Nathalia Ramos

Nathalia Ramos Bikini Pictures Cleavetastic Wonderments Might Just Paddle You Senseless

We have fallen deeply in lust with Nathalia Ramos these past few months as the young House of Anubis TV starlet has taken to public displays of awesome bodiness around Los Angeles. But this may just be her finest hour, and our deepest sinking into lingering catatonic lust.

Nathalia hit the beach in Santa Monica in a fairly innocent, but entirely naughty-though inducing bikini that flashed so many inches of her wonderful bodily assets, we wanted so badly to turn that paddle right back (gently, but firmly) onto her alluring bikini clad behind. Oh, yes, we’ve been doing some thinking. Sextastic celebs like Nathalia Ramos inspire our noggin’s. Enjoy.

Nathalia Ramos Cleavetastic Bike Riding Pictures Hot Enough to Make You Pop a Tire

Our lust affair with Nathalia Ramos, well, it’s not ending any time soon. Not if this Nickelodeon starlet keeps working out and showing off innocently, but hotly, in public, as in her latest out and about photos in a low cut top riding her bicycle. Oh, how we long to be the naughty doggy perched in her basket, with a winner’s eye view of some of the Nathalia Ramos bodily goodies. Woof. Woof.

Nathalia Ramos, what little public display of sextastic do you have planned next? If it’s going to involve short pleated skirts and water fountains, please let me know in advance so I can lay down the rubber sheets. Enjoy.

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Nathalia Ramos Bikini Pictures Drop the Teen Sexy on Santa Monica Beach

If you’ve been following Egotastic! lately, you know that House of Anubis Nickelodeon latina starlet Nathalia Ramos has suddenly became a major object d’ lust and our undying affections, as she has appeared out of nowhere the past few months jogging, working out, and short-shortsing her hotness about Los Angeles.

And, now, bikini time.

The hot-bodied nineteen year old bilingual (mmm, two tongues) nubile thespianic showed exactly why were were justified in going goo-goo for her the minute we saw her as she showed off her more than delicious bikini body along the Pacific Coast. This lust affair with Nathalia Ramos is only going to get better, I can feel it in my groinal regions. Enjoy.

Nathalia Ramos Public Hot Body Workouts Are Sweaty Leering Delights

Um, super yum.

I’m really starting to get a thing for this young Nathalia Ramos thespianic, and that thing needs an ice-pack badly. I don’t know exactly where she came from, but like a vision of hotness from out of the mist she has burst forth with all sorts of public displays of sweet sweaty bodiness that have captured my soul and forced me into some kind of semi-comfortable catatonic ogling bliss.

In her latest foray into the forefront of thine eyes, Nathalia Ramos took to the streets of L.A. in a bare-midriff skin tight jogging outfit and began running, stretching, and tugging (okay, that last part really was just me) as onlookers just gawked and gazed and wondered how on earth such a beautiful creature ever remained in hiding for so long. This lust relationship with Nathalia is only beginning, and it’s going to get better, and it’s already wonderful. Enjoy.

Nathalia Ramos Jogs, My Heart Races and My Palms Feel Sweaty

Our lust affair with House of Anubis starlet Nathalia Ramos has only just begun and I’m already feeling the kind of palpitations normally associated with names like Alba or Portman, or when I accidentally forget and drink the ‘secret punch’ at my friend Wando’s house and he laughs as he reminds me what I just consumed. Just watching Nathalia run through the streets of L.A. has me rekindling all my hot Finnish distance runner fantasies born of the last Olympic games.

This young thespianic is going places, if not career wise, than at least to the dark and deep and pre-moistened recesses of my libido where the pay is not so great, but the benefits are outstanding. Enjoy.

Nathalia Ramos Bikini Pictures Introduce Another Sextastic Celebrity to Egotastic!

You may remember Spanish-born Nathalia Ramos as Yasmin from the Bratz movie (though, you’d have to explain that one to your buddies) or currently as the hot chick on the Nickelodeon series, House of Anubis, but now you’re probably mostly just going to remember her in a bikini on the beach in L.A. this week, showing why 19-year old sextastic celebrities should have a league of their own to play in.

Nathalia Ramos has all the fundamentals to be a super future hottie, like a ball of hot clay just waiting to be molded by time and experience and the long list of naughty suggestions we’re currently noting for her in a lengthy email. And, yes, ‘lose the top’ is at the top of that list. Enjoy.