Milla Jovovich

Miley Cyrus Topless, Cindy Crawford Covered Nekkid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Nipple Show Highlight the Epic W Magazine Pictorial

Cindy Crawford Covered Nekkid in Bed in W Magazine March 2014
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I know people make fun of me for my vast women’s magazine subscriptions. Go on, chuckle, just like the middle school skate gang that terrorizes me outside my own stoop when I go to retrieve my lady journals. But who has the last laugh when the very first Miley Cyrus topless pictures show up in W Magazine, along with Lara Stone topless, Miranda Kerr barely covered nekkid in the bed, and Cindy Crawford, well, damn. Oh, why not throw in Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley in a see-through bra, Vanessa Hudgens different looking hotness, Milla Jovovich stunning, Rita Ora biting on a bed sheet, and Ciara looking boudoir sextastic.

It’s only one of the finest magazine photo spreads ever. Certainly monumental, epic, and initiating the clarion call for a little private time viewing. Yep, who’s laughing now Mr. Postman, old neighbor lady, skate kids, and mom? You’ve had your fun belittling me through the years. I’ll take my topless wicked hot celebrity photos and my perfume samplers, thank you very much. Enjoy.

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Milla Jovovich Bikini Pictures For Some Hot Mommy Hawaiian New Year Goodness

While time and mommyhood have taken some toll on our long-standing veteran model and actress hottie Milla Jovovich, our lust for the sci-fi movie bad-arse princess still runs deep, and even deeper so on days we get to see her in a white bikini on the beaches of Hawaii.

Granted, the mom-sized bikini covers up much of the petite sized Milla, but we can use our imaginations to add some more skin, maybe a gun, some clips, some grenades, and a whole lot of end-of-the-world type sexual desire whenever we ogle Milla. For those of you who dig au natural beauty, check out Milla Jovovich and see if you don’t feel some unnatural reactions coming on when Milla MILF prances across the sandy shores of the 50th state. Enjoy.

Mr. Skin Minute Features Milla Jovovich, Lucy Lawless, and Kate Winslet Flashing Serious Skin (VIDEO)

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It’s so effin hot in Los Angeles today that Kim Kardashian’s butt fat is melting down into her cankles. That’s hot. I am simply refusing to leave an air-conditioned space for more than the time it takes to run and get beer from the corner package store. Even the theater is too much this weekend, which is why if you’re smart, like I wish I were, you’ll pay attention to this week’s Mr. Skin Minute with sixty seconds of the best in skinema on DVD.

This week’s MSM includes a look at the only nekkid scenes of Milla Jovovich from Resident Evil, Lucy Lawless and Viva Bianco sharing a bath in Spartacus Vengeance, and a 3-D take on Kate Winslet nekkid in Titanic.

(And don’t forget to get your annual subscription to Mr. Skin to get it all, ALL, MOFO!)

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Milla Jovovich and Laura Vandervoort Deadly Hot on ‘Resident Evil’ Red Carpet

More red carpet hotness, this time courtesy of Resident Evil: Retribution leading lady and all around kick-ass bad ass Milla Jovovich, who though less obvious in her public displays of hotness, still manages to float our happy boats. Something cool sexy about this action-adventure gun-toting actress that has worked its way deep into our libidos.

As for Laura Vandervoort, well, Cannuckian hottie, we love her wherever and whenever she appears, including at last night’s Resident Evil premiere. She could walk our red carpet any way. Or crawl it, while we spanked her… nevermind, it’s kind of personal. Let’s just say we super dig the chick from the Great White North. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba and Milla Jovovich Hottie Up Paris Fashion Week

Now, you well know we know shizz about fashion, other than the highly relevant relationship between high end fashion and super hot women. So, we must follow events such as Paris Fashion Week (Fall Winter Collection 2013, dontcha know) because where the five thousand dollar dresses go, so go the ridiculously sexy women who can afford them.

Such was the case at the Versace show over the weekend in Paris, where Jessica Alba stunned in a little black number flashing some of her mama cleavage (though, damn if we could find an upskirt, the girl knows how to use her purse for blockage) and Milla Jovovich who wore something that reminded us of her Fifth Element role, and just how hot she looked in that movie. Enjoy.

Milla Jovovich Flashes Sideboob at Paris Fashion Week Versace Show

Kim Kardashian, Nina Dobrev, and Kate Upton Among the Many Many Hotties at Cannes amfAR Gala

You know nobody loves a gala more than me. Big swank dress-up affair. As long as crocs are excepted footwear, I’m in. Especially so when half the hot-women in the known universe are in attendance, like the amfAR Gala in Cannes last night, where it was wall to wall sextastic celebrities. Some we love, some we love a little less, but all looked hot and I’m told the drinks were free, so who has time to judge personalities.

Which brings me to Kim Kardashian, who outside of nipple slipping and showboating, had little reason to be in Cannes, but, hell, she looked pretty hot at the amfAR event; so did her former high school classmate (educational term used loosely), Billionaire Barbie, along with the likes of Kate Upton, Nina Dobrev, and too many others to even name. But check them out, because it’s sure to spark you’re ‘I’m Going to Be A Future Movie Producer and Bang My Leading Ladies’ fantasies.

And, oh, for a surprise, check out the gallery and see if you can find who wore the boobtastic see-through dress to the party. Enjoy.