Mila Kunis

Alessandra Ambrosio Sweaty Challenges Mila Kunis to Workout Stretch Pants Battle

As much as we ballyhoo the invention of the stretch pants for working out and lounging ladies, there’s no way the inventor of those Spandex gems could have ever imagined two super hotties such as Alessandra Ambrosio and Mila Kunis going camel toe to camel toe in a battle of sweaty post-workout sextastic celebrities.

There’s really no way for us to decide who has the superior do-ability, we couldn’t possibly choose Alessandra over Mila, or vice-versa, we’d like to so badly tongue-dry each girl that it’s simple outside our cognitive powers to claim one over the other. But, you’re strong, so, you decide.

Which girl would you rather strip out of her moist stretch pants?

Alessandra Ambrosio vs. Mila Kunis in Battle Sweaty Stretch Pants

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Mila Kunis in Workout Gear Leaving Blazing Saddles

Mila Kunis Smoky Hot and Bending Over a Car for Interview Magazine

We could sit here and lie and tell you that the sight of our belusted Hebrew School hottie Mila Kunis in tight shorts bent over the hood of a car isn’t giving us all kinds of lurid thoughts, but, what would be the point of so obviously hiding the naughty visions induced by this smoking hot actress with those killer eyes and the body to match?

In her latest pictorial in Interview magazine, Mila probably goes on and on about things that are important to her and her career, but it’s hard to read words when your eyes are wet with desire (yes, we said ‘eyes’) and your heart is pounding, and all you can think about is making Kunis babies. Maybe they need to use a bigger font for just such occasions. Enjoy.

Sara Jean Underwood and Mila Kunis Highlight the Hotness at the Opening of Comic-Con 2012

Well, the faptastic fantastic fanfest known as Comic-Con is well underway in San Diego, and all we can think is that if priest-explorer Father Junipero Serra had encountered this stanky swarm of geeks on his trek up from Mexico and along the coast, well, we’d probably have fewer Spanish style missions today in California and far more Pizza Huts.

Nevertheless, with super geeks comes super fanboy money, and with that comes Hollywood sending its best and brightest, err, best and hottest down to San Diego to pimp the shizz out of their latest projects.

Today’s sextastics in attendance at the convention included our fave Sara Jean Underwood in cosplay gear, Lyndsy Fonseca sweet goodness, the hot Mila Kunis pimping Oz, the Asian delight Maggie Q, and Kristin Kreuk and Kristen Stewart in a battle of chicks who almost spell their name the same. Quite a way to jumpstar the convention.

P.S. Don’t touch anything with your bare hands at the convention. Trust me.

Mila Kunis, Laura Vandervoort, and Jessica Barth Heat Up the Red Carpet for ‘Ted’

Baby let me be, around you every night
Run your fingers through my hair,
And cuddle me real tight
Just wanna be, your teddy bear

We got a chance to see Ted the other night, and I can say is… I can’t say yet. Some kind of duct tape embargo until next week.

But what I can say is that Mila Kunis was smoking hot in the film, natch. And brought her amazing looks to the red carpet premiere of the film last night in Los Angeles at the Chinese Theater, where Mila, along with Ted actress Laura Vandervoort who always looks ridiculously hot, ever since Smallville, and Jessica Barth, another underrated hottie, well, it was enough to firm up the stuffing in my personal teddy bear. Enjoy.

Mila Kunis Outtakes From Her Cosmo Photoshoot Makes Us Tingle All Over

Okay, granted, our Mila Kunis lust is a bit tempered this week with reports that she may be the latest Hollywood girl on the Ashton Kutcher bang list, okay, a lot tempered, but there’s really no stopping Mila Kunis hotness and no lessening in our desire to share said hotness, including these smoking sextastic outtakes from her Cosmopolitan pictorial last year.

We’re hoping that our A-number-one Hebrew School Hottie hasn’t fallen for Ashton and his Kabbalah bracelet charms, but no matter her ill-informed romantic choices, we shall never wane in our lust for all things Mila. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Jennifer Lawrence Nipple Slip, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr Topless, Christina Milian Upskirt, and Much Much More…

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Oh, blessed Friday. How do you do. We’ve collectively earned ourselves a little R&R on this Easter Weekend (Pesach, for our friends of the even more ancient traditions) and we’re going to start easing into it through a group leer at the bountiful harvest of hotness brought together by the clans for the weekly communal ritual we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week’s figurative juicy ham sandwich comes packed with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr in a beautiful topless beach photo, Eliza Dushku looking as sexy as we’ve ever seen, Alessandra Ambrosio nighttime naughty, Franco-Cannuckian hottie Anais Pouliot artsy topless, Christina Milian panties peek, Belen Rodriguez topless on the beach, Caroline Wozniacki tennis time upskirts, Gemma Merna lingerie amazing, Genesis Rodriguez underwear hot body, Jennifer Lawrence nipple slip, Mila Kunis with her fist in her mouth, Sara Tommasi pantyhose commando flashes, and Sophie Howard hot and topless. It’s a springtime buffet of the boobtastic.

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