini Pictures Milkshake All Over Miami

Leave it to our good friend Coco to bring muchos boobtasticos heat to the beginning of our wintry chill down season, courtesy of some fresh and splashy and all-around hooter-tastic bikini pictures of this reality star and model who has not a single straight line anywhere to be found on her curvaceous body. We can only imagine what the other sun-going suntanners this weekend on Miami Beach were thinking when Coco let the waves of the ocean blue slap up upon her mighty fanny and recede in defeat, like King Neptune backing down from a mighty fleshy foe he could never immerse in his wet wave of attacks.

Coco has something going on, a whole lot of something. And if you find body parts here and there bared within these photos, well, we'd not be the least bit shocked. She is like the human treasure hunt for the visual gentleman. Enjoy.

Bridget Marquardt, Coco, and JWoww Bring the Deep Cleavage to Halloween in Vegas

There is nothing more sinful than Halloween in Sin City, where the theme is always boobs boobs and more boobs, and what better threesome to represent pure Vegas-shtick funbaggery than the threesome of Bridget Marquardt, Coco, and J-Woww, each delivering their own brand of the cleavetastic, costume style, at various points of party pimpitude along and off of The Strip. Fishnets and headwear seemed to be part of the mandatory costume elements, along with the seductive lollipops, but nobody in this here encampment is going to think less of you, if like me, you're just staring at Halloween hooters. Enjoy.