Natalie Morris

Natalie Morris Topless Classic Hotness for Treats


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I’m really kind of a people person. You might not know it from my ‘Keep Out’ signs or the way I growl like a pit bull facing the neutering knife when confronted with people seeking to interact. But when it comes to extremely attractive women, I’m more than open to socializing. And I find no better way to meet this delightful demographic than through wonderfully shot topless photos in publications promoting the beauty of woman such a Treats magazine.

So, hello, Natalie Morris. Natalie might be familiar to those of you who closely follow the modeling scene, especially here in Los Angeles. Okay, so it’s one of my hobbies. So much more fun than Lego building. No offense, Master Nerds. Natalie makes her Egotastic! introduction by showing off her classic beauty in combination with her neo-classic funbags, both of which are a spectacular entrance to the cathedral of the celebrity sextastic. Welcome, Natalie. Linger awhile. We have soft cheeses. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Treats Magazine

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Natalie Morris Topless Pictures Raise the Sextastic Profile for Kate Moss’ Recent Body Double

Natalie Morris Topless in Libertine Magazine Summer Session 2013
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Do you remember that photoshoot from a couple weeks ago where Kate Moss was flashing her nipples and bare lady nest in the streets of London? Of course you do. Well, elaborate shoots like that take hours and hours of standing around on marks out in the cold. And Kate Moss is a supermodel, she don’t play that game. So, enter young American model Natalie Morris who stood in for Kate during setups in the body-parts-exposed chill. Nobody even really knew who she was until everybody started saying, hey, that’s not Kate Moss, but who is that hottie standing in for her?

Well, now she’s about to become even more well known, courtesy of some wicked hot topless photos from the current Libertine magazine. They don’t just hire you to be Kate Moss’ body double because of that pretty face either, you’ve got to have the body. And Natalie clearly does I can now say with conviction and a bit of drool. One fine female form indeed. I suspect she won’t be doing ‘double’ work for much longer. Not with these bodily credentials. Enjoy.

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