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Amanda Peet Topless, Olivia Wilde Sex Scene, and Nadine Velazquez Nekkid Highlight This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Well the weather outside is most definitely frightful, especially if you happen to be in the Northeast U.S. today, where snowfalls are expected to rise even taller than Tom Cruise, so, you know, not so tall for a man, but very tall for a snowfall. Which means you’ll be indoors much of the weekend, and, let’s also be honest, the weekend after the Super Bowl is one of the biggest let down sports weekends. So, I recommend movies at home, and not the kind you watch with the kids, but the kind baring sweet celebrity skin courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Amanda Peet not nekkid in Identity Thief this weekend, but definitely topless in The Whole Nine Yards, Olivia Wilde topless grinding scene in Deadfall, and new on Blu-Ray, delicious Nadine Velazquez full 360 nekkid in Flight. It’s a treasure trove of threesome skin. Check it out.

(Be sure to get your Ego-discounted Mr. Skin membership for yourself, because on Valentine’s Day, you’re likely getting nothing but ‘Amy’s boyfriend actually is romantic, why can’t you be?’)

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Nadine Velazquez Topless and Kind of Nekkid and Definitely Hot in ‘Flight’

Nadine Velazquez Topless Screencaps in the Movie Flight
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Before even the down and hot and dirty talk, let me tell you, you really should see the movie Flight. It’s quite the cinematic venture on its own merit. And, when you add in the merit of good clean solid topless visuals of Nadine Velazquez, well, then, you have something approaching a masterpiece.

Thank you to EgoReader ‘Ben D.’ for his early if somewhat blurry eye on the beautiful body of Nadine Velazquez we’ve been leering at since the early days on My Name is Earl, let alone her perty kitty role on The League. This truly is a happy day around these parts, for the parts of Nadine Velazquez are truly happy-making. Enjoy.

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Nadine Velazquez Bikinis Up TV the Right Way (VIDEO)

Not sure if you’re a watcher of My Name is Earl, but there’s at least one good reason (well, two really) to see the show: Nadine Velazquez and her boobtastic acting skills. At Egotastic!, we assess an actress on many levels of talent, far beyond the narrow window of her thespian skills, and right down to the level of how hot her body and boobs are. Well, Nadine Velazquez deserves an Emmy in both those departments (and, wouldn’t the Emmy Awards suddenly become watchable if there were categories such as Best Boobs in a Comedy Series?). Take a look at this compilation of some of the better Nadine Velazquez up-top skill program maneuvers from the show and see if you don’t start DVRing the sucker right up. Enjoy.

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