Miley Cyrus

READER FINDS: Miley Cyrus Topless, Tila Tequila Nekkid, Bridget Moynahan Topless, and Much Much More…


Editor's note: Some of the media previously associated with this post has been removed at the request of the photographer. Namely, the Miley Cyrus topless photo. Read into that as you wish as to the authenticity of that particular photo.

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Reader Finds is nothing if not controversial. When it began back in the turn of the last century, there were riots, broken windows, and many curse words that make no sense in our modern culture thrown about, like 'You're knuckles!'. See, no sense. Well, today, there's been a large number of you sending in this newly uncovered Miley Cyrus topless photo from her Brian Bowen Smith photoshoot, some of which photos appeared in Maxim magazine, though certainly never this topless image. At the time, our CSI community team thought it likely fraudulent, now, hmm, not so sure. It certainly looks like the little funbags of the pop diva in an outtake. So, I'd say, delight in it, but keep a grain of salt nearby.

This week's Reader Finds also includes Nina Agdal bikini cleavetastic in new Chilean beer ad (muchos gracias to EgoReader 'Pablo'), McKayla Maroney posing on a balance beam (many thanks to 'Richard'), Daisy Lowe sextastic in her crazy hot Greg Williams shoot (contributed by 'Ian K.'), AnnaSophia Robb wicked hot in portrait (delivered by 'Waxy'), Paulina Porizkova topless and skinny onscreen (kudos to 'Barry' for 90's film find), Salma Hayek topless in her classic Desperado (pure straight lust crafted by 'Leese'), Keeley Hazell topless in her teen debut days (crazy good Hazell hotness via 'Lovin'), Rachel Bilson featuring McKayla Maroney again on set (oh, what a threesome we could make, thank 'Tisch'), delicious Rachel McAdams in her undies in About Time (damn, I dig Rachel, thanks 'Ben'), Elizabeth Berkley boobtastic in Any Given Sunday (I'd forgotten about these goodies from 'Stephen'), French hottie Lea Seydoux topless in skinema (merci to a contributing 'Dave H.'), Anna Falchi mighty bare silver screen hooters (transmitted by 'Declan'), Tila Tequila nekkids in a streaming show of a few years back (before sex tapes existed delights by 'Decon'), Playmate Jessa Hinton cleavetastic selfie (DDang done by 'Scott'), Bridget Moynahan topless in a Jarl Alexandre Ale de Basseville photoshoot in black and white (the first Mrs. Brady's funbags, six points! from a whole bunch of you who sent this in including 'Rich'), Julie Delpy very French and topless onscreen (faptastic Frenchies from 'Amy F.') Madonna topless in Truth or Dare book outtakes (Material Girl mams via 'Carson T.'), Giada de Laurtentiis cleavetastic in a bikini (oh, girls who can cook with boobs, yum by 'Kreigs'), former Jenner girlfriend Bryana Holly topless modeling pictures (many thanks  to 'Chris' for the views), Lindsey Vonn peek-a-boo down blouse (Olympic sized props to 'Kevin'), Brooklyn Decker nip slip (delights courtesy of 'Tbest'), and last but certainly not least, Nadine Leopold, my new Austrian teen girlfriend flashing her panties (great windup from 'Snead'). Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Nipple Slip Foretells of a Great Week Coming

I'm not one to read too much into the tea leaves or follow the horoscopes, but when I see Miley Cyrus nipple peeking out from betwixt her fingers, I know exactly what that means. We have some epic visual times coming this week. Not that we don't have happy happy joy joy each week, but something in the nipple slipping winds has me super jazzed for the next turn 'round the bend.

So, join me if you will. Sneak a peek at Miley's headlight beaming out in this outtake from a Rankin photoshoot for You magazine and see if you don't feel your own Spidey senses set to tingle mode. Consider this part of your Egotastic! training. Sense the Force. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Touching Herself in Bra and Panties to Make Sweet Music

There's been the usual backlash against Miley Cyrus for rolling around in her underwear and touching herself in her latest music video, Adore You. I read a fanpage where girls were lamenting how Miley's exhibitionism detracted from the musical artistry evidenced n her song. I suppose this is one of those Mars-Venus things, because I'm not understanding that argument in the least.

Quite the opposite. For I watch Miley videos with my earbuds pumping out Deep Purple tracks, and I only watch to see what kind of spectacle the little minx will put on this time. That is the show, imho. And in Adore You, Miley puts on yet another grade-A show. She may not be my vision of female perfection, but she's very very good at this sextastic attention game. Enjoy.

Why Is Miley Cyrus Touching Herself?

Well, not like we haven't seen Miley Cyrus pantomiming a little self-pleasure time on her own slender body on stage or in videos, but Miley's new Adore You music video teaser seems to imply that her newest music video might be the most touching yet.

Check out a couple of the more Miley Cyrus Adore You raunchy teaser moments over on WWTDD and see if you're not ready to start burning Miley albums in an outraged bonfire outside the record stores that are no longer open.

Miley Cyrus Santa-Twerking Romp Through Florida Is More Naughty Than Nice

Miley Cyrus has taken her naughty Santa's helper act to the Sunshine State in the final legs of the Jingle Ball tour that I must say seems like it's been going on since Labor Day. Nobody can milk enough bucks out of Christmas these days I suppose. Fair enough, especially when it involves the little pop princess slamming and shimmying her body around in a tiny leotard on stage in front of adoring fans of all ages.

Say what you will about Miley Cyrus, but that pop in pop music stands for popular, and Miley has managed to become one of the single most popular musical performers in the world during 2013. Kind of like the ballplayer who just scores touchdowns. You don't have to like him, but you will know his name (and likely pick him to be on your fantasy team). Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Showing Off Her Legs in Miami Short Shorts

Another day, another Jingle Ball I suppose as Miley Cyrus and iHeart Radio are milking the living snow out of Christmas this year with some rather raunchy holiday shows. You know, the kind we actually like.

Miley touched down in Miami for her next gig, flashing her toned legs beneath a pair of short shorts that revealed every ounce of her toning workouts. For a little thing, she does seem to have long and lovely stems. You can't just twerk on any ole stumps I suppose. There's no doubt Miley has some tools in her toolbox. What she builds with those tools is really the biggest point of contention. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Twerks in White in the Nation’s Capital

Not sure how many more of these Jingle Balls are left for Miley Cyrus to parade around half-naked on stage, but it seems like the kind of thing we could probably push into January, like after-Christmas department store sales. The new crowned princess of all things pop music and exhibitionist has been treating the country the past couple of weeks to a solid dose of Miley bottom, Miley top, and Miley grinding on Santa Clause.

In her latest stop, Miley took her pimping Christmas show to Washington D.C., a dignified town where Congressmen used to wear ties to their afternoon strip club lunches, and where Miley came out in virginal white, the costume that is, to tease and twerk and work the crowd over with her own set of stripper-like skills. You can call Miley Cyrus many things, but boring isn't one of them. She's quite good at this attention-getting game. Enjoy.