Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis Provides the Rosh Hashanah Honey in FHM South Africa

Okay, so these are likely not brand new photos of legendary young hottie Mila Kunis, the mags they do cover their carbonic footprints with recycling, but in our continued celebration of the Jewish New Year, what better way to drop your drawers and do a little private-time hora dance than to the site of the amazing Mila in this month’s FHM South Africa.

In the past year, Mila has risen from underrated hottie to superstar hottie, starting with Black Swan where she got all lesbionic naughty with fellow shofar blower, Natalie Portman, to even her less interesting, but equally hot Justin Timberlake rom-com craptasticness. 5771 was a big year for Mila. Enjoy.

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MSM Weekly Skintastic Roundup Includes Mila Kunis, Natalie Dormer, and Angie Everhart (VIDEO)


While I’m spending my Friday morning praying that Hayley Atwell will flash some amount of her amazing bosom in Captain America coming out today, we pay cinema-skin homage to the celeb hotties actually flashing skin on celluloid this weekend, courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin and their Mr. Skin Minute.

This weeks un minuto de muy sexual includes the sexy-Swan performance from Mila Kunis, Natalie Dormer, the super brunette topless hottie from The Tudors, and Angie Everhart, an evergreen boob flasher. Enjoy.

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Mila Kunis Red Hot at Friends With Benefits Movie Premiere

Finally, this Friends With Benefits media monstrosity is set to hit the streets, because I’m literally sitting beneath a pile of promotional material here so deep, it’s making it hard to find all the good porn on my desk. Not that I’m not looking forward to seeing the sexier moments of the strikingly hot Mila Kunis in this certain-to-be more romantic than naughty comedy based upon yet another Craigslist-era hipster shorthand (still waiting for Casual Encounters, The Movie to be made).

Still, Mila looked all kinds of smoking hot in her little red dress at last night’s premiere, and she was good enough to bring along a few Friends With Uber-Hotness, including Emmanuelle Chriqui, Irina Shayk, and Emma Stone. All of whom, by the way, if I were making this movie, would be the stars of a film about four hot girls who like to get nekkid and have casual, but committed making of the sexy before, during, and after shower time. But that’s just me, a man who has had enough Justin Timberlake to last a lifetime and would prefer to see hot nekkid celebrity girls soaping each other’s supremely awesome bodies. I doubt I’m alone in this regard. Enjoy.

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EARLY LOOK: Mila Kunis Provides Hotness Benefits On the Pages of GQ

Much like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley last month leading up to her Transformers debut, Mila Kunis is everywhere and anywhere this month, periodically speaking, in advance of the opening of Friends With Benefits in about ten days times. And, I for one, am not complaining.

I can’t be the only one madly in lust with this Ukranian born Hebrew School hottie. Featured here in the August edition of GQ magazine, Mila discusses what it’s like to be a sexy female comedy actress. Personally, I’d rather hear Mila Kunis talk about what it’s like to see Mila Kunis nekkid in the mirror every morning fresh out of the shower, but I’m a cad. And a professional one at that. Enjoy.