Mollie King

Mollie King Shows Off Sideboob for Cleavetastic Store Promotion

I think The Saturdays are still making pretty bad music and performing in concert and shooting reality shows. I know half of them seem to be recently married or babymaking or highly involved in their personal lives. In short, we don’t see them quite as often as we used to, showing off their stellar forms in public like when they were coming up.

So, quite refreshing to see blonde band member Mollie King showing off some deep cleavage and sideboob at a store opening in London. I will always respect a woman who goes braless even if she has trouble respecting me back. I can live with that. I currently do. Enjoy.

The Saturdays Don Bikinis for Some Guy-Friendly Kind of Reality

Now, I know what you’re thinking, boy, I wish there was more craptastic reality television programming to consume on television. And, have no fear, there is always more coming. One of those shows is the reality show following the British pop group The Saturdays, which contains five pretty fine British girl, though I think one dropped out, I’m not sure and I’m not willing to watch the show to find out.

But, hark, good news, because as part of their highly-scripted reality situations, Frankie Sandford, Mollie King, and Una Healy of the all-girl group hit the beach in California in bikinis, flashing some of the skin that promises to be the main, perhaps only reason to check these girls out on television. Some reasonably mighty fine views on the beach, some hot bodies, and songs that even a seven-year old could memorize after one listening — what more could you want? Enjoy.

Mollie King is Leggy in Tiny Pink Denim Shorts in LA

Is Prince Harry Getting Into Mollie King’s Knickers?

Okay, here’s how you know somebody important is banging somebody else important. They both deny it and insist they’re just friends.

As is the case with Prince Harry, who has to bless his lucky royal stars each morning that he was born with the name that would get him huge amounts of super hot celebrity tail, including the latest rumor of The Saturday’s pop starlet, Mollie King, a hottie and a half.

Now, I’m sure there are those sympathetic to the lonely and secluded lives and destinies of the royals, of the tremendous cross they bear being born into public service and living in the public eye, but the minute they start getting to knock the stuffing out of lingerie models, hot waitresses, and sweet blond pop stars, meh, all my sympathy goes out the window. Along with Harry’s latest conquest, no doubt. Lucky bastard. Enjoy.

Mollie King and Frankie Sandford Sunbathe Their Saturdays in Spain

A trifecta of Britastic bikini boobtastic?  I’m defenseless here. What am I to do when you limeys spread your sexiest representatives of the female of the species out around to the beaches of the world?  Two of my favorite Saturdays (I lust them all, equally, should they ever tie me up naked and force me to answer, as in my recurring dream), Mollie King and Frankie Sandford doing what sexy girls do best, laying stretched out glistening in the midday Spanish sun upon their taut bodies. (Excuse me while I throw some cold water on myself.) One blonde, one brunette. Now that’s a Saturday sandwich meant for a king. Enjoy.

STARS AND STRIPES: Gretchen Rossi and Mollie King Go Full Leggy Flag for the 4th of July

Okay, yes, I had to dig kind of deep here to celebrate the 235th Birthday of the U.S, including Real Housewives of Orange County plasticine princess Gretchen Rossi in a patriotic bikini designed to make you say, ‘Hey, nice big stripey boobs’, and Mollie King of The Saturdays, who despite being London born and bred, looked the other way at the transgressions of the Yankee rebels to celebrate Independence Day in red, white, and asstastic.

Happy Birthday, America. Your present is in the mail.

Mollie King Nipple Slip Helps Teach Us the Days of the Week



Saturdays are always better than Mondays, unless on Monday we get to see a delightfully sexy nipple slip from Saturdays divette Mollie King, caught candidly with an open top, sans bras, outside the ITV studios in London. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the auto-tuned plop and splatter tunage of the all-girl group (save for their music videos, because they are sufferable flashing their bodily wares), but I am a monster fan of sexy women flashing skin. So I’m calling this a magical musical nippletastic moment. Enjoy.