Minka Kelly

On the Set of Charlie’s Angels, Minka Kelly Sucks Fingers, Rachael Taylor Offers Up an Upper Peek

I must admit, in general, I’m an anti-reboot-ist from way back in the day. My basic point of view, if something was great in the past, it doesn’t need being redone. If something sucked in the past, it doesn’t need being redone. But, such is Hollywood these days where marketing departments run the show, so my preference is on the pointless end of useless battle. However, there are times when I question even my own drunken philosophies, cases in point usually involve reboots which introduce opportunities to see up and coming celebrity hotties. Thus, the Charlie’s Angels TV redux is proving to be something of a blessed re-gift.

Production shots from the set are providing a countless number of wardrobe delights and cheeky candids, such as this dual hotness shots of Minka Kelly, fingering her oral cavity in a manner than can only be described as the ‘Missing Jeter’s bat’ pose; and Aussie import, Rachael Taylor, providing that sometimes, we oglers so hellbent on peeking up a pretty girls skirt ought to remember that our leering responsibilities come in all angles. So, yes, admittedly, from craptastic creative beginnings, some hotness is beginning to shine on the set of Charlie’s Angels. I may have to rethink me thinking. Enjoy.

Minka Kelly Hot on the Faux Catwalk, But Probably Oughta Worn a Thong

(UPDATE: We just posted a picture on the Egotastic! Facebook page that might give some ‘upskirt’ clue as to the color of the full-bloomers Minka is obviously wearing around the Charlie’s Angels set.)

Oh, don’t even get me started on troubles with my pantylines showing. I mean, just how many times am I going to get busted by Victoria’s Secret security sneaking merchandise out of the store in my pocket?

Speaking of thongs, I’m not sure why the ridiculously sexy (and newly single) Minka Kelly did not dip into her personal lingerie collection for a pair of panties that didn’t stick out beneath her sheer dress on the catwalk during the filming of the new Charlie’s Angels in Miami. Don’t get me wrong, anything Minka Kelly-related is uber hot, and if you someday found a disturbing picture of me chewing on her elastic undergarment bands in a quiet corner, after a few moments pause you’d have to admit you were not surprised, still, Minka, baby, you’re all about curves, not lines. Thong it. Enjoy.


Jessica Stroup beach upskirt. (SocialiteLife)

Minka Kelly and the sexiest ladies on TV. (HuffPo)

Mariska Hargitay in a green swimsuit. (TMZ)

Taylor Swift causing some controversy? (LaineyGossip)

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders in bikinis. (TheChive)

Bridget Marquardt and I should get a room. (Celebuzz)

Superhero sex moves. (CollegeHumor)

Minka Kelly Needs a Pat-Down, I Need Oxygen

At some point, there’s going to be enough of a groundswell from the vox populi to dismantle the system of rigorous TSA pat-downs at the airport of unsuspecting female travelers (okay, some guys get pissed too about this, but, let’s face it, a dude complaining about a sack-grab generally falls on deaf ears, or so Father Risputelli cautioned me repeatedly back in the rectory during grade school). But, before this hideously hands-on practice is discontinued, I sure do hope LAX accepts my employment application and I pray that the amazingly hot Minka Kelly comes walking through my jurisdiction. The happy snapping of my gloves will be heard ’round the world as I powder up my ten-fingered inspection unit for a hard-target search of the super-sexy Charlie’s Angels actress.

Oh, Minka, we’re going to play a game of head-to-toe hide and seek like you’ve not quite experienced before. Mmmm-inka.  Enjoy.

Comic-Con 2011 Roundup: Ashley Greene, Kate Beckinsale, Nina Dobrev Lead List of Hotties At the Running of the Nerds

It’s amazing what can happen when a few (thousand) geeks get together for their annual summer nerdenhaven festival known as Comic-Con, wherein the powers of geekdom become so intense and focused, the time-space continuum so fluxed with fanboy fapping, that you can actually bear witness to the Einstein theory on relativity — that is, these bespectacled jelly wonkers only chance to have actual sex is with their neckgear wearing cousins.

Nevertheless, where there’s nerds, there’s discretionary entertainment dollars, and that brings out the sexy celeb hotties in droves ready to pimp and promote the shizz out of their latest projects, whether they be fiction scientific, like Total Recall,  or just super fabulous terrific, like Glee. Super-duper-hero level hotties at the convention center included the eternally-wood-inducing Kate Beckinsale, the vastly underrated Nina Dobrev, uber-sexy Ashley Green, along with a gaggle of additional girl-awesome power provided by Summer Glau, Minka Kelly, Rachel Nichols, Olivia Munn, Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Jessica Biel, Rose McGowan, Nikki Reed, Anna Paquin, and a special salute to the trying-epically-hard-to-be-patented-leather-geek-erotic, Adrianne Curry, in many special costumes. Enjoy.

Pistol Whipped

Minka Kelly grabs her gun. (Celebuzz)

Marilyn Monroe sex tape? (FoxNews)

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Who’s the hottest Republican cougar? (TMZ)

AnnaLynne McCord gets sexy with sorority girls. (GossipCenter)

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Minka Kelly Puts the Mmm in Men’s Health

(Note: a couple photos from this set originally appeared in Esquire about six months ago. Oh, how sexy celebrity photographs do circle the magazine world several times over.)

We haven’t seen Minka Kelly much recently, what with her busy shooting the new Charlie’s Angels TV show reboot, about which I have very mixed feelings, though my feelings for Minka herself are pretty much summed up in the asstastic poses from the pictorial spread in this month’s Men’s Health magazine, where the 30-year old ‘sexiest woman alive’ puts on a nice show of little tops and little shorts meets super hot body. I’m sure Men’s Health has a more detailed regimen for good fitness, but I say working the ocular nerves with these Minka Kelly pictures for a good ten minutes should be the first step in any well-rounded workout. Enjoy.