Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Makes You Bonkers for Her Mangos

Shake, Miranda! Wait, that's me shaking from the sight of the uber-sextastic Aussie model in another innocent, but ever so hot photoshoot, this time for Mango's summer 2013 campaign.

I could watch Miranda Kerr take the garbage out in her housecoat and feel the pangs of millions of years of male instinct and evolution. But seeing her cheeky and hot in a bendy, preening kind of way. Well, I'm about to alter states once again. Everybody clear out. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Stretches for Reebok Hotness

While foppish husband Orlando is away in Turkey receiving accolades for whatever it is he does these days, I must admit to having some thoughts about heading over to the home of Miranda Kerr and pretending I'm the new manny, there to take care of the baby. Of course, taking care of that baby is going to require me to spend many many hours perusing Miranda's area of the home, her boudoir and changing areas, perhaps catching peeks and sneaks of one of the world's hottest women. I'd likely be arrested. But I'd be smiling in the cuffs.

I suppose any easier way to express my unbridled passions for Miranda is to gaze upon her flexible form in these Reebok ads, where the Australian model shows exactly how she would be standing in pose most of her waking hours if I had anything to say about it. So hot. I want that manny job! Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Hotness Can Not Be Stopped, Even in Women’s Magazines

We are ever so thankful that Miranda Kerr has pulled through her car crash ordeal with sparkling health and an even more sparkling intact body. Life truly is so fragile, and we can not afford to ignore those 'Handle With Caution' warnings on especially the hottest women among our tribe. We have to circle the wagons on the sextastic.

How hot is Miranda Kerr? Well, she rises to the level of making us flip through women's magazines just to behold her beauty. It's rare that you'll find sticky pages in a magazine such as Vogue Australia, meant to inspire women to buy tons of stuff, but with Miranda Kerr betwixt the covers, even flashing fashion, it's still a must ogle.

I don't mind the reputation of the guy buying up the women's magazines at the newsstand. Yes, of course, I miss in a couple Guns & Ammo and Muscle Fitness Madness mags to provide myself cover. But it's the ladies magazines I want to see, because I'm much rather see Miranda Kerr cleavage than some oiled down dude posing off his pecs. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Is Going to Live!

As TMZ first reported, Miranda Kerr appears to be the victim of an intoxicated driver who plowed into her car yesterday in L.A., leaving the uber-sextastic goddess with some serious neck pain, but it appears nothing worse.

First point. Please, don't drink and drive. We do our fair share of the former here, but always find $10 to sleep it off in the magic-room of a tranny hooker along the boulevard.

Second, next time, hit Orlando.

Miranda Kerr, A Photoshoot Caught Candid, and a Little Sideboob (and My Day Is Made)

Oh, uber-sextastic Miranda Kerr, how you do thrill us with the simplest of gestures, including a killer smile from your Aussie goodness and a little more goodness in the form of some sideboob as we leer at your photoshoot from afar.

Just a couple weeks ago, we caught Miranda during a photoshoot cartwheeling her lady nest straight into our heart, so you know we're going to follow her every move at this point. And moved we always are at the sight of this crazy hot minxy model. Yes, we want more boob, but for an afternoon aperitif, well, we'd be lying if we didn't say our palates needed cleansing on a Monday. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Kicks Off Pre-Oscar Party Season By Doing Nothing More Than Looking Hot

The Oscars are upon us. The biggest award ceremony also marks the end of Award Season in Hollywood, or, as we like to call it, the Tinsel Town Ginormous Circle Jerk and Back Patting Season. Either way, it officially ends this Sunday evening with the Oscars, which means that Hollywood and all the corporate sponsors go crazy big party blowout around this annual mega-event. That includes the Award Show itself, but also the tons o' pre-parties and after-parties surrounding the handing out of the trophies to crying, babbling film industry workers.

And why not kick off the very first Oscar pre-party with Miranda Kerr, at the Global Green or Green Global or It's Not Easy Being Green something or other party last night in Hollywood. Miranda Kerr represents the tremendous silver lining in a weekend full of watching thespianics from the Silver Linings Playbook waxing poetic about their craft. That is, the bevy of decked out and show-off hotties that will be circled, encircled, and all-around exhibiting their semi-circular parts over the next 72 hours or so. It's always a fun ride. And if you can avoid the 47 minutes speech from the Bulgarian dude who inevitably wins for Best Animated Short FIlm, it can be worthwhile as well. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Bikini Booty Pictures Are More Than Enough to Make Us Tingle

Trust me when I tell you this is Miranda Kerr on the beach in Malibu looking like a spy on the shores of some distant land, trying to avoid our telescopic lenses. Only, we don't use our scopes on rifles, just on the end of our long lust devices, aimed at celebrity hotness wherever and whenever we find it, and in whatever position.

In this case, Miranda's MILFtastic bottomside, changing out of her beach dress for a little booty reveal. Some would say this isn't much, we would say give us Kerr asscheek and a six-pack of Mickey's Big Mouths and we have a pleasant evening already lined up.

Miranda Kerr anything for the win. Enjoy.