Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis, Laura Vandervoort, and Jessica Barth Heat Up the Red Carpet for ‘Ted’

Baby let me be, around you every night
Run your fingers through my hair,
And cuddle me real tight
Just wanna be, your teddy bear

We got a chance to see Ted the other night, and I can say is... I can't say yet. Some kind of duct tape embargo until next week.

But what I can say is that Mila Kunis was smoking hot in the film, natch. And brought her amazing looks to the red carpet premiere of the film last night in Los Angeles at the Chinese Theater, where Mila, along with Ted actress Laura Vandervoort who always looks ridiculously hot, ever since Smallville, and Jessica Barth, another underrated hottie, well, it was enough to firm up the stuffing in my personal teddy bear. Enjoy.

Mila Kunis Outtakes From Her Cosmo Photoshoot Makes Us Tingle All Over

Okay, granted, our Mila Kunis lust is a bit tempered this week with reports that she may be the latest Hollywood girl on the Ashton Kutcher bang list, okay, a lot tempered, but there's really no stopping Mila Kunis hotness and no lessening in our desire to share said hotness, including these smoking sextastic outtakes from her Cosmopolitan pictorial last year.

We're hoping that our A-number-one Hebrew School Hottie hasn't fallen for Ashton and his Kabbalah bracelet charms, but no matter her ill-informed romantic choices, we shall never wane in our lust for all things Mila. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Jennifer Lawrence Nipple Slip, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr Topless, Christina Milian Upskirt, and Much Much More…


Oh, blessed Friday. How do you do. We've collectively earned ourselves a little R&R on this Easter Weekend (Pesach, for our friends of the even more ancient traditions) and we're going to start easing into it through a group leer at the bountiful harvest of hotness brought together by the clans for the weekly communal ritual we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week's figurative juicy ham sandwich comes packed with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr in a beautiful topless beach photo, Eliza Dushku looking as sexy as we've ever seen, Alessandra Ambrosio nighttime naughty, Franco-Cannuckian hottie Anais Pouliot artsy topless, Christina Milian panties peek, Belen Rodriguez topless on the beach, Caroline Wozniacki tennis time upskirts, Gemma Merna lingerie amazing, Genesis Rodriguez underwear hot body, Jennifer Lawrence nipple slip, Mila Kunis with her fist in her mouth, Sara Tommasi pantyhose commando flashes, and Sophie Howard hot and topless. It's a springtime buffet of the boobtastic.

Mila Kunis All Sweaty and See-Through Leaving the Gym

Now we're talking, a little candid action with our good and super hot friend Mila Kunis, leaving the gym as all of our hot and sweaty celebrities do, looking sextastic and wet and carrying a purse that costs more than I can make at the blood bank in ten years worth of donations.

And thank goodness for that. Because anything Mila Kunis is hot, but sweaty candids, just twice to four times as good. With the see-through top a lovely Friday bonus. Enjoy.

Mila Kunis in Harpers Bazaar, Sexy, But.. Kind of Bizarre

Okay, I will grant you, I've had a cocktail or three, which I have to imagine is specifically prohibited under my strict 'make the bad demons go away' pharmacological course of prescriptions, but, still, I'm seeing something funny in these otherwise sextastic photos of Hebrew School Hottie Mila Kunis in this month's Harper's Bazaar magazine.

Work with me here, it's like she got shrunk, or compressed, or kiddified and she's kind of smushed from her usual world class hot self to something unusually truncated in body. Seeing Mila like this at the amusement park like this, well, I haven't felt these kinds of tingles since I watched the female members of the Lollipop Guild kick up their diminutive heels; please tell me I'm imagining this.

I'm prepared to stop drinking for an entire half-day if that's what it takes to make Mila Kunis come back to normal. Help.

Mila Kunis Is Hot and Curvy and Perfect All Over in Dior Photoshoot

Oh, Mila Kunis, how do we lust thee? Let me count the ways by using the ancient method of nibbles across your... well, let's just say we lust her a lot.

We haven't see much of Mila in a while; the actress sort of took a break after last year's big breakout on the scene and breakup with long time boyfriend, McCauley Culkin. While the kid from Home Alone looks frighteningly shady these days, Mila looks hotter than ever, seen candidly flashing all the various sexy sides of her hot-self in a snugly fitting dress during a Dior commercial photoshoot.

Honestly, I can't imagine ever buying a Dior product, but I can imagining emptying the paltry contents of my bank account for just two seconds of two hands on those hottie lady humps. Oops, overshare. Enjoy.

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