Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures Just in Time for Adopted Mother’s Day

With the pending resolution of my adult adoption proceedings with Swiss Miss hottie Michelle Hunziker, another round of stellar bikini pictures from Miami arrive just in time for me to celebrate the special day honoring my soon to be adoptive mom.

Now, I'm not looking to incur any jealousy here, but my new mom does look pretty damn smoking hot in a bikini, who would even guess that she already has a teenaged daughter, my soon to be step-sister with whom I imagine I'll be sharing bunk beds shortly. I really am going to need to pack all my favorite toys. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Alessandra Ambrosio Preggo Covered Nekkid, Natascha McElhone Actually Nekkid, Michelle Hunziker Topless, and Much Much More…


What can be said of the group efforts each week by our Readers to assemble and share some of the finest fineries without much clothes on the web? Well, the words 'awesome' and 'blessed' and 'laudable' come to mind, along with 'raunchtastic' and 'fleshy-funned' and 'pimpalicious', and when you combine the two you have the perfect description of our award-winning weekly Reader Finds, like a holy offering to the gods of the sextastic.

This week's Reader Finds includes Natascha McElhone fully nekkid, Michelle Hunizker sans bikini top, Jennifer Love Hewitt fully plumped out cleavetastic, Emmerdale's Adele Silva missing her bikini top, Alessandra Ambrosio preggo covered topless hot, Alison Haislip outtake heaven, Christina Ricci topless on film, Estella Warren nekkid swimming, Imogen Thomas sextastic tennis, Joanna Krupa bikini slippage, Joanna Lundback black and white and hot all over, Julianna Gill racktastic in Friday the 13th, Katy Perry almost dress fall, and an assortment of some of our fave glamour models going Girl on Girl in a very special pictorial.

It's so many boobs, I dare you to count!

Michelle Hunzier Bikini Pictures Madness Part Deux from Miami

It's like rain from heaven. Or is that manna. Or maybe it's mammaries from above. But it's something awesome as we now celebrate the hotness that is my future adopted mother, Michelle Hunziker, in her second Miami Beach vacation bikini of the day, and it's a mofo doozy.

I'm going to have re-watch every taped episode of Wetten...daas? now thanks to a whole new level of infatuation with Michelle, whose MILFtastic presence is fast approaching the pantheon filled with names like Alba and Beckinsale and Kerr. I don't make such claims lightly, I know the consequences of treading lightly with the hot mama gods, but oh, my, take a look at Michelle for yourself and see if you don't agree it's time to start carving her body into marble for eternal display. Enjoy.

Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures Depict a MILF and Her Pride

Oh, mama. And I mean that quite literally, as you know I've applied through several international courts, both real and some just imagined, for Swiss Miss hottie Michelle Hunziker to be my adopted mom. I'm not sure exactly where I am with the paperwork, because I mostly just get a bunch of giggles from the bureaucrats when I call int to check on the progress of my plea, but I'm quite serious about this gorgeous blonde multilingual TV hostess MILF being my new mommy. Oh, the fun bedtime story times we would have.

Not to mention the bikini vacation times in Miami. Where Michelle was yesterday in her hot maternal bikini, showing off both her own wicked body and her blossoming teen daughter (who will someday be my adoptive step-sister, so, please, no comments about her underaged self) and just making all leering eyes at the pool turn and collectively bulge from their sockets. Or maybe those weren't just eyes bulging. Hey, now, that's my future mom your eyeing up and down! Enjoy.

Michelle Hunziker Gets All Swiss Miss Naughty in Vanity Fair

Oh, how we do lust blonde Swiss MILF Michelle Hunziker, beloved in Germany and the Boot, and be-lusted by ogling gentlemen everywhere. The lithesome sextastic TV hostess takes to the pages of Vanity Fair Italy this month to give you a little demonstration of what it might be like to have her living in your sweet-arse mansion, all decked out and ready to go.

Just a little sweet treat for feed the high-end living libido. Enjoy.

Michelle Hunziker Debuts Black Leather Pants in Her New Italian TV Show

Our super hottie Swiss Miss favorite hostess from Wetten...dass?, the multi-lingual, sexy-tongued Michelle Hunziker has taken her blonde veteran wares to Italian TV show Striscia la Notizia which we're told translates to Strip the News, but we couldn't care less past the part about stripping and wondering when Michelle Hunziker's turn is. (Though, for now, we will accept black leather pants as a standby substitute fantasy stoker.)

Oh, how we dig our MILFy Michelle. Enjoy.

Michelle Hunziker Gives One Last Sexy Peekaboo to Thomas Gottschalk on ‘Wetten, dass..?’

What can you say about a television show that features Meatloaf, Lenny Kravitz, and a dude who looks suspiciously like Dirk Nowitzki for its final sendoff to uber-long time host, Thomas Gottschalk ? Well, you can say no biggee. But when our beloved Wetten, dass..? brought out Michelle Hunziker to give him one last sextastic peek of the Swiss Miss hottie, well then you can call it a show of shows. 

Michelle Hunziker is a girl we really and truly wish would take the time and effort to bend over in front of our ocular lenses. It'd be like an early peek at heaven, or for those of us here at Egotastic!, our only glimpse. While the TV show Wetten, dass..? is famous and infamous for so many magical boob tube moments, it will always be where we totally fell in lust with our forever-bikini-suntanning multilingual hottie, Michelle. Gute Reise, Her Gottschalk!