Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris Thespianic Heat in Esquire

With the unfortunate (but movie marketing fortunate timing) of the death of Nelson Mandela, expect his new biopic to get tons and tons of press and publicity, which might just mean the long deserved big time coming out party for Britty hottie Naomie Harris who plays Mandela’s wife Winnie in the film.

Of course, we’ve been in lust with Naomie since Skyfall, and even before, but this pictorial in Esquire magazine featuring the sweetheart in her sheer underthings and showing off all sort of skin ought to build her a brand new group of adoring fans. But, please, I’ll ask politely, get in line behind me. Thanks. Enjoy.


The Mr. Skin Minutes Features Topless Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris In Honor of ‘Skyfall’ Opening (VIDEO)

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Well, in just a few hours time, the entire half-drunken (we’re working on it) Egotastic! staff will be trekking out to see Skyfall, because it’s Bond, and it looks pretty awesome, and our Russian friend Gherlov who sees movies three months before they’re even produced, told us that we must see it.

But, before then, we are quite pleased that our brothers in boobs at Mr. Skin have put together a nicely timed theme of the girls from Skyfall, specifically, Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris, in some other cinematic ventures where you might see them sans tops. Additionally, check out a few more recommendations to get your Bond girl fill. (Oh, and don’t forget to get your special Egotastic! membership to Mr. Skin, for about one billion one gazillion photos and video clips of all your favorite celebrities on TV and film.)

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Bond Girl Naomie Harris Talks About What She Does and Doesn’t Reveal on ‘Skyfall’

Given their track record, you’d think that the directors of every Bond movie would sneak in at least one scene that would have each Bond girl bare it all. That isn’t the case for Skyfall though, because new Bond Girl Naomie Harris has just admitted that she won’t be stripping down naked in the movie.

However, what Harris does reveal is a behind-the-scenes look at what it means to be a Bond girl and how her field agent, Eve, deals with the masterful James Bond.