Melissa Debling

Melissa Debling Topless Lingerie Pictures Deserve a Nomination in the Hot Lady Body Category


Wow. I have missed Melissa Debling. I like to think she misses me as well. It's the dream.

The bodacious and outrageously curvaceous hot glamour model really has an epic visual winner on her hand with this grey lingerie striptease shoot. For any and all men who claim to love their ladies soft and fluffy in all the right places, you are bound by natural law to take Melissa Debling deep into your private quiet spaces. She is such a wonderful gift. Enjoy.

Melissa Debling, Chanelle Hayes, and Stacey Poole Topless Monthly Mammaries Kick Off 2014 Calendar Season


If you don't think Christmas is starting earlier than earlier each year, then you haven't seen my mailbox already stuffed with holiday buying guides here still in the month of September. Retailers live and die with their Yuletide sales, so it only makes sense they want a full 3-4 month window to move all their merch during the season when even the Grinchiest of bastards ends up buying half a dozen gifts.

And if you happen to be a gift giving bastard, you could do worse than to bestow upon a cherished friend or love one the blessings of the boobtastic in the annual glamour model topless calendars. And, don't you know, we've got a preview of the first few epic 12-months of funbags rolling on down the line.

Melissa Debling (above) won't just cover your wall, she will help do that yourself as well, her 2014 calendar looks just crazy hot as usual.

Jodie Gasson and Melissa Debling Topless Catty Bedroom Fun Time for Ta-Ta-Tuesday


Is it possible to bring even more boobtastic joy than is brought by Jodie Gasson and Melissa Debling each time we see their curvaceously fine female forms? Oh, yes there is, let the two of them get undressed and naughty together. I don't care if the bedroom is fake, my feelings for these two sextastic Brits is nothing short of, well, let's call it desperate, especially when the girls start looking into each other's eyes. That always gets me. I'm a sucker for old-fashioned Sapphic romance.

On Tuesday when we celebrate all things without straight lines, what better way to celebrate than with four fabulous funbags all kinds of bouncy and delicious. Enjoy.

Melissa Debling Topless Workout Designed to Make You Sweat


I make no secret about it. I hate working out. I do it, because you have to. Like eating vegetables. Or saving for retirement. Or swallowing a hemp road until it passes through your entire digestive tract. That last one might just be me. But that whole grunting and sweating nonsense, I don't really get the high. People say, don't you feel great when it's over. I say, no, I feel great that it is over, so I can go back to drinking beer and watching the ballgame as God intended.

Still, a girl like Melissa Debling at the gym can readily change my mind. Let's be honest, we men workout quite a bit harder when there are good looking ladies around. That's where you find the guy cracking his bones to lift weights he should not be lifting. It's for lust. Just imagine the damage  count with Melissa Debling half-stripped out of her clothes, revealing her plump and delicious twins at the gym. You might as well just line up the ambulances outside the front door and tell them to keep their sirens on. Enjoy.

Melissa Debling and Daisy Watts Topless Naughty Playtime


Aristotle famously said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I only wish Ari could be here today to the wickedly hot Melissa Debling and her equally fetching topless counterpart Daisy Watts helping each other disrobe from their evening lingerie in this epic little pictorial from our friends at Zoo magazine.

Now, I'm not exactly sure when it is that men first started frothing at the mouth from the sight of two ladies getting naughty together, but I'm going to randomly guess 'the dawn of time'. It's never ever not worked. And it's working overtime presently, as Melissa and Daisy carry on a tradition of feline-fun time that unlocks some magical key in the minds of men (and our Sapphic leaning female readers) and says, yes, daddy, it's part time. Enjoy.

(Be sure to visit Zoo and check out Melissa and Daisy in their full motion topless behind the scenes video.)

Melissa Debling Drops Her Lingerie, Flashes Her Glorious Gifts for Mammarial Mondays (VIDEO)


I don't know about you, but holiday weekends are always tough on me. I think it has something to do with the gathering of my family on weekend release programs from various penal institutions. Or maybe it's all that gravy and cheap booze. Either way, I'm always left feeling a bit snockered and down on Mondays after holidays. And, if you're like me, the very best pick me up is the floppy lay-me-downs of beautiful curvaceous women like Melissa Debling.

Sometimes, you need a suckling pig. Sometime, you need a little suckling happy fun time fantasies. To recover from too much of the former, I need a whole lot of the latter. Enjoy your Mammarial Monday.

Melissa Debling Topless Blue Unzipping for a Momentous Mammarial Monday


We've missed Melissa Debling so. I mean, we could be less chivalrous and be more specific about the lust for her luscious funbags that has been on hold for far too long, but let's be gentleman and discuss Melissa Debling as a whole person (including that magnificent full bodied bosom).

The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one amazing pair of plump sweater puppies. I think Egotastic Confucius said that. And to ease into a week of toil and finding new ways to cleverly avoid toil whilst still appearing to toil, there is no finer way than a mouthful of Mammarial Monday, courtesy of Melissa Debling and her fine British melons. Enjoy.