Micaela Breque

Micaela Breque Topless Blonde Hotness for Spanish Interviu


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The last time we saw Argentinean fun time celebutante, Micaela Breque, she was getting all kinds of gloriously exhibitionist for the Bunny magazine.

Now, the TV model and dancer (kinda sorta, see below) married to Latin Grammy winner, Andrés Calamaro, is taking it off once more for Interviu magazine in Spain, where the blonde hottie opens up about a ton of important matters we have no time to read, but we always have time for anatomical review, and Micaela has got that going on. Enjoy.

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Micaela Breque Makes Beautiful Latina Music All Nekkid for the Argentine Bunny


The whole wide web has been agog this past week with the actually rather critically weak offering of the Lindsay Lohan Playboy pictures, leaked in some form or another, but mostly just making us wonder what became of the Bunny’s ability to grab celebrity hotness and put it on full nekkid and hot display. Then up pops Micaela Breque, Argentine young hottie celebutante and new young bride of Latin Grammy winner, Andrés Calamaro; now Micaela, she makes us feel all special and tingly in her pictorial in her homeland version of Playboy. The forumla seems simple and this is how it’s done. Enjoy.