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Mr. Skin Minute Features Michelle Williams Muff. Chloe Sevigny Nekkid Tranny, and Laura Prepon Topless (VIDEO)

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I remember being a young teen boy, frustrated by my lack of success at reaching second base with any of my romantic objects d’ lust, and sneaking into R-rated movies thinking that this might just be my only chance to ever see faptastic funbags in my life. Well, not all that much has changed since those days, except that now thanks to Mr. Skin, I can have all the cinematic successes bundled into more neatly packaged only-the-good-stuff pieces.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute features Michelle Williams not nekkid in Oz: The Great and Powerful, but quite full frontal in Take This Waltz, indie daring darling Chloe Sevigny nekkid and sporting both female and male parts (be forwarned) in Hit or Miss, and out on Blu-Ray, the glorious globes of Laura Prepon finally flashing fully in Lay the Favorite. It’s a celluloid mouthful. Enjoy.

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This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute Features Halle Berry Topless, Olivia Munn Topless, and Michelle Williams and Sarah Silverman Nekkid (VIDEO)

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While early Oscar buzz is sweeping movie land this time of year, early celebrity skin buzz remains forever the forecast of our friends at Mr. Skin, who have quite a doozy of dainty ladies without their tops on in this week’s sixty seconds of on-film cheesecake known as the Mr. Skin Minute.

This week’s MSM features Halle Berry, not topless in Cloud Atlas opening in theaters, but quite bare-topped in Swordfish, Olivia Munn dropping her top and flashing her beautiful chest in Magic Mike, now out on DVD, and the infamous nekkid scenes of Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams from Take This Waltz, it’s funbags and fur-balls and a definite must-see.

And, of course, DO NOT forget to get your Mr. Skin Minute membership like all the cool kids in class, with access to eight gazillion photos and videos of all celebrity skin on film and television. You can waste many fun hours searching their libraries. Trust me, I do all the time. Enjoy.

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MSM Weekly Bits O’ Skin Include Charlize Theron Topless, Anna Paquin True Blood Flashing, and Sarah Silverman Full Frontal (VIDEO)


Consider summer movie season in full swing on this first day in June, and consider me more ready than ever to catch some real films with some real skin, you know, in addition to some pretty cool looking boob-less movies in the theaters this summer.

Our friends at Mr. Skin have put together a classic trio of films on Blu-Ray and DVD for your skintastic viewing pleasure including Charlize Theron bare front in The Devil’s Advocate, Anna Paquin all kinds of nekkid in True Blood, and Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams full frontal goodness in Take This Waltz. All quite delicious. Enjoy.

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Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams Full Frontal Nekkid in ‘Take This Waltz’

Sarah Silverman Full Frontal Nekkid in 'Take This Waltz'
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It’s not often that your dreams meet reality, let alone Hollywood hype living up to its expectation. How many times have we heard about the likes of Jennifer Aniston or Kristen Stewart flashing body parts in their latest movie, only to discover upon viewing that those scenes were either never even shot, or, more likely, the stars insisted they be edited out of the exhibited film even if they took all the credit leading up to distribution for being brave actresses.

You know who’s brave and wicked hot and totally nekkid in Sarah Polley’s indie film, Take This Waltz? Well, Sarah Silverman is. Buck totally nekkid and showing it full frontal style in an eye-opening, must-see, must-never-forget shower scene that includes Michelle Williams, equally buck nekkid, flashing her entire bare body, and even more so in later making the sexy scenes in the movie. Michelle never shies away from explicit scenes in films. Oh, how we love her completely for that. Also, brave, Jennifer Podemski, let’s not forget the third wheel who is quite flashing the bare funbags and lady nest in this same shower scene that has to now be on everybody’s Top 10 movie shower scenes of all times (if you minus out the constant cuts to the older fat ladies that is, but what can you do in a chick flick — you’re helpless).

Oh, happy days are here again, or maybe they never left, but seeing Sarah Silverman in the flesh, all her flesh, it’s making me coo like a baby with a warm bottle. Worth the wait! Enjoy.

*Thanks to EgoReader ‘BMTD’ for the head’s up on these wonderful visions of nekkid grandeur.

(If you’d like to see the nekkid scenes from Take This Waltz in video format, CLICK HERE.)

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Michelle Williams White Hot Channeling Marilyn for GQ

Michelle Williams is one of those rather serious (and talented) thespianics who can move you with her work on the screen, and, more importantly, move you with the removal of her clothes on the screen, making her a double threat and a recurring Egotastic! favorite.

And while the chameleon like actress does that thing where she tries to downplay her female hotness in favor of being taken seriously for her craft, every now and then she lets the sensual dogs loose and shows a side of herself that puts us beside ourselves with lust, as in her new pictorial in the upcoming edition of GQ magazine, where Michelle takes one last crack, and one amazing crack, at channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe for the pinning up of our libidos. Yep, it works. Enjoy.

Check out the full article on Michelle in GQ, or visit the slideshow for the full set of pictures.

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Michelle Williams Does Marilyn for Vogue

You know how we feel about the very few sexy thespianics willing to get all nekkid for their causes; one of the main reasons we’ve had a long term lust crush on Michelle Williams, who never turns down a chance to bare for her characters.

In the current edition of Vogue, Michelle Williams pimps the shizz out of her role as the early blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, in My Week With Marilyn, and she pulls it off by just kind of looking alluring and aloof, kind of like my last girlfriend, except for the alluring part. But, I digress, because Michelle Williams really does throw herself wholeheartedly into roles, even the non-nekkid ones, though those are clearly are second favorite. Good on you, Michelle. Enjoy.