Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Covered Topless for Vogue

Miranda Kerr has been branching out since parting ways with Victoria's Secret, and, oh, how we'd love to play on her branches.

The uber-sextastic model is featured in the upcoming month's Vogue U.K. wearing but a bit of a fuzzy wrap to barely cover her extraordinarily hot body that we expect to see more of now that she's left her PG-rated merchandising hub. I can only count the days and minutes until Miranda branches out permanently from her foppish husband and decides to take her most ardent luster as her next all-over-body-admirer in person. If I'm not at the top of that list, I demand an audit! Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Black Tank Top and Shorts — Simple, But Smoking

I suppose you could say it's impossible for Miranda Kerr not to look smoking hot doing or wearing anything. And you'd be correct, sir. Here on the Egotastic visit to New York City this week we've come to notice a certain mugginess about the place that leads to the sight of sweaty ladyfolks. Two sides of the coin on this climatological phenomenon.

I'll leave it to you to imagine the downsides, but on the most definite upside is uber-sextastic Miranda Kerr dressed for summer in the Big Apple, showing off what it might be like to be her boyfriend taking her out on a picnic for the day. Something I intend to do the minute her current nuptials end to the foppish guy from Pirates. I've already packed the basket. Lots of oysters. Do they go bad? Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Bikini Pictures? Yep, Sign Me Up

If you've got a publication called Body magazine, you sure as heck better be showing off the body of Miranda Kerr at some point. It's only one of the finest lean girl bodies on this planet. And I'm not saying that just to try and get into Miranda's pants. Though, if it were that simple, that'd be amazing.

Miranda Kerr knows how to wear a bikini. Or, in the best case, knows how to not wear one. Having moved on basically from her long time Victoria's Secret association, Miranda Kerr seems to have picked up right where she left off. Exhibiting her perfect form, with an alluring look, and a bikini you are just dying to help her get out of. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Doubles Down on the Cleavy Tight Dresses in The Big Apple

I feel like I'm counting the hours until our belusted uber-hottie Miranda Kerr is single once more. I don't mean to jinx her marriage to her foppish actor husband, but I'm feeling confident Miranda will one day soon be free of such matrimonial shackles and free to totally ignore me once more as a single woman.

And, what a woman indeed. Miranda took the time to give New Yorkers a doubly blessed view of her ridiculously hot body in not one, but two, figure hugging, cleavage revealing dresses. Like a big thank you to the Big Apple. And I'm sure it was much appreciated. I'm applauding here from 2,500 miles away. Miranda just gives me happy hands. Enjoy.

More Miranda Kerr Topless Pictures? Si, Signor


Well, yesterday was all about Miranda Kerr candid topless pictures, today, let's keep the Miranda Kerr topless goodness bandwagon rolling with a couple shots of the uber-sextastic modeling mama in Vogue Italy this month. Yes, certainly a little less candid than yesterday, but still Miranda, still super hot.

And might we add that since parting ways with Victoria's Secret, well, it appears as if Miranda is venturing out a bit more scantily than before, including flashing her bingo bongos now on a couple occasions just this month. Could this be a sign of continued risque things to come from Miranda? I sure as hell hope so. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Topless Candid Pictures for A Long Awaited Glorious Gotcha Moment!


So maybe I had to spend my rent money acquiring these photos. A man can live without a roof, but he can not survive without Miranda Kerr topless pictures, full frontal, bold, beautiful, sextastic. I really think I'm going to cry. A crying homeless blogger is a wretched sight, the exact opposite of the visual glory that is Miranda Kerr with her top down.

Caught on the set of her first post-Victoria's Secret career swimsuit shoot, the MILFtastic Miranda Kerr displayed her perfect peaches in a manner we've not really seen so candidly before. Like mana from heaven, two wonderful manas. And, I think, worth the wait. Thanks for sticking with us. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Topless Swimsuit Pictures…. Meh, Not Quite Yet, Hold Tight

First, let me thank each and every thousand and one of you who sent us links to and copies of the Miranda Kerr topless photo outtakes from her stellar black swimsuit photoshoot last week. I assure you, the minute Miranda's faptastic MILFy funbags are exposed anywhere in the world, a built in klaxon fires off loudly inside my brain. It's my Ego Spidey senses. Unfortunately, INF, the sole agents of these photos, have yet to make them available to us and we do kind of try to follow most or at least some laws around here. I'm too good looking for prison. I promise you, we will have them for you as quickly as my poor negotiating skills can arrange.

In the meantime, you can see several samples of the Miranda Kerr topless photos quite legitimately from our friends at the U.K. Sun.

And, you can also soak up Miranda Kerr goodness in this brand new promotional shoot for Mango and imagine her top coming off. Hey, wanking existed quite well even in the buttoned up Victorian era. Don't be afraid to imagine. Enjoy.