Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Spandex Tights and Nylon Shorts, It’s Booty Legs Hiking Showoff Time

Miley Cyrus is getting into shape. She’s actually always kind of been in shape, at least the last couple of years since she started Pilates and yoga and all that exercise memes so she could be nekkid much of the next couple of years on concert stages and look pretty darn taut. It paid off I’d say. If you can party like Miley does and still keep yourself in fine female shape, that’s a thing. Seems like lots of work, but if it’s not my hard work, I’m always 100-percent behind it.

Miley hit the hiking trails in Los Angeles today in her tights and short shorts, just enough to bend about and show off her booty to remind everybody she’s turned her petite show off body into one hundred million dollars worth of booty. She’s done well for herself. Now she’s sharing, the booty views in the least. I feel like that makes her solid member of the community, the Egotastic community most definitely. Enjoy.

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Miley Cyrus Braless While Exposing Midriff In Marijuana Shirt

Ah, Miley Cyrus. She’s everyone’s favorite rascally scamp that you’d also like to give it to. Every day I wake up and wonder what new sexy antics she’ll have gotten herself into and she rarely disappoints. In today’s wacky Miley outfit we have her wearing a crop top marijuana t-shirt and, whoopsie, she forgot to wear a bra. The result is that you can kinda see her lovely nips through the shirt. I do so love Miley’s lady plums. Lucky for me that I get to see them pretty regularly. The crop top also showed off her lovely bare mid-riff. She’s got one of the best in the business. It’s nice and flat and toned with not a bit of jiggly flesh to be had.

Some people think that Miley is overexposed, and maybe she is, but I still enjoy seeing her partially nude. I mean, I could care less about her music, but I’ve yet to grow tired of her literally exposing herself.

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Miley Cyrus Topless Banger Tour Polaroids For V Magazine

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Miley Cyrus took off her clothes again. Technically, I guess it was at some point in 2014, during her Bangers tour in between dancing about on stage in showy outfits with midgets, giants, and various crude inflatables. She allowed somebody to take a whole bunch of back stage polaroids of her during the tour and naturally, poof, many came out topless. It feels very real in the least.

Miley Cyrus isn’t what I’d call an iconic performer, or perhaps a music legend, but she certainly and repeatedly is raising the bar for exhibitionism among the pop star sisters. Do you realize how crazy it was twenty years ago when Madonna got nekkid for all this kind of stuff? No Miley is pushing numerous of her cohorts into major skin showing wardrobes and selfies and ‘leaked’ photos. This isn’t by happenstance. Joan of Arc might be too lofty of a comparison, but she has to be considered close. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: V Magazine

Miley Cyrus Pasties, Nicki Minaj In Milk, Arianny Celeste in a Thong Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

The lovely ladies of Celebrityville have hardly stopped publishing photos of their own hotness for the Holidays, some of them redoubling their efforts to go out on top of 2014 as social media darlings. I’ve got more than enough presents for all of these show-off girls with their ever ready camera set to stunning mode. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you’ve really got it, flaunt it, snap it, and share it on Twitter or Instagram. I think somebody famous will say that someday.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup include the stellar hot Arianny Celeste bikini thong time in winter, Miley Cyrus covering her nips with pasties alone, Nicki Minaj bathing in milk just because, Kaili Thorne sweltering in lingerie, Jessica Simpson showing off toned gams, Stella Hudgens flashing younger sister cleavage, Coco Austin showing off her large lady chest, Ashley Benson sitting just like an perfect hottie, and much much more. You owe it to Blitzen, the forgotten reindeer, to check out each and every one of these social media shared skintastic bits. You can thank me later. Enjoy.


Miley Cyrus Nipple Pasties Only in Miami

I’m sure Miley Cyrus must’ve been headed to some kind of costume event as this isn’t how she normally… well, actually, this is kind of how she normally appears in public, though the straight up pasties only look is something rather new.

Miley and her new boyfriend one of the Schwarzenegger kids hit some event in Miami where Miley felt that absolutely no top or bra, just some silver cones over her teat-ends would suffice as far as semi-formal wear. I applaud Miley once again for pushing the boundaries of public exhibitionism. She may not be your particular favorite to see mostly topless about town, but she certainly has raised the bar for all the other sextastic celebrities in her industry. For the twenty or so other pop divas you now see performing, strutting, or just plain bopping about town half-nekkid, you can thank Miley a good bit. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PCN

Miley Meets Uncle Terry And Other Fine Things To Ogle

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Miley Cyrus Wears Only Red Pantyhose And Other Fine Things To Ogle

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