Monica Irimia

Gabriela and Monica Irimia, The Cheeky Girls from Transylvania, Take It Off for Zoo

Gabriela and Monica Irimia Topless in ZOO Magazine
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There is something special when sisters take their clothes off together. There just is. Perhaps topped only by mom and daughter (but it’s rare that you want to see both and even more rare that it happens), the sisterly striptease still holds a dear place in our hearts. And when we’re talking twins, multiply that by a few sextastic factors.

Gabriela Irimia and Monica Irimia, The Cheeky Sisters, the British pop twin-sisters duo by way of Transylvania, Romania, decided it was time to properly and more fully introduce themselves to the Western world oglers so they hooked up with our friends at Zoo magazine for their first ever topless photoshoot. It’s a thing alright. And we can feel the blood rushing already. Enjoy.

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