Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly Nipple Pokes Make Us Fall in Love All Over Again With Minka Kelly

While Minka Kelly remains on our Top 10 list of Hollywood’s most boring celebrities, let’s be real. Dudes don’t really ever call hot women boring, it’s sort of a distinction without importance to the male brain when they’re on a mission, and it’s not something we’re thinking about at the moment as we peruse, leer, and otherwise charcoal sketch the site of her full headlights busting through her dress at the Vanities Calendar event in Los Angeles.

So powerful were Minka’s nipples that we barely noticed Olivia Munn at the same event, and that’s saying something. It’s all fun and games, Minka, until somebody loses an eye. Enjoy.

Minka Kelly in Yoga Pants Makes Minka Far More Watchable, Not to Mention Asstastic

I’m afraid that Minka Kelly currently resides on our Top Ten Most Boring Celebrities list. Now, she may be a wild danger child behind closed doors, but in terms of public visuals, it truly is recurring set of some of the most mundane activities on the planet. But, let us give thanks once more for yoga pants, those thin stretchy leggings than now pass for actual pants, when pulled up tight on hotties like Minka, oh, they turn into something truly special.

Can a girl with a juicy bum in yoga pants ever be boring? We could equivocate and debate, but the short answer is ‘no’. Enjoy.

Minka Kelly May Be Kinda Boring, But Her Body Is Slamming Hot in Stretch Pants

For Minka Kelly, it’s gym, hair salon, nail salon, healthy lunch, boutique shopping, back to gym, hair salon, nail salon, healthy lunch, boutique shopping. It’s all we ever see of Minka Kelly really. It’s pretty effin’ boring. Granted, she may be tossing some serious salad behind closed doors, but all we are left with is the visual components of Grade-A boring.

However, with Grade-A hotness always comes opportunity, as when Minka headed off to the gym in her white tee and some blessed stretch pants that showed off the fine lower half of her form, most notably a booty side that is anything but mundane. It’s ridiculously sweet and about to get sweaty, Minka that is, well, us too I suppose if we keep staring. Enjoy.

Minka Kelly Plus Stretch Pants Equals Rumpalicious Views

We don’t see much of Minka Kelly these days outside of her normal and pretty boring hair salon, nail salon, and grocery shopping routines, but, even in her stale daily to-do list, when she does so in blessed stretch pants, we are occasionally privy to some wonderfully Spandex-induced bodily views. Like today. Minka’s rump perfectly put on display beneath the sheer material of her workout bottoms. And we are experiencing sheer delight.

Minka Kelly is one super fine woman and we’d love to see her in some truly revealing poses. But for a Friday, we’ll take some booty goodness. Enjoy.

Katrina Bowden, Olivia Munn, and Minka Kelly Make N.Y. Fashion Week Male-Ogle Worthy

Yep, I’m sure you’re quite excited that N.Y. Fashion Week is fully underway in The Big Apple and all your favorite designers are peddling their haute-y wares once again. Between this and the start of the Football season, it really is a toss-up for guys as to which is more exciting.

Well, tongue removed from cheek and now used for wagging, Fashion Week does bring out some incredible levels of celebrity hotness, as all the big names in sextastic celebrity land are guests of the major runway shows or pimping out brand name labels themselves for a little scratch, resulting in a nice assortment of celebrity ogling amid all the foppish screaming and shrieking over the shmata.

Some of our early favorites includes the vastly underrated Katrina Bowden, flashing sweet cleavage at the Badgely-Mischka fashion event (I probably spelled that wrong and I don’t care), Olivia Munn dropping some cleavetastic views of her own at the Michael Kors show, and Minka Kelly as a hot lady in red at the Jenny Packham event. Enjoy.

Minka Kelly in a Red Hot Dress at Jenny Packham Fashion Show in NYC

Is There a Minka Kelly Sex Tape?

Well, according to our celebrity gossip news partners at TMZ, yeah, there just might be a Minka Kelly sex tape being shopped around by an ex-boyfriend

Of course, Minka’s camp seems to be denying it’s existence, and then also putting out there that even if it does exist, she was underage at the time, which is pretty standard sex-tape-defensive-procedure from the Hollywood entourage. The underage thing is meant to scare away all potential distributors, and it often works.

As for us, well, we can only hope that Minka Kelly, who is on our Super Hot Even If Super Boring celebrity list is about to become a whole lot less boring.

For the full story on the Minka Kelly sex tape being shopped, check out TMZ.com