Monika Jagaciak

Monika Jagaciak Sandy And Topless and Just Perfect

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Oh, my Polish sweetheart, how perfect are you funbags? That’s rhetorical. Everything on, near, or loosely connected to the stunning beauty and my future fourth wife Monika Jagaciak are simply stunning. Including her ta-ta’s on display in this Sam Crawford photoshoot for the love of all things holy moly hotness, Batman.

Monika is just one fine female form wrapped in a passion inducing banner of Polski allure. I’m pretty sure that’s the first line on her resume. Or it ought to be. Or just leer deep into her black and white sandy topless goodness and imagine how much nicer beach days are when you bring along a smoking hot topless Polish model friend. I’m imagining it right now. Somebody get me a sombrero, there are children around. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sam Crawford

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Monika Jagaciak Arm Bra Unclad Hotness For Victoria’s Secret

Oh, you wicked hot Monika Jagaciak, now you’re modeling bikinis and bras for Victoria’s Secret. You already have invaded my mind with your young Polski passion inducing goodness. Now, you’re going to be in my catalogs and brochures and posters I see when I break in to the local V.S. store late night to do my own inventory checks. This girl is so damn hot she makes me want to learn enough Polish to learn how to beg properly.

Victoria’s Secret does kind of have a leg up and a hot body over the entire sextastic world. They’re just spanning the globe signing up super good looking young models like they’re going out of style. They’re not, but I appreciate the attitude. I wish I had a helicopter and some money for signing bonuses. I’d airdrop into Poland and find Monika’s hot cousins. It’s all about planning. Also, that signing bonus money. Working on it. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria’s Secret

Monika Jagaciak Lingerie and Arm Bras Covered Topless for Victorias Secret

Monikia Jagaciak makes my heart flutter, my toes curl, and my face blush. And that’s just from saying her name. Seeing the sextastic young Polish model in her panties and bras makes me go into something of a catatonic state between joy and super duper joy, leaning heavily toward the latter. I’m inclined to believe people are born into certain professions and callings. They don’t always discover their natural course until later in life, if at all, but girls like Monika have others who help them identify their own innate fates. You, my dear, we born to model intimates.

Someday, when I launch my own lingerie company that investigators inevitable discover never produced any merchandise and was merely a ruse to get me close to international crazy hot models mostly nekkid, Monika Jagaciak will be on my short list of A-list must haves. I hope she doesn’t read that first part and still agrees to come to my secret island hideaway to be measured for the Spring line. Oh, yes, Monikia, you shall be measured. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria’s Secret

Monika Jagaciak Hot Sweet and Perfect for V.S. Pink

Oh, Monika Jagaciak, thy complicated name is hotness. I am in fact absolutely in lust with this Polish beauty, now modeling lingerie for Victoria’s Secret like most of the rest of the supremely sextastic universe.

Monika definitely falls on my list of most faptastic happy introductions of the last year. I feel like my world got a little brighter since I laid eyes upon her ridiculously hot body and alluring looks. Seeing her now in lingerie and swimsuits only furthers my passion points for the smoking hot brunette. Once I bother to learn how to spell the complicated last name of a European model, I’m always committed to a decade of wanton lust. Monkia, I’m not going away. I pray that you don’t either. Just your clothes, please. Enjoy.

Monika Jagaciak Topless in Black and White for Red Blooded Polski Hotness

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You know my belief in Karma is strong. No sooner had I declared newfound fascination with young gap-toothed Polish super sextastic model Monika Jagaciak than what should appear but just ridiculously hot topless photos of the teasing super sweetheart. I know black and white instantly makes everything arty, and I can respect that intention, even as I stare semi-catatonic at the amazing female form on this seductive Siren. She is quite the alluring thing. And like to go on record as noting I said that before I saw her topless, well, this latest time.

The future is bright for Monika Jagaciak. Just seeing her I feel flames lapping up around me predicting my future residence for imagining such prurient thoughts about her. Enjoy.

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Monika Jagaciak Bikini Pictures for Our New Polish Teen Lust Crush

While it will be impossible at this moment for any Pole to outpace Emily Ratajkowski, for the truly European speaking experience, Monika Jagaciak is coming up mighty strong on my playlist of sextastic young ladies, now shooting for a bikini pictorial down in St. Bart’s. Monica has that amazing thing going on that draws you in, raises your blood pressure, then promptly tells you to wait in line with the other mopes sadly in deep lust with her. Fair enough when you look like that.

With a wicked hot body and sweltering boobtastic, and an allure of a Siren of the sea, Monica has it firing on all cylinders. My, oh, my. Enjoy.

Monika Jagaciak Red Hot and Black and White All Over in Stunning Outtakes

She goes by the nickname ‘Jac’, but if she were mine, I would simply call her ‘yes, goddess, how may I serve you now?’, for short. Monika Jagaciak, the sensationally hot Polish model seen here in outtakes from her Viva! Moda photoshoot. The closer you examine the exquisite beauty of models like Monika in just some almost on jeans and lingerie and such, the more you begin to realize that not just any girl makes a great supermodel.

They are especially born in the caves of the sextastic, raised near the waters of hotness, and educated at the schools of… well, maybe not so educated. But they are truly blessed girls with a very unique ‘it’ factor that can’t be put into words, but if you keep on checking on Monika Jagaciak, you will understand what I’m saying. Trust. Enjoy.