Micaela Schäfer

Micaela Schaefer Topless Thong Fun Time In New Sexy Video Commercial

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There are many words to describe German model and actress Micaela Schaefer. Shy is not one of them. Body proud are two. Exhibitionist is one. Give of visual goodies is four. She’s all of these things and then some. The raven haired Teuton routinely bares her ripely taut worked out body for the benefit of promotions far and wide. I can’t say I know precisely what she is pimping herein, I can only tell you I’ve already ordered six dozen. I think that’s a bushel or a boatload by technicaly definition.

Micaela has one of those tall curvy ever oiled down bodies that gives me a little hesitation as to whether I can climb that mountain. I did once trip over a molehill and break my wrist. No joke, not a mountain, a molehill. I’ve tried never to see that as an omen of any kind. But perhaps scaling Mt. Schaefer is just the kind of confidence booster I need to rid myself of old demons, or new feelings of desperate tingling. So many complicated emotions when ogling Micaela Schaefer, though I suppose they are all variants of the same singular feeling. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Erotica Art-Shop/Mica Media

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