Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Flashes Her Cleavage for Parisian Shopping Trip

Since some folks are selling during Paris Fashion Week, some folks must be buying. Which is of little consequence to us here, except when that somebody happens to be Miranda Kerr in a low cut dress, rummaging about the expensive boutiques of Paris because, well, because that is what women with means do. Somebody has to buy a thousand dollar skirt. It’s not going to be me. I’d buy a thousand dollar Super Bowl ticket maybe if my team ever made it, but I’ll surely not be wearing a skirt at the game (pre-game drinking waives all ability to keep this promise).

Miranda Kerr is not just a sextastic seller of clothes, she’s a hot looking shopper. I’d love to accompany her on one of her trips so I can stare at her sweet top in between making excuses about how I left my AmEx black card back at the Four Seasons. Oh, we would giggle. And she would kick me in the shins. But it’d all be worth it. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Braless in Black Tank Top (How Did She Keep Her Puppies Sheltered?)

Yesterday we got to see the lacy peaks of Miranda Kerr peaking out from beneath her fancy dress, today the uber-sextastic lingerie and fashion model decided to go with just the tank top around New York City, barely containing her peaches beneath. I’m not even sure how she got around town without flopping out of her top, I only know it means those particular prayers of mine went unanswered in that moment.

Miranda Kerr has been excessively frisky of late, ever since leaving V.S. really, flashing her top like a true international model should. As much as we will be forever grateful for all the wonderful visuals she gave us over the years with the lingerie brand, this new Miranda Kerr, well, she’s got a lot of surprises in store for us. Consider me very excited by the near future. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Slipping Nip in Braless Lacy High Fashion

Well, if there’s something to be said for high fashion, like fancy meals at upscale restaurants, they don’t give you much to work with. So what I’m sure was the rather expensive frock of Miranda Kerr at some fancy New York Fashion Week related event turned out to be rather sheer and lacy and see-through to the point that when Miranda lifted her arms for an adjustment, we got a nice sight of her braless chest, only partially covered by her haute couture.

Oh, uber-sextastic Miranda Kerr, how you do make us so pleasantly pleased with your glorious body you’ve been showing off more and more since cutting ties with Victoria’s Secret. I don’t know much about fashion, but I do know that I approve of this dress. Just keep your arms up Miranda. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel and More Topless ‘Goddesses’ for Interview Shoot

Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel and More Topless in 'The Goddesses' Shoot for Interview Magazine September 2013
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Whoa, my eyes! I mean that in the most wonderful way, not the ouch there’s acid burning my retinas kind of way. Hardly acid, just pure sextastic courtesy of even more artistically delicious supermodel topless goodness in Interview magazine.

In this latest installment, we feast our peeps upon the bodily displays of Behati Prinsloo, Constance Jablonski, Doutzen Kroes, Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Toni Garrn, and more supermodels, many of whom are flashing their ridiculously hot bare boobtastic for the benefit a cultural homage to something that is not as nearly quite important as the homage to female hotness. Wow. I do so love these pictures. Enjoy.

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Miranda Kerr Topless and Hot Damn Blonde Farm Girl Fantasy for V Magazine!

Miranda Kerr Topless in V Magazine #85 September 2013
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Whoa. I need a moment to catch my breath. Miranda Kerr homaging 70′s Italian porn star Cicciolina as a lingerie wearing farm girl flashing her beautiful breasts? It’s as if V-magazine drilled into my libido one even when I slept and stole my very precise fantasy. Damn. I need another moment.

I really don’t know how to express myself at this moment. It’s a combination of lust, confusion, seeing the Matterhorn at Disneyland for the first time, being extremely jealous of that dude who used to make those Pirate movies. A whirlwind of emotions, most of which are probably best left to private time musings. I’m just so very happy today. Enjoy.

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Miranda Kerr Covered Topless for Vogue

Miranda Kerr has been branching out since parting ways with Victoria’s Secret, and, oh, how we’d love to play on her branches.

The uber-sextastic model is featured in the upcoming month’s Vogue U.K. wearing but a bit of a fuzzy wrap to barely cover her extraordinarily hot body that we expect to see more of now that she’s left her PG-rated merchandising hub. I can only count the days and minutes until Miranda branches out permanently from her foppish husband and decides to take her most ardent luster as her next all-over-body-admirer in person. If I’m not at the top of that list, I demand an audit! Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Black Tank Top and Shorts — Simple, But Smoking

I suppose you could say it’s impossible for Miranda Kerr not to look smoking hot doing or wearing anything. And you’d be correct, sir. Here on the Egotastic visit to New York City this week we’ve come to notice a certain mugginess about the place that leads to the sight of sweaty ladyfolks. Two sides of the coin on this climatological phenomenon.

I’ll leave it to you to imagine the downsides, but on the most definite upside is uber-sextastic Miranda Kerr dressed for summer in the Big Apple, showing off what it might be like to be her boyfriend taking her out on a picnic for the day. Something I intend to do the minute her current nuptials end to the foppish guy from Pirates. I’ve already packed the basket. Lots of oysters. Do they go bad? Enjoy.