nataly umana

Nataly Umaña Covered Topless For Your Sudamericana Viewing Treats

We sent you out on a link yesterday to see most of these photos, now here’s the full set of Colombian super hottie actress Nataly Umaña showing off all kinds of crazy sextastica in H Para Hombres magazine. There’s something to be said for a sultry hot woman stripping down to her skivvies and showing off her body, and that thing is ‘Yo quiero, Nataly Umaña!’.

You may not have you satellite dishes pointed toward the Southern skies to pick up all her telenovela work, but you surely must point your personal antenna in her general direction after feasting peoples about this Latina treat. Enjoy.

Nataly Umaña Is Really Enjoying Her Sauna

I hate to say I got beat to the punch on a Colombian super-hottie taking off her clothes for telenovela actress greatness, but, yeah, I did. I’d blame it on my arthritis, but I don’t have arthritis so let’s just go with being drunk and lazy.

If you happen to love wicked hot Sudamericana TV starlets as much as I do, please do check out Nataly Umaña in a sauna over on WWTDD. Enjoy.