Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell See Through Dress Lead Pack of Braless Hotties for amFAR Gala

I believe this is called remaining relevant. And perhaps the best way to do so. Naomi Campbell went completely sheer and see-through with her dress and quite obviously upstairs commando for the amFAR gala in New York City last night. There were tons of other lovelies there like Heidi Klum and Kendall Jenner and Paris Hilton decked out in their designer sheer gowns, so the competition was rather stiff. Or maybe that was the gentleman oglers looking on.

Naomi Campbell is now naive newcomer to the game of show and don’t tell. She knows exactly how to steal a red carpet, even with the most sextastic of celebrity competition for snapshots. Let this be a lesson to you younger hot models — wear less clothes. I promise you will be loved. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/INF/PacificCoastNews

Naomi Campbell Wears An Embellished Bikini On The Runway For Jean Paul Gaultier

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Naomi Campbell Sexy Lingerie Shoot for Agent Provocateur

Ah, Naomi Campbell. I have been a big fan of this lovely lady and her tig ‘ol bitties since I was in junior high and believe me that was a loooong time ago. But she still looks amazing. She is the very definition of keeping it tight. In these pics, she’s sporting several provocative lingerie ensembles. Naomi has got some ridiculously incredible legs. They are so long and lean. I imagine having those bad boys wrapped around you in heavenly. Naomi’s booty is outstanding as well. I would like to wear it as a hat. Her thumper is at the same time tight and curvy. I very much likey.

I remember watching Naomi writhe around nekkid in the George Michael Freedom 90 video. If you haven’t seen that video in a while I suggest you YouTube it for some classic hot lady party.

Photo Credit: Agent Provocateur

Naomi Campbell Topless By the Pool in Interview Magazine

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Just a little mini-something something from the forty-four year old Naomi Campbell, a supermodel who understands you’re never too important or too successful to show off your lovely teats when the moment is right. In this quickie pictorial by the pool in Interview magazine, Naomi reminds us all that she once was queen, and that queen had some perfectly fine funbags.

Listen up all the rest of you Hollywood ladies who claim to be stars, you don’t get in my book of the sextastic until you flash your bare yams anywhere from on the beach to in fancy ladies magazines. I care not. But, I do need to see them for myself before I sign your permission slip. Enjoy.

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Naomi Campbell and Cassie Bikini Fun Time Aboard Diddy’s Yacht

I don’t think he call himself Diddy anymore, I could care less. I care more about the passengers on his Riviera yachting vacation, most notably his girlfriend Cassie and his not girlfriend veteran supermodel Naomi Campbell in bikinis.

As you know, I am only 3,975 easy payments away from owning my own vessel of the high seas which I will stock with hip hop divas and super models and or maybe local girls from the junior college who have never been on a boat before. Something about being at sea with girls in bikinis that gets a man to thinking about good times. Especially once you hit international waters and I’m pretty sure there are no rules about asking before oiling booties. I’m not super clear on the laws, but I think that’s right. Either way, Naomi, Cassie, if you feel strange greasy hands, that’d be me. Please don’t kick. Enjoy.

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell Bikini In Ibiza

Legendary supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell reunited to be hot again on the Spanish sex island of Ibiza. The ladies showed that they still had the goods in a couple of very small bikinis. Kate Moss’ thin frame is as waifishly delicious as it ever was. I was a bigger fan in my youth of Naomi Campbell. She has that same slender build that was so popular but she’s got just enough curves to keep it interesting. I miss the 90′s. The supermodels were hot, the music was better, and things in general sucked a lot less. Maybe it’s because I was young and full of life or maybe things were genuinely better. All I know is that it was the heyday of the supermodel and that those were great times.

Still, these ladies have aged well, like a fine wine or whatever. I plan on enjoying them in bikinis for many years to come.

Stacy Keibler and Naomi Campbell in Bikinis for Spanish Yacht Supremacy

I’m not exactly sure of the relationship between Stacy Keibler and Naomi Campbell, but I know at least one of them has been on the receiving end of The George, and quite possibly both. Also, both obliged us oglers who otherwise don’t get to vacation on yachts off the Southern coast of spain with some outstanding visuals of the 30-something and 40-something hotties still more than holding their own.

To be fair, I think the yacht actually belongs to Roberto Cavalli, who as one of the world’s few straight fashion designers, has a certain eye for bringing talent aboard his ship, passing around champagne, and getting the girls down to hardly any clothing. Good on him. Yes, I am jealous. but I can still respect another man’s game. Enjoy.