Melody Thornton

Melody Thornton Bikini Pictures Red Hot Little Miami Treats

Former Pussycat Doll member Melody Thornton seems to be on a multi-bikini vacation this week in Miami, taking some down time to lift our spirits by prancing about in various colored and small-shaped bikini perfectly fitting her female form. Today, the lady chose red, the signal of power and defiance, and the trigger for many a bull to come charging. I know that’s what I feel like doing right now. I’m always being told how I am full of bull.

Always nice when a girl we don’t get to see that often shows up for a multiple day bikini run on the beach. It serves to remind us that for every sextastic girl we see on here, there are ten more out there we’re not seeing today. We live in abundant times. Enjoy.

Melody Thornton Bikini Pussycat Time in Miami

We love all of our former Pussycat Dolls quite equally. That is to say, there’s not a one of them we’d throw out of bed for eating crackers, or even holding a knife to our necks in some horribly overly dangerous female intruder roleplay (I wouldn’t recommend it with anyone who drinks coffee).

Include Melody Thornton in that group of former Dollers who we crane to see when she’s out in her bikini along the South Florida coastline. Melody doesn’t show up quite as often as her former bandmates, not in the public eye, but when she does, it’s usually quite the attention grabber. So, grab away my friends. Enjoy.

Melody Thornton See-Through Top Pictures Sound Beautiful To Me

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The Pussycat Dolls giveth, and the Pussycat dolls taketh away. In the latter category, let’s just list all of their musical incarnations which have done their part to chip away at the auditory senses of sensible individuals for several years now, but, on the former, let’s appreciate all the sextastic goodness that has come from the rise to celebrity of some noteworthy hotties in some noteworthy public appearances both during and after Doll fame. At last night’s Elle Women in Music Awards, we got another dose of that Pussycat sextastic.

Former P.D., Melody Thornton absolutely pwned the red carpet with a completely see-through top, that stole the optical gaze of every paparazzi camera within four blocks of the highfalutin event. You’ve got to figure Melody was snickering to herself before she hit the event knowing exactly the reaction that would occur. I love the sound of that kind of snickering. In fact, I’m making that same sound now checking her out. It’s the universal sound of naughty. Enjoy.