Nicole "Coco" Austin

Coco Bike-Riding Bikini Pictures Put Her Thick Curves in Motion

We do so appreciate a woman who has no straight lines to be found anywhere on her body, which utterly and truly describes our friend Coco, who strapped on a tiny bikini and mounted her girls bike for a ride along the Mighty Pacific, with her mighty boobtastic and asstastic most definitely along for the adventurous trip.

Now, we can’t tell you if that rumble we felt this afternoon in our offices was seismic activities, the after effects of Free Burrito Thursdays in our tech department, or Coco’s badonkadonk running over the coastal pier railings on her bike, but for fantasy purposes, we’re going to choose the latter. It’s a monumental dumper indeed. Enjoy.

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Coco Goes Loco With Her Bobos Outside Beverly Hills Restaurant

There’s really no stopping our friend Coco when it comes to protruding body parts. The model and reality TV star is simply one mass of curves that can hardly be contained by clothing. Not that she would if she could.

The crazy full-bodied Mrs. Ice-T performed her latest rounds of flashing her round parts outside a posh Beverly Hills eatery where all the upper-crusty diners turned up their nose-jobs at the sight of Coco’s enhanced twins. You think in the 90210 zip code you’d get a little leniency for silicone exhibitions. It’s tough out there for girls like Coco, well, firm, but supple. Enjoy.

Coco Goes Loco With Bikini Boobtastic at Pimping Pool Party in Vegas

What can I say, the woman’s enormous cans can drive a man to alliteration.

Reality star and super curved out model Coco hit Sin City over the holiday weekend with her former rapper husband to promote the shizz out of something or other at the Caesar’s Palace pool, and whatever it was, it seemed to work because all eyes within 20 miles were pinpointed on Coco’s enormous jugulars and that asstastic that technically is not allowed to be driven over Hoover Dam due to load limits (though I can think of a few places I’d like to drive it — no load limits, natch, and, yes, I just said that). Enjoy.

Coco Busty Bad-Ass, Suits Up for Ghost Recon: Future Solider.

Coco Fires Her Cannons!

You Be Soft, err, Ubisoft, has selected our good and curvaceous friend Coco as a member of their Ghost Team for Ghost Recon: Future Solider, and, well, we wouldn’t want to be shot by anybody else.

Check out the S-shaped reality star as she discusses guns and ammo and hot long hot shooting sticks as she works her paces on Ghost Recon on the Xbox Kinect.

Coco Takes Her Poking Puppies for a Walkie

Our friend Coco is really just a fun girl to follow around New York. Never ever uninteresting. This past week Coco took her dog out for a walk and we got a chance to really take a gander at her puppies, just ridiculously prominent on the frontside of her monumental bodily edifice.

Now, I’ve been known to hang out in a dog park or too with my taxidermied childhood pet, Mr. Sprinkles, trying to hit on girls with more lifelike canines who all marvel at how well trained Mr. Sprinkles is, never barks or bites or runs off, but I’m pretty sure Mr. Sprinkles would come back to life if he saw the nipple-poking boobtastic offered up by Coco at the pooch park. Just two bits of awesome. Enjoy.

Ice and Coco Inseparable By Sheer Forces of Science

Classic Coco Nipple Slip
Click to see uncensored

If you’re an avid follower of the Ice loves Coco reality show, and if you are, just keep it to yourself and move along quietly as if nothing is wrong, then you know this week’s episode focused on how Ice was struggling to spend even a a weekend away from his outrageously curvaceous vixen-wife Coco because the two are literally inseparable for many years now.

Of course, at Egotastic!, we believe firmly in the power of love, not necessarily the kind Huey Lewis sang about when dudes wore sport coats with sleeves rolled up, but the kind that comes from the sheer gravitational pull of your lady’s fun bags upon your person. It’s not that Ice can’t bring himself to leave Coco for any length of time, it’s that he literally can’t leave any more than a person can jump off this here planet. It’s all science you see. 

Just ogle upon Coco’s bare bosom from this classic Ice and Coco done ‘oops’ moment and see if you could ever physically peel yourself away from those particular globes. Enjoy.

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After doing a bunch of these weekly Twitpic roundups now, we’re starting to get a feel for who the sextastic celebrities are who just can’t get enough of being photographed, so they take photos of themselves. Kim Kardashian is obvious. If a camera doesn’t film her for more than an hour she starts to get nervous and starts posing for her own cell phone cam in the mirror. Her half-sisters Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner now in that same category. Coco, natch. Adrianne Curry, double natch. But also some unexpected surprises.

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