Mónica Farro

Mónica Farro Lives Up to a Promise By Dropping Her Drawers in Playboy


Follow me here on a little South American geographical journey of hotness. Remember when Paraguayan boobtastic hottie Larissa Riquelme promised to run nekkid in the streets if Paraguayan? Of course you do. Well, Uruguayan hottie TV celebrity and nipple slipping Dancing With the Stars (Argentina) contestant, Monica Farro, promised to do the same if Uruguay were to win the World Cup. Well, last I checked, Spain won and we didn’t get any of our Sudamericana promised nekkidness and, well, yes, I cried along with the rest of the Oglers Without Borders crowd. But, hark, what hotness in yonder window lies? Yep, blessed be Monica Farro took to the pages of Playboy Tierra Del Fuego way and pulled off a stunning display of non-clothed flashiness that made me forget all about soccer matches past, and just focused on glorious round orbs of an altogether different game. I’m not sure what’s up with all this nekkid street running promises by Latina hotties, but I know that I’m very much a supporter. Enjoy.

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