Mia Magma

Mia Magma Topless Flashing On the Red Carpet of the Eldani Awards

Mia Magma Flashes Her Chest Puppies on the Red Carpet at Eldani Awards in Germany
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You can take the porn star out of the porn, but you really can’t take the porn out of the porn star.

Germanic adult film maven Mia Magma took a little topless trip down the red carpet of the Eldani Awards in her home country yesterday, certainly livening up an otherwise run of the mill media awards show. Honestly, who wouldn’t be willing to sit through Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet at the Oscars if the stars started trailer park flashing their hooters for the cameras as they made their way down the crimson line? Hell, I’d watch Joan Rivers for an hour if it meant a chance to see Angelina Jolie and Jessica Biel flashing flashing their bazoongas on camera.

Alas, no such luck. But we’ll always have our naughty bold German porn stars! Enjoy.