Melissa Debling

Melissa Debling Topless Blue Unzipping for a Momentous Mammarial Monday

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We’ve missed Melissa Debling so. I mean, we could be less chivalrous and be more specific about the lust for her luscious funbags that has been on hold for far too long, but let’s be gentleman and discuss Melissa Debling as a whole person (including that magnificent full bodied bosom).

The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one amazing pair of plump sweater puppies. I think Egotastic Confucius said that. And to ease into a week of toil and finding new ways to cleverly avoid toil whilst still appearing to toil, there is no finer way than a mouthful of Mammarial Monday, courtesy of Melissa Debling and her fine British melons. Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Melissa Debling Drops Top For Beautiful Blonde Reveal

Melissa Debling Gets Nekkid for Zoo Magazine January 2013
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You’ve made it this far, the center of the week, where the sins of last weekend are as far behind you as as the perversions of the next 48 hour break are in front of you. The humpday of the workweek when not one, but two humps, are the cane by which you prop up your world-weary dome, crack a smile, and let the world know that super fine funbags are your saving grace, at least in this very moment.

So, thanks to our good friends at Zoo magazine and our even finer pair of buddies attached to the delightfully delicious Melissa Debling for granting us this day our daily bosom, bare and unfettered, perfectly pert and devilishly plump, as if Mother Nature was offering up some of her finest craftsmanship for State Fair competition.

Melissa Debling’s hot body may not be able to entirely rescue this world, or even perfect your own, but it’s one helluva good starting point. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out Melissa Debling in her latest Zoo uncensored video.)

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Melissa Debling and Jodie Gasson Topless Hotness Will Jingle Your Bells and Melt Your Snowballs (VIDEO)

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Well, there’s nothing like Xmas to bring out the funbags in full force, in red and white and fake-snow shaking goodness. Literally, nothing like Xmas. This is the single best time for holiday themed bare boobtastic throughout the entire year, and the British lads magazine have the peach-revealing process nearly perfected.

Our good friends at Zoo magazine have chosen Melissa Debling, Jodie Gasson, and Daisy Watts among other festive beauties to help ring in the Yuletide and give wood to Father Time. It’s a cornucopia or copious skin and deliciousness and if I were Santa Claus, this is precisely what all the naughty kids would find under their tree. Lumps of hotness. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out Melissa and Jodie and friends dancing about for the Yuletide in their Zoo Christmas topless video.)

Jodie Gasson and Melissa Debling Topless Naughty Classmates for Mammarial Mondays

Melissa Debling and Jodie Gasson are Naughty and Topless in a Classroom Photoshoot
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My friend Knowles Banks once confided in me that he had had biblical relations with the girlfriend of somebody within our buddy circle. Knowles felt hella guilty and just had to get this serious indiscretion kind off of his chest. He asked me if I thought that he should come clean to the guy whose girl he had violated in at least five different manners that he told me before I cut him off. I told Knowles that while in the moment it might seem right to confess to the dude he had disrespected, that often times offenders in these matters simply feel a need to confess to relieve their own guilt, and in doing so, they end up burdening the innocent party with some wretched news that haunts them for the rest of their lives. I suggested, in some cases, it might just be better to commit a sin of omission, and lie to whoever the sorry sot among our friends whose girlfriend he had bedded. Knowles thanked me for being such a wise friend and then promptly told me that he had not banged my girlfriend every which way but Sunday and that I shouldn’t worry about anything like that.

The point being, human beings are by nature, a rather naughty lot. Now, some may take that as a negative comment on the species. But, nay, it’s truly a compliment. For while all species on this planet knock boots in some form or fashion, only human beings utilize the assist of some seriously staged sexual fantasy before getting jiggy with it, or just practicing the jiggy parts alone in their parents basement. Who else but homesapiens could divine the visual wonderment of the gloriously globed Melissa Debling AND Jodie Gasson, two of our funbag favorites, playing and disciplining each other in the classroom as some very naughty schoolgirls.

Naughty awesome for this Mammarial Monday. Enjoy.

We Nominate Melissa Debling to Wet Nurse The New Royal Baby! (Kate Middleton’s Milkshakes May Not Cut It)

Melissa Debling Topless Milk Jugs and a Milkshake
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Look, it’s time to get serious. All kidding and joking aside, there’s about to be a baby, a royal baby, the future king or queen of the British Empire, and that baby’s going to need some solid foundation, a healthy headstart toward lionheartedness and valor, meaning, some ginormous milky funbags to suckle in the first months, if not years, of his or her life. And, well, as much as we truly dig Kate Middleton, we have seen those chest puppies in the bare now, and these may be better suited for nourishing actually puppies. A future monarch will need massive milky sustenance, some seriously mammarial milkshakes of magnificent proportions. We nominate Melissa Debling.

Melissa’s chest buoys could raise a small army; just imagine the endless supply of creamy goodness happily imbibed by the future ruler of the land. Oh, I am imagining it right now, and I am quite jealous.

Join us in our campaign to get sextastic model Melissa Debling to be the royal wet nurse. The very future of the Empire may be in the balance!

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Melissa Debling Lingerie Pictures Stellar Sextastic Even With Some Clothes On

Oh, sure, we suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous mislabeling all the time as a site that says women are only alluring when in their birthday suits. And while the ignorance of clap trappers falls easily off of our less than broad shoulders, from time to time, we do like to prove the case that our lust runs far deeper for our celebrity sextastic favorites than mere when Times Square was still cool peep shows.

Take for instance our passion inducing British babe friend Melissa Debling, who often provides us with countless hours of bare nekkid lady fun viewing. Featured here in a Harry Pseftoudis lingerie photoshoot, hot as hell Mel looks all kinds of delicious and fantasy inducing, without giving up the full monty. And you know what, not only can we accept this, we can feel properly and utterly stimulated by her hotness. Granted, it does help knowing Melissa is not a skin-baring holdout and we shall see her fine nekkid form anon, but we are grown men with diverse interests that include both nekkid and nearly-nekkid female forms. Renaissance men. Enjoy.

Melissa Debling Gets Nekkid to Clean the House; We Hope This Catches On

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When I was a kid, word got out on the schoolyard grapevine that one of the moms from the next school neighborhood over liked to clean her house without her clothes on. We never questioned why or asked what she looked like, we just tried desperately to get an address so we could sneak out of school and get a peek at this nekkid sight.

Finally, one day, Keeto Reins, the kid who had a moustache in sixth grade due to a combination of swarthy genetics and being held back two years due to a serious case of illiteracy got the lowdown on the prized address of the nekkid housewife. Four of us ditched school and made our way one eventful Tuesday to the premises of the home to peek into the window. The sound of a vacuum signaled that we would soon be receiving our long sought after visual treat, as each of us peered in through an alley side window pane, to get a clear shot of… a 250+ lb. woman in a fuzzy green thong (which was only visible when her ginormous cheeks turned past 60-degrees) slurping up some fuzzy bits off her carpet. We didn’t ask the right questions and our minds forever are paying the price.

It’s been a very long time, and countless hours of failed therapy, but I think today I am finally made whole again thanks to the less large, and far more lovely nekkid treats of Melissa Debling cleaning her house in the buff for a Zoo magazine pictorial. Oh, sure, it’s not a real house, and wicked hot girls like Melissa don’t spend their days tidying up, not when people are paying them to tidy-down, but, as far as cleansing the sullied ‘Hot Nekkid Cleaning Housewife’ folder in the folds of my grey matter, consider it purged via spectacular funbags. Enjoy.

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